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What: It's chocolate jacuzzi time
Where: The recreation deck!
When: After the jacuzzis all begin to appear

And then suddenly, the water in the jacuzzi was replaced with chocolate. Its not as hot as a normal jacuzzi, but there is definitely steam coming up from the tub. It's not apparent who is responsible, or how. Certainly no Minako.

Anyhow, there's a sign in front of the jacuzzi inviting any and all people to soak in the "skin-cleansing, rejuvenating, and romantic~" concoction. And really - whoever did this clearly wanted people to come on in. It shouldn't be too bad if one is cautious getting in, right? Just in case it's a prank, of course...
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This is going to be anything but romantic...

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Roxas might have ignored the note if not for that whole fiasco with Ven. But if the writer of the note and therefore the person waiting at the jacuzzi, was who he thought she was, then something had to be done.

This wasn't going to be easy after chatting with Sora, though... had he really pictured... that? Roxas shook the thought away as he approached the jacuzzi. He was not prepped in any way, shape or form for hot tub fun times, mainly because he has no intentions of doing anything other than talk.

He was rather ill prepared to find the jacuzzi filled with chocolate and so just kind of stood there staring for a moment...
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Roxas stuck his hands in his pockets, suddenly feeling a little ridiculous, and wondered if maybe he should have found her another time to talk about this. On the other hand, he was here already and it would probably just make things more awkward later if he left now.

"Um, yeah. I'm here..." He eyed the chocolate again before clearing his throat and moving on, "Look, I'm... flattered, really. I've never really had someone have a crush on me or anything like that, at least that I knew of and it's nice and all, but..."

And here he floundered. Was there a gentle way to tell a girl you weren't interested in her in that way? Did it depend on the girl? He paused a brief moment to try to collect his thoughts.
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He could see it easily enough. This was going to upset her and there was very little he could do about it.

"I'm really not looking for anyone. And if I was, I don't think we're right for each other." Not that a guy without his own heart in the first place can have any idea of what kind of person would be right for him in a romantic sense, but that was a detail that didn't need to come into this. And it didn't make him feel any better about this whole thing.
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Yeah this is going to be confusing XD

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The hour that Minako had specified had passed about thirty minutes before, but Ven was just showing up at that point. After the... uh, question to Cambot, he'd felt the need to hide in his room for awhile. The only reason he'd left was because whoever left the note obviously wanted to see him, and even if he didn't promise to be there he couldn't let someone down, now could he? So he'd been very careful going to the rec deck, trying to avoid seeing anyone else.

Still, he couldn't get Aqua's words out of his head - or anyone else's either. Ven was pretty much lit up like a fire hydrant and just as red. This was going to be awkward to the extreme, wasn't it?
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Re: XD

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"Ummm.... yeah." That red didn't go away as he saw what Minako was wearing - or really, not wearing, which was the majority of her clothing. He'd never seen a girl in so little, and while Ven didn't really understand the concept of nudity, the fact that the sex explanations had stopped at "naked" didn't exactly dissuade him of the idea that Aqua had unwittingly proposed. Minako wasn't not pretty either, though Princess Aurora was still the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. But he most definitely didn't want to get naked with her.

She probably noticed that he was fully dressed himself, including his shoes. And absolutely every bit of that was going to stay on.

Ven's eyes darted around the room, trying to rest on something so he could still see her face but not see her, and he raised a hand to rub the back of his head in a nervous gesture. "You wrote that? I... I didn't want to just leave you hanging and waiting here. That's not the right thing to do."
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Oh look that patch of wall above your head is absolutely fascinating, Minako. Ven was still red, because hello skin, and he wasn't going to be moving his view from that spot until she was more covered again.

At the same time, though, apparently she hadn't noticed his question over Cambot, which made him incredibly relieved. He didn't need to embarrass himself more, that's for certain.

"Well, I..." He raised a hand to the back of his head, glancing off to the side and then back to that spot on the wall. "I don't... really get all this, or why you went to all this trouble. I wouldn't mind hanging out with you, though."

But could you put some clothes on, please?
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"Uhhh..." Ven paused, rubbing the back of his head as he wondered how to say this. Was there any good way to say this? Okay, swimming, yeah swimsuit is appropriate for that, but after everything else that only made this more awkward.

Eventually, he just gave up, though he went even redder as he spoke. "Can you... put something on?"