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Perry the Platypus ([personal profile] ttlynotanagent) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-03-04 10:53 pm

Totally Not Sniping You From the Vents

Characters: Perry the Platypus & Open
Content: Just a platypus. Oh, except, what's that Red Team? Why are your numbers on your head suddenly going up? WHERE ARE THOSE SHOTS COMING FROM?
Location: All over the SoL
Time: Evening
Warnings: None
Note: I will match if you want to do [action] instead of prose. Also, remember Perry is a master of disguise so give me a heads up before discovering him as an Agent. |D Though I'm usually pretty lenient about it.
Things were never dull around the SoL. Perry had heard about the laser guns on the Weapons deck and gotten curious. He had been around Phineas and Ferb enough to recognize laser tag equipment when he saw it and he smiled slightly. It might actually be kind of fun to get involved in something like that.

A devious grin spread across his bill. He actually had an idea for this. He picked up a laser gun that was apparently 'green' and snuck off for his secret base on the SoL. He needed to get some things together.

Several minutes later, if you are a Team Red roaming the halls, you may find your number going up on your forehead. You're welcome to investigate where these "kill shots" are coming from, but it may be in vain as there doesn't appear to be anyone from Team Green in the halls.

Or is there?

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