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Dunnnnn Don don da na nuu-PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT [Active]

Characters: Harry and the bold adventurers ready to save the day
Content: A fellowship of heroes descends into the depths of the Satellite to find some way to shut off the damn radio.
Location: Deck 12
Time of day: [backdated] Three days after the medieval
Warnings: Peril, Balrogs, and obnoxious music.

With his beard making him feel like his face had been wrapped in steel wool and the ugliest Christmas sweater, the worst of music from the Middle Ages and 21st century ringing in his ears, and a robe that looked only slightly less stupid than his usual plaid wizard 'robe,'
about the only reason Harry had to be happy was he'd finally found something that looked like a proper wizard staff. Something about having a real weapon, even if he didn't have the magic to make full use of it, was very comforting.

Especially when he was about to plunge into the depths of a nuthouse devoted solely to horrible b-movies. For now, though, he would wait for the others to gather. They would be a fellowship, or possibly a companionship. Or maybe a gaggle.

Yes, they would be called, The Gaggle of the Sound System.

...On second thought, he'd better workshop it. After he was done standing next to a ominously big set of blast doors, waiting to break some electronics the old fashioned way.

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Armor? Check.

Long, lightweight and shiny swords? Check.

Bag of dice? Check.

Iron Liz was ready to go and showed up in deck 12, nodding at Harry as she saw him.
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Kaldur debated how seriously to take this quest. Harry had made the announcement while wearing a fake beard and wizard robes and, with all the costumes on board, he felt as though he should wear something a little more fit for a quest of this nature.

After some trial and error, Kaldur showed up wearing dark blue leggings and an orange jerkin over a white puffy shirt, it almost looked like a Renaissance version of his Aqualad costume, he even wore his belt with the stylized 'A' on it. There was a thin rapier-type sword at his waist as well as a mace, both of which he could use. The only thing that seemed odd was the fact he was going barefoot, but that was probably only odd to others not himself.

"Hello," he said, greeting his comrades with a slight bow of his head.

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Amaterasu was more than ready to shut off that annoying music...and doing some exploration of this giant floating ship definitely wouldn't hurt her, either. Issun would insist, and Waka would expect it from her. This deck she hadn't been to yet, and it smelled rather funny to her.

She showed up with just...herself. She didn't see much need to wear anything, although if she could, she certainly would have brought along an appropriate reflector or rosary. Without those, her own skills would have to do.

Hopefully shutting off this music wouldn't be like stopping the blizzard phonograph in the Wawku Shrine, since that would require use of her powers. But maybe her companions could help with that if needed. She just looked up at Harry, Liz and Kaldur to indicate that she was ready.

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It didn't take long for Shepard to think about joining in on the adventure. Silly-looking or not, it was hard to think of downsides when the only thing running through your mind was the never-ending sound of a over-trying flute.

Arriving just a few minutes later, Shepard stepped into the meeting area, carrying the almost the same confidence she usually carried. It wasn't too hard to find some armor; The chain shirt felt fitting, with a darkly colored vest over it to keep it in place and not as loose. A pair of steel arm braces, shin guards and nice broad sword and bow at her hip and back made it definitely feel like she was a soldier again...if a little bit of an anachronism.

She gave the group a small grin. " Is there room for another?"

That's when she noticed the number of awkward stares directed at her and the first time in awhile, Shepard started to feel a little self conscious. She stare back at each of them and opened her arms in confusion. "...what?"

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Oh, hi everyone. (

Minako figured, if there was going to be a medieval quest, she might as well go all out. If this included riding in one one of the horses from the nature deck while wearing 50-pound armor and chain mail underneath, so be it! Plus, it would be a great workout wearing heavy armor and swinging weaponry, and would keep her skills sharp.

And so, armed with a zweihänder on one hip and a flail on the other, Minako Aino, (self-appointed) Princess Knight of the Order of Magellan Castle and Sailor Guardian of the Silver Millennium (et al.), arrives, riding an armored horse, her face obscured by her helmet.

As she gets close enough, she waves, her armor squeaking as she does so.

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"Hey, after the venom cocks? I'm ready for anything."

Famous last words.

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Kaldur felt a little less strange wearing the clothes he was when Minako rode, yes RODE, up in full bodied armor with a horse. He was pretty sure that was overdoing it but he could see she was having fun and didn't want to spoil it. After all, this whole thing seemed to be a bit overdone for just a simple task of turning off a flute playing annoying music.

He had a feeling his dignity was much more at stake than anything else at the moment.

"We are ready," he replied to Harry.

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Weird stuff? Well, she'd been shrunken, fought in the belly of a water dragon, helped someone fish a living sword out of a lake, played tag with moles and who knows what else. Hopefully that prepared her enough for whatever was down here...even looking like an idiot. You couldn't help make the world a better place without looking like an idiot sometimes.

She barked once in response to Harry's question. She was ready!

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Yup, Minako Aino. Doing what she did best - tricking people about her capabilities acting overly silly. She gave a grin when Harry opened her visor.


After waving to everyone else, Minako clipped her saddle off of the horse, sliding sideways onto the ground with crashes and loud noises. It was the only was she was going to get off that horse. It was a slow struggle to get up in such heavy clothing, but get up she did.

"Sorry...Um, but I'm totally ready!" She unsheathed her sword and pointed it up as dramatically as possible. "FOR KING AND COUNTRY!!"

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After taking a moment to help Minako up, Liz tightened the drawstring on her dice bag and took hold of her swords again, maintaining a defensive stance as she stepped forward to take position at Harry's right.

