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Life's A Happy Dance - [Semi-Open]

Characters: Amaterasu and Perry the Platypus; potentially open to anyone who may stumble across them
Content: What happens when two silent characters catch the music bug? Dance, of course!
Location: The Theatrical Deck
Time of Day: Late morning
Warnings: Fuzzy Animal Cuteness Attack

Perry had led Angel to the theater deck. He was glad to be a platypus again and even relieved that he no longer had to worry about talking. Perry had thought it would be a good idea to relax and hang out with Angel, maybe teach her a board game or something. He stopped at the entrance, tapping his tail a few times. He felt in a pretty good mood and the beat of his tail seemed to summon a Cambot and take on a more musical tone as he started to walk in. Cambot picked up the song right away and started playing something to match it. Perry grinned, spinning to face Angel and gesturing for her to follow before skipping further out onto the deck. Yes, skipping.

Everything is great, everything is grand
I've got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand.

Ammy was also glad to be back to normal...while she hadn't had it as bad as most people turned into ponies, it felt good to have her priorities in order again, and to have that chaos demon vanquished. Perry had promised a board game...while she knew she enjoyed Pictionary, she figured she may as well learn something else. However, upon entering, she felt that strange musical urge, too...some kind of beat in the air and the ground.

So when Cambot started the music, she followed Perry's cue, nodding her head along with the beat.

Everything is perfect it's falling into place
I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face.

Perry smiled, still looking for games but with a bigger pep in his web footed step. He nudged Angel and pointed up at nearby shelf where games like Candyland, Monopoly, and Shoots and Ladders were stacked on top before rushing towards it and leaving Angel behind.

Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along

He started climbing up as the song continued. He was halfway up, reaching up for a game when suddenly the bookshelf started to sway and Perry fell backwards. Oh crap!

When you're alone life can be a little rough it makes you feel like you're 3 foot tall
when it's just you well times can be tough when there's no on there to catch you're fall

Luckily, Amaterasu wasn't that far behind. Just as Perry started to fall off of the high shelf, she was there underneath him so that he could land on her back.

Everything is great every thing is grand
I've got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand
Everything is perfect it's falling into place
I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face

When he did land, she couldn't help doing a bit of a dance herself, a wide smile on her face.

Perry rode on her back for a bit, swaying with the music. As they went further into the deck they passed a display of fake prop flowers. Perry plucked one out and handed it down to Angel.

Life smells like a rose.
With someone to paint.
And someone to pose

He jumped off her back, snatching up another rose and posing in front of Angel as he landed, with his arms spread and biting the rose between his bill.

Since Ammy couldn't catch the rose with her paws well anyway, she caught it in her teeth. When he jumped off her back, she strode up and touched her nose to his bill, smiling with the rose between her teeth. She did a dance around him as the song continued on.

Life's a piece of cake
With someone to pedal
And someone to brake

She tossed the rose aside for now, danced backwards a bit, and found...what looked to be a prop cake in another one of the random boxes. She flipped it out of the box, and carefully balanced it on her nose.

Life is full of glee
With someone to saw
And someone to see

Perry followed along, sliding over to a plank of wood that was balanced on a paint can. He shuffled up it as the music continued and as he did the balance of the plank shifted becoming a make-shift see-saw. Perry slid the rest of the way, doing a spin when he got to the end and hopping back off.

Life's a happy song when there's someone by my side to sing along
I've got everything that I need right in front of me
Nothing's stopping me nothing that I can't be when you're right here next to me

Ammy balanced the prop on her nose up until Perry slid her way on the see-saw, and then tossed it aside. She danced her way backwards, but then accidentally bumped into a rack of costumes, dumping some of them on her back and head.

Life's a piece of cake
With something to give
And something to take

Ammy shook off the extra clothes, although she still seemed to be stuck with a princess hat on her head and a sheepskin on her back. She made a face --smelled like some of these costumes needed a wash!-- and sneezed hard.

Life's a piece of pie
With someone to wash
and someone to dry

Perry danced back over to Ammy and smiled sheepishly as he removed the hat from her head. She didn’t look like she found it very comfortable. He also yanked the sheepskin off much like one who whips a tablecloth off of a table full of silverware. He shook it out and watched as dust flew everywhere.

Life's an easy road
With someone beside you to share the load

The dust blew away as a fan kicked on and Perry’s agent hat went flying along with it. He jerked in surprise, jumping up to attempt to catch it, hopping on objects in time to the music. Eventually it landed on the edge of a bookshelf and Perry snatched it off, perching on top of an adjacent shelf filled with paint cans and brushes.

Life is full of highs
With someone to stir
and someone to fry

Ammy was quite grateful to get the rest of that stuff off her, and gave Perry a smile.

Life's a leg of lamb
With someone there to lend a hand

Someone must've started up their own wind spell in here, with Perry suddenly losing his hat. She chased after him in small leaps, stopping under the shelf when he finally retrieved it. Wow, it looked like there were a whole bunch of paint supplies up there.

Life's a bunch of flowers
With someone to while away the hours

She jumped up to grab herself an extra paintbrush, then stood under Perry so that he had something to land on when he jumped down himself.

Perry jumped back down to land on Ammy but missed and landed in a large box of props instead. He popped back up and for some reason there was a fake fish balanced on his head. It looked like it might have been one of those ‘Singing Bass’ fish, only it was no longer connected to a plaque.

Life's a fillet of fish Hey!
Yes it is

Perry blinked and then threw it off. He was fine other wise and hopped out of the box.

Oops. Well, at least Perry didn't look any worse for wear. She did a short dance around him when he finally exited the box. As the song finished up, she couldn't help doing one final pose, smiling at him.

Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along!

Perry felt the same urge to pose and did so, matching Ammy very nicely. If he was weirded out by the musical number he didn’t show it. In fact he actually seemed to be enjoying it. This was going to be a strange week though if this kept up.

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