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Terra ([personal profile] eroded_earth) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-02-28 07:49 pm
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Confessions of A Pair

Characters: Terra, Aqua, & Ven
Content: Aqua and Terra decide to come forward with Ven about their recent doesn't go well.
Location: Cafeteria
Time of day: Afternoon
Warnings: None?

Terra picked up his lunch trey and sighed. He couldn't believe they had waited this long but at the same time he shouldn't have been surprised. Ven had arrived out of nowhere and it was great, but Aqua had pointed out that they needed to tell him. Terra had hesitated, much like he had with his original confession to Aqua, and then things had gone crazy. It just hadn't seemed right to attempt to talk about all of this while they were ponies. And now, well, if they kept putting it off it was only going to get worse.

Terra walked over to the table and set his trey down. He had asked Ven and Aqua here, telling Aqua that it was time. And now he was starting to dread it. He just didn't know how this was going to go. How was he supposed to tell one best friend that he was dating the other best friend?

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