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Legends of the Hidden Temple - Temple Run

Characters: The Red Jaguars!
Content: The Temple Run!
Location: Deck 7
Time of day: Afternoon

[Your characters arrive at the final stage in this game...the Hidden Temple itself! The entire deck has been converted into a maze-like temple, making it a vast space for characters to run through. Mostly the temple seems to have a jungle theme, but there are other strange rooms scattered throughout it, too. Once again, Mike swings in, and Tom's head is on its tiny little pedestal.]

Mike: Ah, hello again, everyone! And congrats to the Blue Barracudas for their valiant efforts in the temple games! You're not going away empty-handed! You wiiiiin...The Little Mermaid on VHS!

[Cambot flashes a picture of the prize on stillstore.]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mike: This is it, team! This is the temple run! If you can get retrieve the Venom Cock and bring it out of the temple, you'll both be handsomely rewarded, and this game will finally be over! Tom, would you tell us where the artifact is?

Tom: The Venom Cock of Clutch Re is located in the King's Storeroom! [Cambot focuses in on this artifact in the King's is, in fact, a statue of a rooster, colored purple.] You guys are super-lucky and won two pendants in the temple games! Each player will get one pendant. If you run into a temple guard in the temple, they'll demand a pendant, greedy guards that they are! If you're caught without a pendant, you'll be kicked on out of the temple, and it will be the second player's turn to try their luck! Choose who is going first, and then you'll have three minutes to run to the Venom Cock and bring it out of the temple! If you can reach the artifact, all of the doors will open and the temple guards will vanish!

[OOC: Below is a map of the full temple, and a description of each room. Use this map to help figure out your character's route:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(Your characters can enter and exit the temple from either room 1 or room 12. Green spots are doors between rooms.)

1) The Crypt: There are three skeletons in this room, propped up in open coffins. Each one is holding a golden book. Pull on the correct book to open one of the doors.

2) The Pit of Despair: This is a huge pit filled with rocks and gravel at the bottom. Characters can either climb up the walls to one of the upper doors, or else just jump down and go through the lowest door.

3) The Observatory: This room has a large stone column in the middle with a picture across it. The column is split into four pieces that rotate. Characters will need to rotate the column and line up the pieces to make a complete picture before a door will open.

4) Medusa's Lair: This room has a small statue of Medusa's head at the front, with various stone snakes scattered around. Characters will need to pick up the snakes in the room and jab them into the statue head correctly before a door will open.

5) The King's Storeroom: This room contains three pedestals, each with a clay pot on it. One of the pots contains a key that will unlock the next door. Characters must smash the pots to find the key, then stick it into the correct keyhole on one of the pedestals before a door will open. Note: the Venom Cock is in this room!

6) The Shrine of the Silver Monkey: This room contains a pedestal, and a silver monkey statue divided into three pieces and scattered around the room. Characters must gather the three pieces and assemble them in the correct order on the pedestal: base, body, and head. Only then will a door open.

7) Room of the Secret Password: If your character is entering from the Mine Shaft, they will find three cabinets with a scroll inside each. Each scroll has one of three passwords written on it: "Tom Servo is Awesome," "Open Sesame," and "Password." Shout out the correct password to open the door. If your character is entering from the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, they can skip all that and just go down to the Mine Shaft.

8) The Mine Shaft: This room just contains an elevator that works rather slow. Characters can either go up to the Room of the Secret Password, or they can smash through the wall that leads to the Dark Forest.

9) The Dark Forest: There are two trees in this forest: one on the right and one of the left. Characters must reach inside the knot-hole of one to find the key to the Jester's Court or Shrine of the Silver Monkey, or else smash through the wall to the Mine Shaft.

10) The Jester's Court: This room is inscribed with three dancing figures painted on the walls in various positions. Characters must align themselves in the positions of the correct painting, and then the lights will turn off and the paintings will glow. Characters must align themselves correctly to open a door.

11) The Laser Light Room: This room contains a large wall in the center, with eight covered compartments. Seven of the compartments contain red lasers, and one contains a white laser. Characters must uncover the white laser in order to open a door.

12) The Ledges: This room is just a maze of confusing ledges that can be climbed over or crawled under. A character must navigate their way through these ledges in order to escape.

