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Legends of the Hidden Temple - Temple Games

Characters: The two teams that won the Steps of Knowledge!
Content: The Temple Games
Location: Deck 6
Time of day: Midday again
Warnings: Probably some rather embarrassing games...

[Your characters have now arrived on the next deck, where the next round awaits them: the temple games! There are some precarious setups on this deck, from climbing walls to projectile launchers. Mike once again swings onto the scene!]

Hello again, teams! Congrats on winning the Steps of Knowledge! But don't worry, Purple Parrots and Silver still get your own prize! In fact, you get...GLOW IN THE DARK SKETCHERS!

[Cambot flashes the following picture on stillstore:]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As they say on TV, now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest! Both teams will be competing for pendants of life! [Mike holds up a golden pendant for both teams to see.] These pendants will protect you from the dreaded temple guards inside the temple. Whoever has the most pendants at the end of three games will win this round, and get to go on to the temple! Tom's gonna tell us about each temple game as we go.


[OOC: Once again, dice rolls will determine the winners of the temple games! Since there are three games, a dice roll will determine the winner for each, or if there is a tie. The first two games are worth a half pendant, and the final game is worth a full pendant. Each temple game will take place in a separate subthread; and new subthreads will be opened when each game is finished. In these subthreads, tags will go between teams. Once these threads are completed, the final log will be opened up to the winning team!]

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