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Chaos Theory

Characters: Riku, Amaterasu and Perry the Platypus!
Content: Riku gets curious about the time machine, and tests it out as a scout, only to find he needs a rescue!
Location: Utah, 126 mya, Barremian stage of the early Cretaceous
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: Acrocanthosaurus, a dead Astrodon, a large pack of Utahraptors and TL;DR
Notes: I have dinosaur books! I don’t expect this to be scientifically accurate, but I can answer questions!

Riku stepped out from the time machine, shielding his eyes from the early morning sun. What he was doing was risky, and he knew it. Still, if anyone was going to do this, it was best to have a scout. The teen was curious anyway. As such, he'd looked up when to travel to. He'd grabbed a sword and knife at least, making sure they were both sharpened and as well-balanced as any from the weapon's deck. It would be the ultimate test of his skills, if he had to use that sword.

The air was hot, and he felt like he was drowning in the humidity. The air seemed still. Riku removed his white vest, leaving it in the time machine. A strip of leather tied back his hair, keeping him cooler and making it less likely his hair would be snagged by the thick undergrowth. As he moved outward, he used the knife to peel bark and mark the trees, ensuring he could find his way back.

Something large was rushing through the undergrowth... No, several creatures! Riku got down low, hiding under a giant fern. Several large meat-eaters came through, each marked like green tigers, save for a streak of bright red above their eyes. They weren't interested in Riku, leaving the young man to wonder what they were. They weren't Tyrannosaurus Rex, they had too many fingers and weren't large enough, either. They also had a thick ridge down their backs, though from his viewpoint, it was hard to tell if it was a small fin or if it was covered in flesh. They didn't look like Spinosaurus, either. Spinosaurs had thin snouts. "Maybe Allosaurus?" Riku guessed with doubt, and incorrectly. Regardless, he stared after them in awe. Kairi was going to kill him. That much was obvious. And Sora HAD to see this.

Not much further was a glade, and an amazing sight. In the middle of it was a downed long-necked dinosaur, and all around it, a huge pack of raptors! Riku smirked. No other way to describe it. this was just cool. The pack was feasting upon heir kill. These couldn’t be velociraptors. They were way too big! Still, they were raptors all right. Covered in slate gray feathers and with rust-colored wings, it was still impossible to mistake that killing claw.

The wind shifted. Riku thought little of it until a raptor chick sniffed at the air and began to chirp loudly, alerting the others. ...They were downwind of him. Riku began to back away, but he saw bright blue and green crests raise along their necks, and they chittered. One began to move forward, a scout Riku guessed. The boy ran!

Riku rushed towards the time machine, but he had some ground to cover. He stopped abruptly at movement up ahead. He ducked down, drawing his sword and using the undergrowth for cover. There it was. A raptor stood, occasionally flaring a bright blue crest, looking off somewhere. It was waiting for him. He noted dully that it was brighter than the ones with green crests, much like male birds are brighter... Riku raised his sword a little, only to feel it shift and hiss a little in his grasp, a few bits of light illuminating the shadows he hid in. The weight in his hands was familiar.

He didn’t need to look over to see what happened. He was more focused on the fact the raptor was looking right at him. Regardless, he couldn’t be more thankful for Way to the Dawn right now. If he could take out the scout, he’d be home free. But why wasn’t it moving?

And to his left another head appeared, flashing a bright green crest with a hiss.

“...Clever girl.”

Riku immediately found claws coming at his face.
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After having helped fix the thing Perry felt it prudent that he also test it. He'd seen Gypsy's warning and he certainly didn't want Sora or any of the others going back in time if the time machine wasn't ready. He knew he couldn't prevent them from traveling at all, but he could at least go out on its first run.

Of course, while he wasn't afraid to go alone it didn't seem right to. What would happen if something went wrong? So, it hadn't taken much convincing to get Ammy to come along with him.

Unfortunately, it looked like they weren't the only ones with the idea. Perry quickly dropped to all fours when he saw Riku, chattering at Ammy to stop. It wasn't good. Riku had gotten there before them and now Perry was going to have to watch as one of the kids went first. He should have realized this was going to happen! He scuttled across the floor, keeping out of view but watching as Riku punched in some numbers into the time machine and activated it and just like that he was gone.