She tensed a little as the doors slammed open, rumbling the floor under her feet. She wasn't even questioning that the deck had big ominous doors that lead down their way, or even that it was opened with a password. What she was going to question, however, was Harry, to whom she muttered as they started into the door;

"You speak Pikachu?"

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"Minako are you---," by the time he asked she was already popping back up, as unphased as ever. He had to give credit to the girl, she was either very sturdy or just very good at shaking off injury. He gave the wolf a light pat on the head, he was used to having a wolf on his team so he decided to stick close to this one and see how she did...not that he was really anticipating any epic battles.

At first he didn't understand what Harry was doing. Why was he asking about fruit? However, it clicked when Harry said other words that Kaldur recognized as meaning friend and he knew his Lord of the Rings to recognize the reference (although he didn't get why it seemed to work on this door). He looked up to Harry, "How did you know Friend would be the password?" Although, yes, he was also curious how Harry spoke pikachu...or dwarf or Vulcan for that matter.

Still, the question fell, forgotten as they wandered into the mists and Harry warned them of dangers ahead. Kaldur rested his hand on his sword. Was there a leak somewhere? Where was this smog coming from? He shook his head, perhaps he should not ask. This would be so much easier if they could establish a telepathic link but even if M'gann had been here it probably wouldn't have been possible with the power dampening.

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Amaterasu winced at Minako's crash...that didn't look very comfortable. But, she said she was ready, so Ammy would buy that, for now. She waited as Harry tapped on the door, and tried to open it...apparently it needed a password. She didn't get any of the words he was saying, though. At least he did it the non-violent way...if Issun were here, he'd probably just try to cut the door in half.

Once the doors opened, the mysteries of the bottom deck stood before them, and Ammy immediately tensed up. This whole place smelled funny; of metal and chemicals and other unrecognizable things. She stuck close by Kaldur and Harry for now, a low growl at the back of her throat. There couldn't be anyone actually hiding in the fog down here...could there?

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There was plenty things to really wonder the longer Shepard thought about everything that was in front of her. The big ominous door. The silly password to open it. The smog that drifting out. The logistics on Minako could possibly get a horse all the way down to the bottom deck. Like all the others though, She really didn't question the craziness of the situation.

After a mildly-humored side-long glance at the block of iron that was Minako, Shepard followed the rest and took the other side of Amaterasu. She gave the dog another pat on the head after Kaldur. "Eeasy there. Smell anything suspicious?"

She gave a quick look down for Amaterasu's answer, but a decade of experience already kept her senses focused on the area around her. What she wouldn't do for an infrared visor right about now...

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As they walked into the fog, there was a subtle shift in mood. From Minako, of all people. The goofy air seemed to slowly disappear the further in the gaggle got in, until soon enough there was almost no funny, silly vibes coming from her. In fact, she actually seemed to be taking in everything around her, her eyes narrowed (if anyone bothered to open the visor) in concentration. Like someone who meant business.

It was as if someone had quietly replaced Minako as they were walking with a much more serious look-alike, hand at the ready on their weapon. For those who didn't know Minako was even capable of any seriousness - which was probably just about everyone in the group - the vibe coming from her was almost surreal.

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Amaterasu yelped in surprise when a trap door opened up under half the party, swallowing them up. By the time she got there, the door closed behind them again. She pawed at the door, but it looked like there was no digging through it. She whined at the door, and could hear voices far below, but there seemed to be no way to get down to them. They'd gotten separated.

There had to be some other route around to the level below them, so that they could meet up again. She looked at the two 'party members' left with her, then sniffed up ahead, into the mist. She still got that feeling that there was someone here. Were there lights and sounds in the corridor ahead? Ammy trotted towards them, cautiously.


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Minako barely had time to react before gravity decided to take over under her feet. She fell down the dark pit alongside Harry, and whoever else might have been unfortunate to be on the trap platform. However, she had no intention of going splat on whatever might be on the bottom. It was time to think quick.

That giant heavy sword was coming out of its hilt with lightning speed, and being swung over and behind her head with both hands. With as much strength as she could muster, she thrust forward, stabbing the wall of the pit as hard as she could.


The good news: The sword went through the wall, giving Minako a ledge to hold onto.

The bad news: It didn't matter. By the time she'd gotten through all of that to hold onto something in order to find a way back up, she found she was dangling a foot from the bottom of the surprisingly-short-of-ten-feet endless pit of death.

"...oh. Oops."

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Unfortunately it was Kaldur. He had not been prepared for the drop and let out a surprised yelp as well when he found himself falling into darkness. It was not a long drop however and thankfully, unlike other pits he had fallen down, it had no dangers or lava at the bottom. He managed to land in a crouch, taking the impact with a roll and coming up on his feet. Kaldur rose and his eyes immediately went to the ceiling where the opening had been and was already closed.

"I see climbing back up will not be an option available to us," he muttered, eyes moving back to his team. It looked like it was just himself, Harry, and Minako...and the fog that was rolling around at their feet, the kind one might find coming from a fog machine at a Halloween store or a theater department. He glanced at Minako who was still clinging to her sword. She had surprisingly fast reflexes, even he had not thought to plunge his sword into the pit's wall to stop his decent. He then looked up at Harry, "You were saying something about traps?"
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For his part, Harry had managed a graceful 9.5 landing directly onto his face. It was only the sick thing that passed for his luck that had allowed said face to be cushioned by his beard and a pile of clothes. Not even bothering to look up from it as he heard the other two land behind him, Harry lifted one hand and pointed in their general direction.

"I promise to keep my mouth shut for the rest of this adventure if we never speak of this again."

Really, Harry more than anyone should know not to make promises he can't keep.