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Experiment gone haywire

Characters: Kotetsu, 90s Kid and Discord (NPC)
Content: Two brave riffers attempt to beat Discord at his own game!
Location: The Theater
Time of day: Towards evening
Warnings: It's Discord, and Left Behind. Two bad things that go worse together!

Discord probably would not have even bothered with the experiments if Kotetsu and that spunky kid hadn't insisted he couldn't improve on them some. If he was going to be lord of chaos around this strange place, then he was determined to show these silly ponies that that meant chaos anytime, anywhere.

Besides, these things were supposed to make people insane, right? That could always be improved on, in his humble opinion.

He sat down comfortably in one of the seats --after changing it into a comfy plush throne and giving himself a bucket of popcorn-- and waited with a smug grin for this so-called "experiment" to get going.
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Kotetsu made sure to sit next to Discord. The plan was going very well so far. It kinda worried him. They were so close, but the whole thing could topple at any moment. This way, he could always switch to Plan B: Try to knock him out before he could try anything else funny. ...a long shot, but, hey, it worked. Sometimes.

He glanced over and... "You're gonna share, right?"
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90s Kid sat on the other side of Discord, attempting to box him in. He could take the big guy if he tried anything funny. Maybe. He tried to hide that he was nervous as best he could. This had better work. They were all counting on him. They needed to do this. For Pinkie's sake.

The lights in the theater began to dim. It was showtime.
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Kotetsu wasn't feeling brave enough to try the purple popcorn (plus he didn't feel like trying to manage that with hooves), so he left it where it had materialized.

He took another glance, glad to see things were still on track. Noting this, he let the frequency and quality of his comments fade, hoping it would make the story seem even more boring.
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Perhaps it was a good thing that 90s Kid wasn't all that good a riffer himself. The occasional quip came to him, but for the most part he just rested his chin on his hand. What the heck was this book the Mads sent up? It was starting to remind him way too much of some of his relatives, and in the depressing kind of way.

He cast a sideways glance up at Discord. This better not take too long...
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Kotatsu yawned.

"Oh, this is typical. The story I got was supposed to have a truck in it, but it was all high school quasi-drama. Boooooring."
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"I hear ya man...I told you they never give us any action."
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"We did warn ya," Kotetsu said, stretching. He shifted in his seat, making himself comfortable. As comfortable as possible, anyway. This kept him occupied, so his riffs completely died off.
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"Works for me," Kotetsu replied, waving a bored hoof. Once Discord had left, he sat up attentively again, waiting to see where he'd reappear. He leaned forward anxiously.

"Let's see what you've got.
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90s Kid dared a nervous glance around the room as Discord disappeared, his laugh still lingering. Did it work?
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Kotetsu was starting to wonder if they should act as if they were enjoying the... whatever the heck they were seeing now. He opened his mouth to comment on it when the screen went blank.

He looked around for a moment, then over at 90's Kid.

"Was that it?"