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Experiment #26 - Eragon - Chapters 6 and 7

Eragon - Chapter 6 and 7
By Christopher Paolini


On the way home Roran said, “There was a stranger from Therinsford

Rarity: Gesundheit.

at Horst’s today.”

Xion: I hope no one took any candy from him.
Rarity: It’s only bad if he has a van. I think.

“What’s his name?” asked Eragon. He sidestepped a patch of ice and continued walking at a brisk pace. His cheeks and eyes burned from the cold.

Xion: Vexen was in a bad mood that day.

“Dempton. He came here to have Horst forge him some sockets,” said Roran.

Rarity: A rather sad venture, given the story’s lack of electricity.

His stocky legs plowed through a drift, clearing the way for Eragon.

Rarity: And burying the cars on the curb in five feet of snow.
Xion: I think he left a drift between his part of the sidewalk and the next house’s, too.

“Doesn’t Therinsford have its own smith?”

“Yes,” replied Roran, “but he isn’t skilled enough.”

Rarity: So instead of teaching him, we just travel halfway across the country to get somepony else to do it. Sort of a temporary solution, isn’t it.

He glanced at Eragon. With a shrug he added, “Dempton needs the sockets for his mill. He’s expanding it and offered me a job. If I accept, I’ll leave with him when he picks up the sockets.”

Rarity: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. *cue theme music*
Harvey: *glances up* Always preferred General Hospital, myself.
Xion: I only ever caught a few episodes of All My Children.

Millers worked all year. During winter they ground whatever people brought them, but in harvest season they bought grain and sold it as flour.

Xion: I thought most people knew that.
Rarity: As opposed to what? I don’t exactly see anypony spinning straw into gold around here.

It was hard, dangerous work; workers often lost fingers or hands to the giant millstones.

Rarity: Last season, Eragon’s second cousin’s best friend’s sister passed on in a tragic mill accident. His poor second cousin’s best friend mourned for episodes. It was all very tragic.

“Are you going to tell Garrow?” asked Eragon.

“Yes.” A grimly amused smile played across Roran’s face.

Harvey: Luckily, Roran finds tragic mill accidents hilarious.
Rarity: Well, every drama needs one character like that, I suppose.

“What for? You know what he thinks about us going away. It’ll only cause trouble if you say anything. Forget about it so we can eat tonight’s dinner in peace.”

Rarity: *as overly dramatic Roran* Please, Eragon, keep my secret! Goodness knows what will happen if tonight’s dinner isn’t a peaceful one! *dramatic music*
Harvey: *as overly dramatic Eragon* But you’re tearing this family APAHT, LIS - I mean, RORAN!
Xion: *pretends to be misty-eyed audience member, holding a handkerchief and dabbing her eyes*

“I can’t. I’m going to take the job.”

Eragon halted. “Why?”

Rarity: Have you seen the state of the economy these days?

They faced each other, their breath visible in the air. “I know money is hard to come by, but we always manage to survive. You don’t have to leave.”

“No, I don’t. But the money is for myself.” Roran tried to resume walking, but Eragon refused to budge.

“What do you need it for?” he demanded.

Harvey: Aw c’mon, they revealed Roran’s shameful cocaine addiction EPISODES ago!
Rarity: Yes, but in an epic twist, the dealer died in a second tragic mill accident before he could reveal the information to Eragon!
Harvey: Those goddamned mills! When will they ever stop killing?
Xion: Wait, what about his cousin who was in the hospital? I thought he needed the money to support her?
Rarity: Oh, she was written out ages ago. The actress moved on to star in The Wolves and the Vampires, don’t you remember?
Xion: I THOUGHT the main character in that looked familiar. I just missed a few episodes, too...

Roran’s shoulders straightened slightly. “I want to marry.”

Xion: You need money to get married?
Harvey: Sure, unless you’re in Vegas.
Xion: Like ‘90’s Kid and Minako when they got married?
Harvey: *facepalms* ...yeah, kid. Just like that.
Rarity: *facehoof* Please don’t bring it up.

Bewilderment and astonishment overwhelmed Eragon. He remembered seeing Katrina and Roran kissing during the traders’ visit, but marriage?

Rarity: *as Ron Burgundy* Boy, that escalated quickly.

“Katrina?” he asked weakly, just to confirm. Roran nodded. “Have you asked her?”

Xion: So if you kiss someone you might want to marry them, but you might not?
Rarity: *As Gaston* I want to thank you all for coming to my wedding! But first, I’d better go in there and propose to the girl!

“Not yet, but come spring, when I can raise a house, I will.”