For the temple run, whether or not your characters win will be based on your characters' decisions, and a bit of luck! Characters have three minutes to complete the run. For this log, have your characters first tag for what they do when they enter a room, whether they solve a puzzle or get confused wondering where the heck they are. Then Tom will OOCly respond with which doors they might open, how much time they have left, and whether or not they encounter a temple guard. This will continue on until they're either caught by too many temple guards, run out of time, or if they manage to escape the temple with the artifact in under three minutes!

Just for getting to the temple, your characters both win skateboards, plus 10 morale points for the game!
If you find the artifact within three minutes, both characters win a luggage set, plus 30 morale points for the game!
If you get the artifact out of the temple within three minutes, both characters win trips to a resort (on the nature deck!), plus 50 morale points for the game!]

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Okay, you bold adventurers! Let's put three minutes on the clock!


Onnnn your mark...get set...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

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Pinkie had been crouched in a starting position in front of the Temple, ears pricked forward excitedly. She was the fastest, so they'd decided she should go first. Secretly, Pinkie hoped that Icy wasn't a little afraid of the temple or anything. She didn't think he was, but it did look a little spooky. Not for her, though! She thought it would be fun, like an adventure!

On the buzzer, she dashed forward in a streak of pink. Choosing to enter the door on the right, she came to a screeching halt in Room 1, surrounded by three open coffins. For a few seconds, she looked between them with wide eyes. Those were human skeletons, weren't they? It took her a second to recognize them. Oh, but they were just silly fake toy ones! Just like on Nightmare Night! Giggling in relief, she bounced up to the one in the middle and tugged gently on its golden book. "Trick or treat, Mr. Bonesy!"

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[Pinkie gets lucky: the first book she pulls on opens the door! The skeleton screams "Get outta heeeeere!" and the door opens into the Pit of Despair!

There are 2:47 minutes remaining!]

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Pinkie jumped a little as the skeleton screamed, but quickly succumbed to a joyful gasp as she realized she'd found the right book! There was a creaky secret door and everything! This was SO COOL!

Mindful of the time, she darted into the next room, sliding to a stop in front of the Pit. She didn't even bother studying the way up - there was no time for a song now! Instead, she hopped down a few ledges and then slid on a pile of gravel the rest of the way down into the bottom, where she wasted no time in darting through the second door.

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[The door opens into the Laser Light Room!

There are 2:29 minutes remaining!]

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Pinkie ran into the room and frowned at the covered compartments, then started darting about and quickly opening up each one as quickly as she could, peeking inside. Well, she peeked inside the first one, anyway. And wooooooow-ie was it bright! Blinking away spots, the pony moved to fling open the rest, hoping that something would happen once she got them all open.

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[On the sixth compartment, Pinkie found the white laser! The door that leads to the Jester's Court opens.

There are 2:18 minutes remaining!]

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Oh! Ohmygosh, it was a dancing room! Pinkie smiled around at the pictures in happy surprise - yep, definitely a dancing room. "Let's boogie!" she shouted, promptly breaking into dance. Though the dancers in the pictures were all humans, she did stand up on her hind hooves and give it a try, at least until she lost her balance and fell over with a snortle. Human dances were funny!. She totally had to figure out how they did it sometime. Oooh, those bright lights from the other room would've been really great in here, too - she'd have to do something like that for her After-Temple Party!

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[While Pinkie was trying to line up with the dancers, suddenly Crow burst out of a hidden panel in the room, dressed all up in feathers, green face paint and Mayan tribal wear!]

MWAAAAAAAH! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA! Gimmie all your magical life pendants!

[There are 2:02 minutes remaining!]

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"AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Pinkie leapt straight up in the air with a shriek as Crow burst out of nowhere, hooves flailing.

By the time she landed, though, she'd registered who it was. Feathers and funny clothes were one thing, but face paint didn't really do much to disguise him. "Oh! Hi, Crow!" The pony chuckled a little, shaking her mane out. "Wow, you sure got me good! Here you go!" She slipped the life pendant off from around her neck and tossed it at the robot with a quick jerk of her head. "I really like your costume, too!"

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[Crow giggled at her reaction and grabbed up the pendant when she tossed it.]


[And with that, Crow vanished. In the confusion of him showing up, Pinkie may have failed to notice that the doors haven't opened yet. She still needs to press up against the correct painting to open the door.

There are 1:53 minutes remaining!]