Perry stood up again and rushed towards the machine, pulling his hat out and putting it on his head. If he could punch in the right number sequence maybe he could follow him. Perry studied the controls for a moment before pressing some buttons, carefully mimicking the pattern Riku had done. This had to be it. He had studied Riku's movements closely after all. Before starting the time machine up he gestured for Ammy to join him. There was no time to waste after all! He couldn't just let Riku go off somewhere by himself! Who'd ever heard of time traveling alone? Even the greatest time travelers needed companions.

As soon as Ammy was inside he started the time machine up and they were whisked to the past.
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Ammy agreed to come along with Perry to check out the time machine, although she had her reservations about it. From what Perry had described, this machine sounded like a different version of the Spirit Gate (which definitely explained her strange feeling around it earlier.) Messing around with that could invite trouble. Still, it wouldn't be a good idea for Perry to look into that himself.

Except when they actually made it to the machine, it looked like Riku had beaten them to the punch. She froze when Perry chittered for her to, watching the boy carefully. He punched in some numbers on the console, stepped inside the door...and soon vanished. Talk about leaping before you look! She ran up to the door with Perry as soon as Riku had gone. The question was...where had he gone to?

It looked like Perry had a better idea of that, so she let him do the messing with the buttons on the machine, since she had little to no clue how to work complicated machines like this. After a little bit of work, it seemed like Perry had it set up for the same time and place Riku had gone to.

Perry motioned for her to follow him inside, and she did, the door automatically shutting behind them. There was some rumbling and jostling as the machine worked, but when it finished, the time machine door opened again onto a hot and humid jungle area. This whole place felt like the complete opposite of the cold, sterile atmosphere of the satellite that they'd gotten used to.

Ammy was just starting to ponder when exactly they were, when something else caught her attention. She felt the heat of her fiery reflector over her back, and the whispy feel of tendrils of light streaming off of her shoulders. Turning around in a small circle, she saw the flames and green smoke from her divine instrument, and felt her ink returned to her tail. For a moment, she forgot about their mission and just let out a bark of excitement...her godhood had returned!
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Few this place was humid. Perry stepped out but paused when he noticed a vest lying near the time machine's door. He picked it up and realized it was Riku's. Perry tensed at first, had Riku been hurt? But upon closer inspection Perry realized that the vest was simply discarded and there was no blood and it was still in tact. He turned to show it to Ammy. Perhaps with her sense of smell she could---

He raised a brow, what on EARTH was she doing going in a small circle like that? Seriously, Angel, we're on a mission here!

Perry sighed and took a few steps towards the forest. He could hear sounds in the distance. It sounded like a pack of something BIG too. Not one to be deterred he turned back to his companion and held up the vest.
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Ammy turned back to Perry with excitement, and barked at him again, as if to say, Look, my godhood has returned! It took her a minute to realize that Perry probably couldn't see her markings or divine instrument.

She wanted to show him her brushes right away, but that got put by the wayside when Perry showed her a white vest discarded in the grass. That was definitely Riku's vest. She sniffed at it, and then sniffed the air...he couldn't have gone that far, as his scent was still somewhat nearby.

She also finally picked up on the sounds of something big going on in the forest. Maybe Riku was in trouble. Worrying about her godhood would have to wait if something had happened to Riku, so she walked with him towards the looming trees, a trail of prehistoric flowers following behind her footsteps.
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Perry didn't notice the flowers behind Angel, what he DID notice was the trail. Riku was smart in that regard at least. Leaving a trail meant he could find his way back but, also, that Perry could follow him. He followed it a bit, also relying on Angel's sense of smell.

Of course, even he didn't need that for long since the sounds of battle were also growing louder. He heard Riku shout You can't stop me! and Perry didn't take any more time, he was scampering through the forest. He wasn't used to the terrain, but he was also a platypus with a great deal of agility and tour through the foliage like it was nothing.

He broke though the last fern just in time to see Riku's limit break fade and one of the dinosaurs get in a good swipe. He was injured and bleeding so Perry didn't dwell long on the weird shadow stuff light show. Perry was normally cautious but, yeah, there was no way he was just going to sit around and let one of his good friends get taken down by a dinosaur.