“There’s too much work on the farm for you to leave now,” protested Eragon. “Wait until we’re ready for planting.”

Harvey: But Winter Wrap Up’s months away!
Rarity: *stares at him*
Xion: Winter Wrap-Up? *thought winter ended whenever it wanted to*
Harvey: What? It gets stuck in your head, okay?
Rarity: I’ll explain later, dear. *Harvey you puzzle her.*

“No” said Roran, laughing slightly. “Spring’s the time I’ll be needed the most. The ground will have to be furrowed and sown. The crops must be weeded-not to mention all the other chores. No, this is the best time for me to go, when all we really do is wait for the seasons to change. You and Garrow can make do without me. If all goes well, I’ll soon be back working on the farm, with a wife.”

Rarity: See, Roran has a good sense of dramatic timing.

Eragon reluctantly conceded that Roran made sense. He shook his head, but whether with amazement or anger, he knew not.

Harvey: The audience shook their heads, either with disgust or apathy. Still not sure which.
Rarity: Some of them went to get more popcorn.
Xion: Or ice cream. *holds up hers*

“I guess I can only wish you the best of luck. But Garrow may take this with ill humor.”

Rarity: Melancholic or choleric?
Harvey: Maybe just a few bad puns.
Xion: Or the kind of joke everyone says only grown-ups should know.

“We will see.”

They resumed walking, the silence a barrier between them. Eragon’s heart was disturbed.

Harvey: His liver took the news a little better.
Xion: His lungs were perfectly fine with it.
Rarity: Don’t even ask about the state of his spleen.

It would take time before he could look upon this development with favor. When they arrived home, Roran did not tell Garrow of his plans, but Eragon was sure that he soon would.

Xion: Since he’s the one with the good sense of timing and all.

Eragon went to see the dragon for the first time since it had spoken to him. He approached apprehensively, aware now that it was an equal.

Rarity: Well of course it’s your equal! You don’t just treat dragons as pets.
Xion: Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons?
Rarity: They may cover your town in smoke...or refuse to send your messages, depending on the dragon.


“Is that all you can say?” he snapped.

Harvey: For bein’ scared of the thing, he sure got rude fast.
Rarity: Wait, was someone speaking?
Xion: I think so, but it’s hard to say.


Rarity: Oh, well, alright then.

His eyes widened at the unexpected reply, and he sat down roughly. Now it has a sense of humor. What next? Impulsively, he broke a dead branch with his foot. Roran’s announcement had put him in a foul mood.

Xion: I thought getting married and weddings were supposed to be happy things.
Harvey: Nah, they revealed that Eragon was sweet on Katrina two episodes ago.
Xion: I miss all the important episodes...
Rarity: Don’t worry, there’s always the next day’s gossip program. They always have a recap.

A questioning thought came from the dragon, so he told it what had happened. As he talked his voice grew steadily louder until he was yelling pointlessly into the air.

Rarity: Now, is he trying to keep this dragon a secret?
Harvey: It’s fine, Eragon goes out into the woods to scream all the time. You get used to it.
Rarity: Ah. Dramatic convention. I see.

He ranted until his emotions were spent, then ineffectually punched the ground.

Harvey: Then writhed in pain after breakin’ all his fingers.
Rarity: He’s not really the brightest gem in the chest, is he.
Xion: No, he needs more polish.

“I don’t want him to go, that’s all,” he said helplessly.

Xion: Leaving is never easy, but sometimes it has to happen.
Harvey: ...*wordlessly offers theatre candy*
Xion: *accepts* Thank you.

The dragon watched impassively, listening and learning.

Harvey: Great, you taught the giant reptile how to throw temper tantrums.
Rarity: That will end poorly.

Eragon mumbled a few choice curses and rubbed his eyes.

Rarity: Oh, now, that’s a terrible thing to be teaching a young dragon! He should be ashamed!
Xion: But it’s okay to teach them to young people? Xigbar used them all the time...
Rarity: Certainly not! This Xigbar should be ashamed of himself too!

He looked at the dragon thoughtfully. “You need a name. I heard some interesting ones today;
perhaps you’ll like one.”

