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Characters: Minako and 90s Kid. Special appearance from ?????????????
Location: Some Day 1993
Time of Day: Who Knows!
Warnings: Both Minako and 90s Kid are warnings unto themselves
Notes: This won't end well

So long as she didn't meet her past self, she'd be fine. That was the cardinal rule of time travel. Two of the same thing couldn't exist on the same plane of existence. But, considering this was another universe, there'd be no problem with that!

Fiddling with the controls, Minako prepared herself for what might be. After all, who knows what will happen? Maybe she'll get to meet someone famous! That would be awesome!...
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90s Kid's...90s...sense...was tingling. He knew something was happening down in the lower decks of the ship, and he was bound to find out what, especially if there was POWERHOUSE EXCITEMENT.

...actually he just followed Mina down here to see what she was up to.

But as soon as he saw the time machine, his eyes grew big under the shades and a grin stretched over his face, and he was immediately by Minako's side.

"Radical! Where are we going?"
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90s Kid blinked as the machine door closed behind him, forcing him to squish right up against Minako. ...Wait. He saw this in a movie once. The hot girl and the charming guy locked in a small space? Oh man, this could not get any better.

But just as a gleeful smirk came to 90s Kid's face, he realized that they were moving. The machine was on. Something was happening. The chamber shook violently, causing him to wobble forward, nearly crushing Mina against the wall.
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Well, it wasn't the first time he's been kneed in the gut by a pretty girl.


90s Kid fell gracelessly through the doors of the time machine, landing painfully on his back on the concrete outside.


Shooing the birdies circling his head away, he sat up, adjusting his shades and cap again. "I swear dudette, I was just--"

But midway through his apology he froze, looking past the time machine to a store behind it. He stared, gaping in silence, before his eyes grew wide with delight.


Seeming to forget all about his injuries, he was on his feet in an instant and scrabbling across the sidewalk.

"I thought they closed YEARS ago, man!"
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"The best comic books ever, dudette! Come on, hurry up!"

90s Kid dashed ahead and into the bookstore without even waiting for Minako to catch up to him. His grin stretched ear to ear as he looked around the store, memories flooding back to him. He used to spend every weekend here. He must have spent three years' worth of allowance on Youngblood and Bloodgun and Cable and all the classics. It just broke his heart when they closed down, and now he was here again. It was like coming home again.