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Something is afoot. As you make your way through your daily routine, you may catch a glimpse of pink out of the corner of your eye or the faint sound of muffled giggling. Beware, Satellite of Love, for it is April Fools' Day, and Team Laughter is on the loose!

The game is simple here, folks! Post to this log, and 90s Kid and Pinkie Pie will prank you! If there's any particular way you want your character pranked, feel free to request it, otherwise we'll make shit up. Have at it, kids!
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Kotetsu got up early as usual, ready to start his daily routine. He was blissfully oblivious to the date as he made his way to the bathroom. Perhaps he did hear some faint giggling, but he paid it no mind as he tapped on the door.

((OOC: Nothing specific here. Go nuts. ^^))
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Someone isn't quite awake yet, so nothing seems to wrong. ...yet.
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Kotetsu gets a quick feeling that something isn't right. He glances around the room once, but, seeing nothing, he shrugs and turns on the sink...

"Wha-... HEY!"

He stumbles backwards from the spray.

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Having come from another planet (two of them, actually), Wilykit had no reason to suspect any extra mischief would be afoot today. As far as she knew, this was just a cooldown period after all the fun '80s stuff went away.

((OOC: Pranks that play off of her feline nature work well, as Zidane proved earlier. She WILL start pranking back, though.))
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Wilykit may or may not have noticed a faint giggle as she passed beneath one of the corridor's air vents. But she'd probably notice when a thin red light shot through the grating, shining a small spot on the floor right in front of her. It hovered in place for a few seconds before to bounce erratically around the corridor. It was like it was begging to be chased.
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Wilykit did hear the giggle, though she didn't have much time to investigate its source once she spied the little red dot on the floor ahead of her. Huh, now where did that come--hey, where was it going?

"Think you can outrun me?" Wilykit grinned and pounced at the spot. "C'mere, you!"
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The light darted away as she pounced, moving up to bounce along the side of the wall instead.
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And Zidane was lurking around the Theatrical deck. Finding writing a play much more difficult than acting one out, the Genome was searching prop trunks and various other things for inspiration. All right, he didn't know what he was looking for, but he'd know it when he saw it!

((OOC: Zidane's very genre-savvy when it comes to pranks and is very unlikely to fall for distractions. Immediate pain is the way to go! Though he WILL go out for revenge XD))
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Oh, look, what's this big cardboard box here? There's a few bits of fabric peeking out of the top, and it has Earth vs. Soup Stuff written on the side in magic marker. How interesting!
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Well whatever he's looking for wasn't in that trunk he was searching through, so he moves over to the next one. Huh, that's a box, not a trunk - and "Earth vs. Soup"? Something about that rings just a touch familiar to him, but he shrugs and moves to look through it, reaching for the fabric on top.
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The second the lid was raised even a little, a dread shape from the Satellite's early days sprung forth. "FOR THE NEW SOUP EMPIREEEEEEEEE!!!" the old veggie-covered tarp screamed as it shoved a pie tin full of whipped cream into Zidane's face.

"SOUP - AWAAAAAAAAY!" Victory achieved, it jumped out of the box and started galloping for the exit.

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He's lost his edge in the time he's been away from Tantalus. Back in the day, Zidane would have considered EVERYTHING a potential trap, and acted accordingly. Mostly because where he was raised, everything was a potential trap. But this time, he was taken completely by surprised, and shoved full-bore onto his tail by the pie to the face, and can't get the pie out of his eyes before the thing's galloped off.

That voice was familiar, though - he knows exactly who that was. Zidane can't help but laugh as he wipes the pie off with a random skirt from one of the costume trunks, but he's already plotting revenge...
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(Sorry, my body pulled April Fool's on me and I fell asleep early!)

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Riku was staring at the blender in the kitchen. He wasn't sure who'd used it last, or even for what, but he wasn't sure he wanted to know, either. He grumbled a little, unplugged it, and took a deep breath before opening it up. Riku took it quickly to the sink to rinse it out. He took sections of the blender apart and started to wash it.

Why would Riku need the blender, anyway?
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As he washes it out, letting whatever was fermenting inside finally flow freely into its watery grave, he does notice the daisies. He gives them a glance, but thinks little of them besides that they must've come from the nature deck.

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It was pretty unlikely for Sam to remember any holiday aside from the Fourth of July...well, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween, probably. But April Fools certainly wasn't on his mind as he wandered down to the theatrical deck. The place was still pretty messy from all those kids playing with toy guns, and now seemed like an appropriate time to get cleaning on it.

Once settled, Sam set to work stacking boxes back into neat piles, hanging up the clothes properly, and picking up all of the props that had gotten scattered all over the place, humming some kind of patriotic theme to himself.

((OOC: Nothing specific, but Pinkie and 90s Kid won't have to work very hard at all to get him annoyed!))
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When Sam turned around after hanging those clothes up, he might notice a big sheet of paper taped to the wall right behind him. The glittery pink marker was pretty eye-catching, after all.

HI SAM! 8)
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On first glance, Sam didn't even notice the giant poster on the wall, and even started to walk away from it. But then he seemed to realize it was there, turned around for a second glance, and then jumped a bit when he saw it.

Sam glanced around the deck. "Who put this here?"
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This time there was a faint sound of paper rustling together, before a sign was quickly pasted on the doors of a wardrobe right behind him.

It's the NOTE FAIRY!!! 8DDD

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Welp, Minako was doing her usual morning routine. Getting up, doing some stretches, taking her shower, and then some exercise on the volleyball court!

...And an April Fool's day joke. Not that she is aware of this...yet...
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Wholly unaware of any human holidays, especially ones involving absurdity, Wheatley was quite unguarded as he skimmed down the rail of the third deck. If he noticed any ominous giggles, he seemed to simply take it as people being in a good mood.