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Pinkie Pie ([personal profile] sailorlaughter) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-07-29 08:55 pm

Goodbye, 90s Kid

Characters: Anyone
Content: 90s Kid's funeral goodbye party
Location: Nature Deck
Time of Day: Evening-ish, at the beginning of the week
Warnings: Party-style, may contain undue amounts of Star Trek references

Pinkie took longer than usual to set this particular party up. She'd been moving a lot more slowly lately, and the Party Cannon wasn't really much of a help here.

She was having a party because she didn't think 90s Kid would want them all to be sad. She wouldn't have wanted it, if the dinosaur had eaten her instead. So there were treats and balloons, just a few green and orange ones decorating the rather modest buffet table. Somehow, Cammy'd dug up a few songs Pinkie deemed fit for the occasion. In addition to the normal party things, she'd set up a little stage over by the lake, with a few pictures of 90s Kid on it surrounded by flowers. A microphone stand waited nearby, just in case anyone wanted to say anything. Pinkie herself hadn't quite decided what she wanted to say yet, though she knew she had to say something.

After everything was ready, the pony sat slumped over by the entrance, sniffling and running a foreleg across her face occasionally. Hopefully the cheering-up part of the party would work better once she had some guests.

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