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All right, everyone, LET'S MOSEY. [open]

Characters: Midna, Sora/Ammy, Harvey, Roxas, remind me if you're supposed to be here, sorry
Content: The hunt for the evil shades is on! Along the way, we may encounter a weird fungus on the nature floor. Can our hunting party rid the sattelite of these shades in time, or is this it for our cast of intrepid heroes?
Location: Starts on Deck 4 and moves all points up and down from there.
Time: Wednesday-ish
Warnings: We may be going to Deck 12. Or Deck 9, though any shade that ends up on Deck 9 deserves their doom. By which I mean that in dangerous testing environments, the Enrichment Center promises to always provide useful advice. For instance, Deck 9 will kill you. Try to avoid it.

Midna waited in the cafeteria for the rest of the party to arrive. Her intent had been to get food beforehand, but given the previous problems with the food synthesizer, it didn't seem like a good idea. The only other thing to eat seemed to be a loaf of gingerbread sitting out that looked suspiciously unsuspicious. On the balance, it was better not to start out the day with food poisoning.

She still had the kitchen knife, due to the rather shocking lack of weapons suitable to imps and given that she was not naturally blessed with hooves. At least it looked like the other people would be able to handle themselves if it came to a fight.
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Harvey was still rather put out by the lack of any actual guns in this place - he hadn't managed to find even so much as a pistol while he was here. Luckily, there was enough other random crap lying around. He ended up walking into the cafeteria with a baseball bat over one shoulder instead. That pony'd had the right idea

Seeing as he was the first one there other than Midna, he wandered over to the imp and greeted her with a nod. "Hey." It was good to see she had a knife - he wasn't really sure how a little thing like her was supposed to fight off much of anything. She had guts, though, he'd give her that. "Ya ready for this?"
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Roxas arrived a bit behind Harvey after a detour to the weapons deck to get that second sword he'd been thinking of getting. With one sword at his waist and the other over his shoulder, he was about as ready as he could be. He offered a small wave in greeting, but was otherwise quiet.

Someone was probably going to lecture him about this later. Between his first encounter with his own doppelganger and that encounter with Mina's doppelganger, he was a little roughed up already. Still, the doppelgangers didn't seem to be too big on teamwork and at least one of the more battle capable ones had been dispatched already... that Roxas knew of anyway. At any rate, he felt confident about this.
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Amaterasu strode up next, more than ready to go and fight. She had hoped that after defeating Yami that she wouldn't have to be fighting demons anymore, but after everything this week, it was clear she'd have to step into the role of fighter again.

And even though she didn't have her brush powers with her, she could still fight with just her bare paws, so to speak. She gave a brief growl to demon would last long against her!
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Harvey looked Roxas up and down as he entered - he'd seen the kid get the stuffing beat out of him just like everyone else. But hey, if he could get down here and wanted to fight, good for him. He was definitely glad to see that weird white wolf show up as well; she could really fight.

"Sounds good," he offered in response to Midna. "Better move quick, though. They could probably take us all outta orbit from down there."
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Roxas hadn't been hurt that bad that would come later. It certainly wasn't enough to keep him from helping now.

"Shouldn't we get going then? Or was there other help coming?"
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Since it looked like they were all ready to go, Amaterasu trotted off, hoping that the others would follow. She had been down to the twelfth deck before, and knew it to be both strange and dangerous...she hadn't forgotten the incident with shutting off the annoying music, and fighting those strange goblin creatures. And this time, it'd be even more dangerous, what with these spectres being fairly smart.

However, when it came to fixing the machines, she couldn't help there. If someone else was better with the machines, at least she could keep the spectres occupied.
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Harvey shrugged. "Come on, then." He followed the wolf out, not bothering to check and make sure the others followed; why wouldn't they? He doubted he'd be any help in fixing anything the shades broke, but at least he could help break some shades.

His main concern, really, was the fact that he hadn't been distracted by his own double. He hadn't actually seen it at all yet. That wouldn't bother him so much if he thought the thing was gonna go after him in the first place. Well, with any luck, this canvass of the ship could turn it up before it caused any problems.
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Roxas had to admit that he would have liked it if there had been more volunteers. He could only assume that there weren't more because they were dealing with their own shades. He was hoping to find his here, but he doubted it (with good reason).

In any case, he followed the others as they moved out.
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The first few decks didn't reveal any spectres to them, for which Ammy was thankful, as it narrowed their search down some. However, their stop on the nature deck was not quite so boring.

This wasn't something that Ammy was expecting to find in their hunt. These were some really huge mushrooms...the kind of thing that she could grow with a whole lot of sunlight, except there was no sun in here. What's more, these mushrooms seemed to be leeching the life from the rest of the flora.

Ammy walked up to the nearest ones, sniffing at them. She gave a look of confusion and concern at the rest of the party...these things didn't smell natural.
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Harvey wasn't sure if the lack of shades on the first few decks they checked was good or not. Chances were, that just meant they were lower down, causin' problems in the important decks. Apparently they'd gotten to the nature deck already, though, or somethin' had.

Harvey hadn't really spent too much time down here previously, but those things didn't look right at all. He lightly prodded one with the end of his bat, and stepped back when it released a few spores in response. "Anyone know if they keep weed killer around here?"
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"Giant mushrooms..." Not that he hadn't seen giant mushrooms before, because Wonderland had had a few, but this was an odd place to find them. And no, he didn't know where there was any weed killer. Then again, was weed killer even the right item?

After seeing one give off spores when prodded, he decided against prodding it himself.

"I don't think we're lucky enough for this to be an easy fix..."
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Amaterasu gave the rest of the team an unhappy look. The problem with burning or poisoning something like a weed was that often it killed the plants around it, too. Besides, even though mushrooms grew off of other plants, they didn't kill their hosts like this. It was all sorts of unnatural.

At the same time, she wasn't so certain that the demons caused this. Demons tended to just curse all life, not replace it with leeching organisms. But then again, these were very unusual demons.

She sniffed around the ground again...funny, there were other smells here, but not that kind of sticky-darkness that the demons left.
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Roxas looked around some more, uncertain. It was obvious how these mushrooms were bad for the plants and it seemed likely they could be just as bad for other things given half a chance. But he was kind of at a loss for what to do.

He didn't argue with Midna's idea of getting cambot to show the others what was going on, though he was starting to think he might have an idea.

"We could try burning only the mushrooms themselves and the plants that are affected, but it might not be that easy to keep the fire under control. Maybe we should see about another option before we try that..."