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Sora ([personal profile] optimistickey) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-03-08 05:40 pm


Content: One of many lasertag skirmishes, to be sure
Location: The Recreation Deck
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: None thusfar

[Any characters on red team are free to either get a successful shot at him, or be shot back...and green team members can come and team up if they like! Also, treat this thread as party-style...if you want to tags others besides Sora here, go for it.]

Sora just couldn't resist something like this...it was like some of the games they used to play on the Islands when he was younger, but with real lasers. And since they didn't hurt anyone and didn't have actual ammo or anything, they could use them as much as they wanted! How could anyone go wrong with something like that?

So as soon as he'd heard this stuff was available, he ran down to the Weapons Deck and picked up a gun and a set of armor for himself. It looked like he had the green kind. He was currently spending his time prowling around the Recreation Deck, occasionally ducking behind exercise equipment, looking for anyone on the opposite team that he could potentially hit...even if he wasn't the most stealthy person around.

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