Perry realized he was still holding the vest. Thinking quickly he launched himself at the nearest raptor in the pack, slinging the vest around its jaws and driving his foot into the back of its neck, hoping it was the cluster of nerves he was looking for. It was and the raptor reacted as he had hoped and jerked forward. Perry stayed focused, steering his captured dinosaur into the one looming over Riku and the two tumbled into each other and onto the ground.

It must have been a strange sight, seeing a platypus riding a raptor. Said platypus flipped off the raptor at the last second as they crashed into each other and landed in front of Riku. He took up a defensive stance and, thankfully, the pack just seemed confused for a moment, making several strange sounds. However, Perry knew they were going to recover any moment but he also had a few tricks up his non-existent sleeves.
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At least Riku had the good sense to leave a trail to follow, and Perry had the good sense to pick up on it. As they continued forward into the depths, they picked up speed after hearing Riku's cries. By the time they reached him, they were practically flying through the foliage.

In one glance, Ammy could see Riku was in serious trouble. She didn't know what these creatures were exactly...they looked like monsters, but didn't smell or feel like demons. Maybe this point in time just had very different animals than the ones she knew. But whatever the case, they were attacking Riku, and he couldn't last much longer!

Perry jumped into the fray instantly. While normally Ammy would have worried about such a small friend going up against all these creatures, it was clear that he had his own methods of fighting that more than made up for his size.

While it may have looked like Ammy was just running back and forth and not doing anything to fight, in fact, she immediately put herself into the battle as well. Amaterasu paused time for herself, and turned the world itself into her canvas. There, she focused her attention on a group of two raptors circling around the back of where Riku was situated, now frozen in mid-jump. No use holding back right now...she quickly painted a thunderbolt over them, then put away her canvas, resuming the flow of time.

Riku and Perry wouldn't have seen her painting, or even noticed that time had stopped at all...what they would see was a sudden bolt of lighting appearing seemingly out of nowhere and striking the center of the raptors. The blast of thunder sent the two dinosaurs flying backwards, shrieking in pain and surprise.
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He had lost track of Angel for the moment but his attention was brought back to her when he heard a loud clap of thunder and lightning cut the air. Riku was down for the moment so it could only be Angel. He would have given her a look of surprise but he had to stay focused or he was going to be raptor chow.

Seeing as Perry looked the most defenseless and was standing in front of someone injured and weak the raptors, of course, focused on him. Perry took a step back, slipping his tail under the dirt. As one of the raptors sprung for the kill, Perry flipped his tail up and threw dirt in the raptors eyes. He'd always had good leverage on his tail. The raptor howled and started thrashing and Perry took the opportunity to jump at it, getting good air before slapping it across the face with his tail. While it wasn't nearly as frail as Doof it was still about the same height, if not a bit taller, and Perry was used to fighting enemies taller than himself.

The slap stung but did not bring the dinosaur down. Perry flipped up onto its back from that point reaching up and snagging a vine hanging from one of the trees. His agility was working to his favor as he quickly roped up the raptor and brought it down in seconds. Pulling the vine tight and digging his webbed foot into its' back. Yeah, that's right dino, you just got taken down by a mammal. There was a reason we became the dominant species you know.
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Luckily, it looked like Riku knew some magic of his own...enough to heal himself, which was good, since none of Ammy's brushes worked as direct cure spells. However, one more raptor looked brave (or stupid) enough to try and tackle Perry while he was focused on hogtying the other raptor. A couple more were hanging back and waiting for an opportunity to move in.

While she thought about using firestorm or a cherry bomb to get rid of the remaining dinos, she didn't want to risk hurting Perry or Riku with such strong attacks. She could help another way, however, and pulled up her canvas once more. This time, she painted the veil of mist over the charging raptor. When time resumed, a strange and heavy mist seemed to form around the raptor, and to Perry and Riku it would appear as if it were now moving in extreme slow-motion. That would give them plenty of time to counter it.

The remaining dinosaurs looked baffled at this whole turn of events, and turned tail to run, leaving just the one for Perry or Riku to finish off.
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What the heck? Okay the lightning out of nowhere was weird enough but now Angel could cause some sort of weird, time slowing mist to appear? Perry just shook his head, made sure the knots were good and tight on his raptor, and then turned to see that Riku had recovered as well. Wait. When had THAT happened? Those injuries had been SERIOUS.

