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Sixteenth Link

Characters: Anyone who wants to come look at the artwork
Content: Let's all enjoy the mural
Location: Cafeteria
Time of Day: Afternoon-ish, at the end of the week
Warnings: Pictures of home may make the characters homesick? Also, consider this party-style; no real tagging order, feel free to have characters mingle.

Namine had wondered if she shouldn’t wait a little longer to let everyone know the mural was ready, considering how much had happened that week. After thinking about it, she’d decided to go ahead. There was no use in keeping it from everybody, and maybe it would help them feel a little better to see their homes and people important to them, even if it was only in a picture. She hoped they liked it--it was the most complicated project she’d tried since repairing Sora’s memories.

She’d had help, though. Amaterasu’s contribution is clear in the combination of drawing styles. They’d each taken full responsibility for their worlds, but other than that it was a combination of Amaterasu’s outlines and her coloring for the backgrounds, with her drawing each world’s inhabitants. Then, there were the idea sketches that everyone had given her and she’d put up as a border to the mural.

She’d chosen the far left upper corner for the worlds that made up her home. First there was Destiny Islands; Sora, Riku, and Kairi stood on the beach with Tidus, Selphie, and Waka, their parents standing behind them. In Twilight Town, Xion and Roxas sat with Axel on the clock tower while she herself looked out of her old window at the mansion. Ven, Terra, and Aqua had all asked her to include Master Eraqus, so in the Land of Departure he sat under a tree reading, while they all knelt by a small pond nearby, probably looking at the fish in it. Radiant Garden had given her pause--should she draw it as it was now, or how it had been. In the end, she’d somewhat split it down the middle. The left half, where Lea, Isa, Ienzo, and Lexaeus stood, looked as it once was; the right half showed it the way Sora knew it, and Merlin, Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, Leon, Cloud, and Tifa were all shown standing in front of Merlin’s house.

Right beside her home, in sort of an arc between it and the others, are Squall, Zidane, and Hope’s world’s. Actually, Cloud and Tifa are part of a group of people that seem to connect Radiant Garden with Zidane and Squall’s worlds. Namine smiles as she remembers the names Zidane wrote for her: Tidus (looks like Sora’s friend grown up), Yuna, Laguna, Kain, Cecil, to name only a few. Hope’s friend Lightning is part of the group, too, but still stands close to her sister and their friends from their home, while Hope was right between his parents. Zidane had insisted all his theatre troupe and other friends be included his world as well as the girl whose name Namine had managed to find out was Dagger. Squall’s group of friends from his home was smaller, but from the effort he’d put into describing them, no less important--especially the girl with long, brown hair she’d drawn standing beside him.

That took care of most of the left side. In the center top she’d placed Link’s home, Skyloft, and Veldin, where Ratchet was from, drawing them both back at home with their friends. Amaterasu had placed the her home next to it, in the top right hand corner. Nami smiled at Chibi, back home again, and all of Amaterasu’s friends in their various areas of her world. The wolf hadn’t included herself, so as a surprise Namine had drawn her next to Chibi. They’d placed Equestria below Nippon, including all the places had told them so eagerly about: Twilight’s library, Pinkie’s and Rarity’s shop’s, their friend Applejack’s farm, and a house made of clouds where they said their friend Rainbow Dash lived. All of them were gathered talking in what looked like a town square in the half of Equestria that had been painted to show daytime, with Celestia looking on from a cloud. She faced Luna, who stood on another cloud and watched Ponyville at night.

The rest of the mural, in the center, was filled with pictures from the worlds that seemed to most resemble the one below them. There was Amestris, where Maes stood beside his wife and held his daughter, surrounded by his friends. She’d wondered why he’d asked for a suit of armor to be included, and why the boy with the blond braid had a metal arm, but she supposed those were stories for when they could speak again, if he didn’t mind telling her. Perry and Phineas lounged with Ferb under a tree. Kanji stood talking with his friends in front of what he’d managed to communicate was his mother’s store. Nearby was a department store with a television prominently displayed in the window, while an expanse of green grass in the background stood for the floodplain near the river. Liz and Linkara were sitting on a rather familiar green couch, while Harvey and two others--Liz has mentioned names Ninja-Style Dancer and Pollo--sat on other chairs in the room and 90’s Kid sat on the floor, playing video games. Kotestu, his daughter, and his friends were shown against a backdrop of tall buildings, as were Kaldur, Wally and Robin. In contrast with the cities shown in those pictures, Sami stood in front of her sister, both of them in the center of the group standing in front of the house they all shared.

Not all the space on the mural was taken up. She’d left a few spaces blank for people who hadn’t had a chance to answer yet, or who might come later. Still, it filled up most of the wall, and even though she was tired, she smiled as she looked at it.

She’d let the others know it was ready; time to wait for them to arrive.

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