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Earth vs Soup - the production!

Characters: Anyone who signed up to be in Earth vs Soup
Content: Really bad Cold War era scare "movies"
Location: Cockpit area of deck 1
Time of day: Friday afternoon
Warnings: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Crow was so ready for this. At last, people would realize his genius in making Cold War-era scare films! Crow was wearing his favorite director's hat and an outrageously expensive scarf as he prepared his small set of 'actors' for shooting.

"Okay, PLACES everybody! Cambot, you ready? You're looking fabulous today. Everyone is looking fabulous!"

He turned back to his makeshift 'stage' on the command deck. "Okay then! Places! Speed! Marker! Sound! Rolling! Aaaaand...action!"

[OOC: Characters can tag in order of the script they were given, at least up until the script ends. After that point, there's no particular tag order except what players want to go with! Also, keep in mind that while this IS a log, everything is being filmed by Cambot, so the rest of the SOL can see the "movie."]

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