Perry sighed. Something weird was going on. Either Angel had done that too or Riku had some weird abilities of his own. He was thinking it was the later since Angel had been fairly focused on the fight from what he could tell.

Of course, it looked like Riku was also a fighter. Although, given that Perry had fought his Shade he had kind of figured that out already. Perry looked up at Riku with a somewhat guilty look. After his encounter with Sora and the others he'd REALLY been worrying about this whole secret thing. It wasn't so much a fear of exposure any more as a worry that people would reject him like Phineas had (at first) when he had found out. Perry was, of course, also concerned that Major Monogram and OWCA would find out and he'd REALLY be up a creek without a paddle.

But, well, at least THIS time the reason had been legitimate exposure. He could hardly just sit by and let Riku get eaten. He waved a paw, a bit awkwardly, as if to say 'Yes, hi Riku, it's me, the platypus.'
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And with that final kick to the head, it looked like all of the dinosaurs had been taken care of. All the rest had run off, and the one that Perry had tied up didn't look to be escaping anytime soon. She shook herself out and turned to face Riku. She didn't know whether or not Riku could see her divine instrument and markings, but after that battle he probably had a good idea of how not-normal she was.

Still, she didn't see the need to worry about it. The important thing was that they'd managed to work together and save Riku from those creatures!

She noticed Perry looked a little nervous, and tried to give him an encouraging smile...surely Riku would be all right with him being a fighter and a secret agent, right?
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Well, at least he had Angel's support. He could live with that if nothing else. Perry nodded at her and turned back to Riku in time to see the strange sword disappear. Okay, so, he could make his weapon disappear and heal himself and Angel could make time mist and lightning. Either they had some really rad inventions or this was magic. Which, he almost didn't want to believe except for the fact he'd already HAD a conversation with Angel. He called her that for a reason after all. That meant...wow she really WAS some kind of divine being.

Perry shook his head. No, Riku, not the brightest move, but at least you were okay and that's what mattered here.

It was the usual inquiry he was expecting, although Riku seemed to be taking it about as well as Sora and his friends had. That group must have dealt with a lot of a platypus wearing a hat with above-average intelligence and fighting skills didn't phase them.

He shook his head at Riku's question. No the pony thing wasn't the first time he'd been intelligent. He'd been "aware" the entire time he'd been on board.

Perry reached up into his hat and pulled out a copy of the drawings he had given Sora and the others. It had worked so well in explaining things so far and since he didn't have the OWCA approved pamphlet with him it was his best shot. Plus, this had a personal touch since it didn't really talk about the organization as a whole, just Perry's personal reasons for keeping his secret and why he wanted to continue to do it.

Well, possibly continue. He really was starting to feel bad about all the hiding of things. He held out the pamphlet to Riku.
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Ammy barked back once to Riku's question. While she was a little surprised that he was able to pull a strange-looking sword from nowhere, it didn't bother her any...not when she'd dealt with others who could do similar things. The world he came from must have allowed it.

She did, however, detect that scent of darkness on him, and it raised the fur on the back of her neck a bit. Had she not already known Riku well enough, she would've taken that darkness for something really bad. What confused her about it was that while it was certainly darkness, it wasn't the kind of darkness that she usually associated with demons. It almost seemed a little more like the opposing light of Yumigami's moon. All in all, she found it rather confusing.

She'd have to ask him those questions in a moment, however...Perry was still explaining his situation to Riku. That pamplet definitely looked pretty thorough.
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Perry looked a lot more relieved now that he had heard that from Riku. He still had some things to think about in terms of the SOL as a whole, but for now having Riku's support was a bonus.

He smiled slightly and shook his head. No, he was still a pet after all. He liked getting that sort of attention. Perry took out his notepad and doodled a drawing of himself sleeping on the edge of Riku's bed. As long as Riku didn't mind him still doing this from time to time, then the petting could continue. He didn't want to be weird but, again, he was STILL a pet.
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Ammy was glad to see Riku allay Perry's worries. So far, it seemed that everyone that knew Perry's secret was willing to keep it a secret from Phineas.

