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itsjustthenpcs ([personal profile] itsjustthenpcs) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-02-16 05:55 pm

Experiment gone haywire

Characters: Kotetsu, 90s Kid and Discord (NPC)
Content: Two brave riffers attempt to beat Discord at his own game!
Location: The Theater
Time of day: Towards evening
Warnings: It's Discord, and Left Behind. Two bad things that go worse together!

Discord probably would not have even bothered with the experiments if Kotetsu and that spunky kid hadn't insisted he couldn't improve on them some. If he was going to be lord of chaos around this strange place, then he was determined to show these silly ponies that that meant chaos anytime, anywhere.

Besides, these things were supposed to make people insane, right? That could always be improved on, in his humble opinion.

He sat down comfortably in one of the seats --after changing it into a comfy plush throne and giving himself a bucket of popcorn-- and waited with a smug grin for this so-called "experiment" to get going.

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