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Legends of the Hidden Temple - Moat Race

Characters: All six teams who got picked for Legends of the Hidden Temple games
Content: The moat race!
Location: Deck 5
Time of day: Midday
Warnings: Moat-crossing shenanigans

[Mike arrives, with a microphone and wearing Indiana Jones-style clothes. Mike attempts to swing in to the front of the moat on a rope, doing his best Kirk Fogg impression...he fails somewhat at it, though, and stumbles onto the stage in front of the moat. As soon as he rights himself, he faces the six teams with a big ol' game show host smile! It's time for a temple run!]

Mike: Aaaand welcome, all you guys, to Legends of the Hidden Satellite of Love! The decks below are filled with lost treasures, which only Tom Servo knows about! Which one are we looking for today?

[Tom's voice comes over the deck loudspeakers, sounding much more booming and imposing than usual.]

Tom: The legend of the Venom Cock of Clutch Re!

Mike: Ooooh, the legend, what Tom said. And one of your teams will have the chance to retrieve this artifact and win some fabulous prizes! But first, you'll have to cross the moat to get to the temple! Tom will tell us how you're gonna do it...

Tom: So, on this moat in front of you there's a bunch of rope walls suspended! Your task is to climb across the rope wall with one team member on each side of it! If any team member falls into the water, both have to go back and start again. Both team members need to be on the other side of the moat in order for you to have crossed it. Cheaters get disqualified! The first four teams to get across the moat will go on to the next round!

Mike: All right! Good luck, teams!


[OOC: Welcome to the first round of the Legends of the Hidden Temple event! Your first task is to get your characters across the can either log prose or with action tags, whichever you prefer. The four winners of the moat race will be determined by DICE ROLL in a comment below; so you can tag appropriately if your team wins or loses! Once this log is mostly complete, the second event will go up.

Keep in mind: if your characters make it all the way to the temple run, they'll not only win prizes for themselves, but they can also win a lot of morale points!]

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