In response to Riku's question, she shook her head no. She wrinkled her nose a bit to indicate that she smelled something...whether Riku picked up on it being his darkness or something else, she could work either way. But if he wanted her to elaborate, she'd be pulling out her own paper and ink.
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A mouse king. Perry made a face like he wasn't sure about that. Then again, if there was a world for secret agent platypi, who knew what other kinds of places were out there. His expression changed to one of curiosity. He was...kind of interested in meeting this mouse king. Although...wait a second. Mickey? Mickey Mouse? Huh. Coincidence or was there a world out there where the mascot for Disney World was real. Perhaps another time he could ask.

Right now, however, he was wondering what Angel was smelling as well. He hadn't heard any approaching raptors, though their fight COULD have attracted some other dinosaurs. Perry moved to the edge of their area and started peering into the trees but so far he saw nothing. He glanced at the raptor he had hog tied and even IT didn't seem to be reacting to anything in particular, though it was still struggling with it's bonds. Perry wondered if perhaps he should move it...although hogtying a raptor and moving it were two totally different things.

He turned back to Angel with a questioning look. What was it she smelled exactly?
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Ammy shook her head again. She was a little reluctant to bring up what she did smell right now, since Perry had just explained his deal to Riku and had been so worried about Riku trusting him. Did she want to suggest that Riku perhaps wasn't trustworthy now, especially when she herself wasn't sure of any of that beyond a weird smell? While Issun had a huge habit of jumping to conclusions, Ammy had seen Riku enough to feel that he wasn't actually a threat to anyone. Actions spoke loudest when dealing with gods...or most people, for that matter.

As for Mickey...she had no knowledge of any Mickey Mouse, and if a rat could be a powerful god, she saw no reason why a mouse couldn't be a king, too.

But to answer Perry and Riku's questions...maybe she could get around it another way, while still seeing if Riku would bring up darkness. She pulled out a piece of paper, and began to paint once again. While she normally used a brush in her mouth on the satellite, here she could actually use her tail, which was a lot easier for her. Riku and Perry may have seen it as ink suddenly spreading all over the page, as if it were being painted by an invisible brush. When finished, she showed them her painting:

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Well, to be fair, there was Agent M. But he wasn't ruling any kingdoms that Perry knew of.

Angel was just full of all kinds of surprises today. Perry watched her work, as usual, and then looked up at Riku. So the smell was coming from him? Weird. Well, Perry had no where NEAR the nose Angel did. Of course, the fact that Riku could smell it...well...maybe Perry should just stop being surprised by everything.

He glanced between the two. Darkness? Like those Shade things they had fought? Perry gave Angel a look. Were those things here? But Perry had already fought Riku's shade once. He couldn't help but to smirk at the memory of THAT encounter, even if he had been beaten in the end...he had still managed to pants the thing.

Perry eyed the sword that had magically appeared in front of Riku. He was beginning to stop being surprised at these things and just go with it. It was a strange blade, to be sure, but he wasn't sure how it was going to tell Angel anything.
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She gave Riku's palm another quick sniff before pulling away again. Yes, it was faint, but there was something like darkness. There was still the issue of it not being the same kind of burning malice that usually came from demons, however. In response to his first question, she did nod once.

Unfortunately, light didn't really have a scent as much as darkness did. Light was more seen and felt, and was more action than anything. She didn't provide much reaction to Way to the Dawn...he didn't have to prove himself to her yet. Not unless he actually started behaving like a demon...like those shade things Perry was thinking of did.

But as to that questioning look Perry gave...she still wasn't sure how to answer him. Especially since it looked like he was still trying to figure out Riku's strange sword. Heck, she was still trying to figure it out, herself.

Mostly, Ammy tried to give Riku a reassuring look. If he didn't get it, well...maybe she could try another way.
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Perry was now pretty much completely lost. Darkness, Keyblades, and all of this was just not something he had dealt with...EVER. He looked back and forth between Ammy and Riku before just shrugging and giving up trying to make sense of all this.
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It looked like Perry couldn't quite figure out all of this, which she wasn't surprised about. It was probably a whole lot to swallow if you weren't already used to divine beings or forces of light and darkness battling each other. She herself wasn't sure about Riku's special sword.

But, it was clear that this was something Riku was struggling with, even if he was past the worst of it. He was afraid that she'd reject him or fear him for this darkness. And true, she was cautious, but not untrusting. But how to show that to Riku?