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Pinkie turned to the door once Crow vanished, only to find it still shut. Wait, hadn't she done that right? "Crow?" The pony turned, but the room was still empty. She turned around in a circle. "Crowwwwww?" Okay...okay, maybe there was still something else she had to do! Like find a secret door or something! Crow had to have come in from somewhere, right?

"Hey! Crow! Where'd you gooooo?" She started banging on the walls and paintings indiscriminately, hoping to find the robot's hidden passageway.

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[While technically not allowed, Crow decided to help out just a bit. From behind one of the panels, Crow stage-whispered:]

You gotta line up with those paintings and press on the wall until the room goes dark and the paintings glow!

[There are 1:41 minutes remaining!]

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Pinkie gasped in horror. Oh no, she hadn't realized at all! She had to hurry up! "Thanks Crow!" she stage-whispered back, standing on her hind hooves to line up with each of the paintings again while making a mental note to try to remember to throw him a nice thank-you party later. Did robots like cupcakes?

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[Of course robots liked cupcakes! But for now, Pinkie's lining up with the paintings did eventually light the paintings up and open the door! The door opens up into the Dark Forest.

There are 1:30 minutes remaining!]

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YAY! It worked! Pinkie charged through the newly opened door into a rather familiar scene. Dark forests were totally okay with her. This wasn't the time for singing, though! Rearing up, she thrust her head into one of the knotholes of the trees and came out with the Shrine of the Silver Monkey key clutched in her teeth. There was only one door in the room, other than the one she'd come through, so she charged over, turned the key, and kicked it open.

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[Pinkie got lucky on this one - the tree with the key in it happened to not have a temple guard spirit. The door opens into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

There are 1:19 minutes remaining!]

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Pinkie galloped into the room and looked around at all the shiny silver things on the ground. She kicked lightly at the one closest to her and it rolled over, revealing the face of a monkey. "Okie-dokie! It's like a snowpony!" She picked up the head in her mouth and leapt over to place it next to the pedastal, then gathered up the other two pieces before setting about assembling them in the right order.

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[Unfortunately, as soon as Pinkie correctly assembles the statue, a secret panel in the back of the room opens, and out pops Gypsy! She is also covered in feathers and tribal gear, and is painted green.]

Ahh...oh, oh hello, Pinkie Pie! I'm going to need any pendants of life you have, okay?

[There are 1:10 minutes remaining!]

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"Oh!" Pinkie didn't scream this time, though she did kick out her hooves in surprise as she whirled around. "Oh!" she said again as she caught sight of the robot. "Gypsy! I...I don't have any more pendants. Crow took mine," the pony admitted, kicking a hoof against the floor sheepishly. "Does that mean it's over?"

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Awwww, I think it is for you. But don't worry, now your partner gets to try.

[Pinkie is out of the game, which means it's now Isa's turn to try his luck! All of the doors that Pinkie already opened are still open for him.

There are 59 seconds remaining!]
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Isa followed Pinkie's path up to the last room she was in. The monkey statue was already assembled, which meant one of the doors should be open. Isa started checking them till he found one that was open.

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[The door is now open into the King's Storeroom. Since it took Isa awhile to follow through Pinkie's path, there are now 18 seconds remaining!]
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Isa beelines to the purple rooster statue, grabs it and heads for the door directly in front of him.

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[The doors all instantly open as soon as he grabs the statue, and the temple guards are gone! It all depends on what route he chooses to get back...14 seconds remain!]
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Isa runs through the room to the next door, leaps down into the Pit of Dispair and make his way through to the lowest door he can see.
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Isa books it out of the last door in the temple.

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[Aaaand Isa just barely passes through the temple gate with little more than 2 seconds left on the clock!

Congrats Red Jaguars, you've won the grand prize!]

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The second Isa exited the Temple, he would find himself glomped by a pony. "YOU DID IT ICY! YOU DID IT!" Pinkie shrieked happily as she squeezed Isa hard. "OHMYGOSH THIS WAS THE BESTEST GAME EVER!"

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That's right, Icy had to go now! "That'sokaythanksGypsyseeyouatthepartybye!" Pinkie squealed, darting out the door in a pink blur of speed. Luckily, all the doors behind her were still open, and she remembered the way she'd come. It wasn't too long before she came running out of the Temple entrance again. "ICYICYIT'SYOURTURNQUICKHURRYGOGOGO!!!"