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[Active/closed] Tall and Tan and Young and Lovely

Characters: Lexaeus, Saria, Harvey, Zidane
Content: Saria, Harvey, and Zidane get stuck in an elevator. Lexaeus gets stuck in an elevator...again.
Location: The elevator
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: It might get a bit crowded in here.

Lexaeus was quite aware of the problems with the elevator; after the time he'd spent stuck with Riku, he had gone out of his way to warn Ienzo of the potential hazards of using it before it was fixed. However, between one thing and another, his own warning had slipped his mind by the next day. It was, after all, normal to use the elevator, and his thoughts were more focused on cataloging his and Ienzo's recent acquisitions than whether the elevator was functioning or not.

That was what led Lexaeus to step into the elevator, oblivious to the possible peril ahead.

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