Amaterasu thought for a moment, then figured she'd use another one of her brushes to show that. She looked up towards the sky, brought up her canvas, and painted a crescent moon up in the sky. The world responded again--it became night instantly, with a bright moon replacing the sun.

She nodded up to the newly-formed crescent moon. Even at night, in the darkness, you could still see the moon's light. Both the sun and moon were needed to give light throughout time...maybe, she could suggest that his was more like the moon.
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Woah! What? Why was it suddenly dark? Perry looked around in confusion before looking back at Angel as realization dawned on him. He pointed at her and then at the sky as if to ask: Did you seriously just make it night? Seriously?

Perry looked up at the sky as Angel indicated it. Wow. There sure were a billion more stars up there than he remembered. It was beautiful really.

Riku seemed impressed too and why shouldn't he be? Perry reached up into his hat and pulled out a mini flashlight. He turned it on and held it out to Riku, well, sure there's light in every darkness...especially if you're prepared for such things. There's no need to fear the dark.
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She wasn't sure about there being light in every darkness...Yami, Ninetales, and Orochi had never been beings with much desire for anything but to spread darkness and evil. More like, even though there was a lot of darkness, there was always a sunrise at the end of it. If he wanted to look at it that way and take comfort in it, she didn't mind. So, she nodded and gave him an encouraging smile.

She also turned over to Perry, and nodded in confirmation that yes, she had made it nighttime. At least he wasn't freaking out about it too much!

And it was true...even from the satellite windows, it was hard to see as many stars in the sky as they could now.
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He still couldn't believe it and, yet, here it was. Perry shook his head, partly out of sheer amusement at the ridiculousness of it all. Oh well, who was he to talk? He was a secret agent Platypus.

And no problem Riku, if nothing else know that Perry will have your back and protect you from the darkness with his flashlight.

Perry shook his head, there were too many lights for there to be stars like this in Danville. It made him smile fondly. Phineas and Ferb would have loved this, he knew it. At Riku's suggestion Perry looked over at the tree, eyeing each branch. He scoffed. Please, Riku, he could scale a tree like that no problem.

The platypus adjusted his hat and then took to the tree at a run. He managed to run up a good way before leaping to the first branch and then hopping and jumping the rest of the way up. By the time he was about half way up he looked back down at Riku and Ammy. What? He took down a raptor, after that climbing a tree was cake. There was definitely a smirk there on his bill and he gestured for Riku to hurry is butt up. He figured if Angel could turn the sky into night then she could find SOME way up, right? She was pretty amazing that way.
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The starlight above almost looked like the river of stardust from here...as close as the mortal world could get, anyways. It was very beautiful, and Ammy loved beautiful things.

Of course, Perry could definitely find his own way up a tree. He was fast and athletic that way; a tree would be no problem for him.

As for her, she had her own unusual methods for getting up to high places. She gave Riku her own kind of knowing smirk, and looked up to the top of the tree. Well, there wasn't as much space to draw catwalk, plus there wasn't much of a solid base to draw from like the Kabegami statues. However, she did spy a large blossom twisted around the top of the tree that didn't look too different from a Konohana blossom. She brought up her canvas, and sure enough, she could draw a vine from it.

She did so, and a large vine suddenly sprang from the blossom towards the top of the tree and latched onto Ammy's reflector. Then it snapped all the way back, dragging Ammy with it in one swift motion. She did a neat little jump as she landed on the top of the tree, balancing herself carefully on the branches.
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While he was still impressed by Angel's abilities it was starting to lose it's shock value. Still he nodded with approval when she made her way up the tree and was next to him. He turned his gaze back to Riku, waiting to see what he could do.

Of course, the jump was VERY impressive. Perry gave a small round of applause for both of them. Good job you two, you impressed the platypus again.
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[personal profile] yabigfurball 2012-04-15 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
Ammy gave a look that could have come across as a silent laugh, if such a thing existed. Good to know that they had official platypus approval!

Now that they were all up here, they could enjoy the moonlight and starlight. A few flying creatures passed them by, but they didn't seem to pay them any mind. After all this, it was going to be tough to go back to the SOL again, especially if their powers still didn't work back there. But at least she had some good pictures to draw for Chibi, Namine and more!