Harvey: *as Eragon* I was thinkin’ maybe...Puff.
Xion: *points to the ceiling, smiles as the music starts* It worked!
Rarity: Well of course it works. Have you ever tried that with Pinkie in the room?
Xion: No, does it work better then?
Pinkie: *bursts from the seat cushions* AND FROLICKED IN THE AUTUMN MIST, IN A LAND CALLED - oh, hi guys! Fancy seeing you here!
Rarity: Hello, Pinkie! Don’t mind us - we’re just catching up on our dramas. *gives Xion a well-you-did-ask look*
Xion: *after she’s recovered from the surprise* Hello.
Pinkie: Ooooooooh, right! Tell me what happens with the evil twin thing, okay? *vanishes back into cushions*
Rarity: Ooh, I’d completely forgotten about that!
Harvey: *...slowly starts to unpeel himself from the opposite end of the row*
Rarity: Harvey, dear, are you quite alright?
Harvey: *mutters something about promises and horrors and slinks back to his seat*
Xion: *offers ice cream* Xigbar used to surprise us like that, too. You get used to it.*did not hear a thing Harvey said*
Rarity: *ohhhhhhh she heard that mutter and she knows exactly what it means* Maybe we should get back to the drama.
Harvey: *takes ice cream* Please.
Xion: Right! *is so NOT missing this episode*

He mentally ran through the list Brom had given him until he found two names that struck him as heroic, noble, and pleasing to the ear. “What do you think of Vanilor or his successor, Eridor? Both were great dragons.”

No, said the dragon. It sounded amused with his efforts. Eragon.

Rarity: *as the dragon* Aww, isn’t your failure just the cutest thing!

“That’s my name; you can’t have it,” he said, rubbing his chin.

Rarity: Because it is my name! And I cannot have another!
Xion: The number of the names shall be one and one shall be the number of the names...

“Well, if you don’t like those, there are others.” He continued through the list, but the dragon rejected every one he proposed. It seemed to be laughing at something Eragon did not understand,

Harvey: That doesn’t exactly narrow it down.
Rarity: Maybe he should play the name game with the dragon.

but he ignored it and kept suggesting names. “There was Ingothold, he slew the . . .” A revelation stopped him. That’s the problem! I’ve been choosing male names. You are a she!

Xion: So some names are for boys and others are for girls?
Rarity: You wouldn’t name a filly Robert or a colt Sue, now would you?
Xion: I wouldn’t now...*is not sure about this whole “naming” thing*
Rarity: More to the point, how did he not notice the dragon was a girl?
Harvey: Well. It is ERAGON.
Rarity: do have a point.

Yes. The dragon folded her wings smugly.

Rarity: And here I was expecting a long, involved mistaken gender subplot. The writers threw away an opportunity, I think.
Xion: Maybe, but then they need to tie up the subplot with the dragon egg smuggling.
Harvey: Anyway, they just did the thing with Roran dressin’ up as their cousin Sue.

Now that he knew what to look for, he came up with half a dozen names. He toyed with Miremel, but that did not fit-after all, it was the name of a brown dragon.

Xion: Because you have to choose a dragon’s name according to it’s color.
Harvey: Unless you wanna do a color-identity crisis subplot later...
Rarity: That only really works if somepony is colorblind. Ooh! Maybe the dragon is!

Opheila and Lenora were also discarded.

Rarity: Thank goodness! You never name anypony Ofillyia!
Harvey: Can’t say Lenore bodes too well either.
Xion: At least Juliet isn’t on the list?

He was about to give up when he remembered the last name Brom had muttered. Eragon liked it, but would the dragon?

He asked.

Rarity: Probably a good idea, given the other important information he’s missed.
Xion: Maybe he missed a few episodes, too.

“Are you Saphira?” She looked at him with intelligent eyes. Deep in his mind he felt her satisfaction.

Xion: Lucky dragon, getting to choose her name.
Harvey: That’s what stage names’re for, kid.

Yes. Something clicked in his head and her voice echoed, as if from a great distance.

Rarity: Are you there, God? It’s me, Eragon.

He grinned in response. Saphira started humming.

Harvey: Row, row, row your boat...
Xion: This is the song that never ends, yes it goes and on my friend...
Rarity: Winter wrap-up, winter wrap-up, let’s finish...oh. *looks at Harvey* I see your point.


The sun had set by the time dinner was served. A blustery wind howled outside, shaking the house.

Rarity: Somewhere, a small stuffed bear was stuck in a tree, asking for honey.
Xion: I thought Sora had helped him with that. D:
Rarity: Did he? I don’t remember that part.
Xion: Well, there was this world in a book that Merlin had...Sora had to help Pooh find his friends. Oh, and get honey.

Eragon eyed Roran closely and waited for the inevitable. Finally: “I was offered a job at Therinsford’s mill . . . which I plan to take. ”

Rarity: He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Garrow finished his mouthful of food with deliberate slowness and laid down his fork. He leaned back in his chair, then interlaced his fingers behind his head and uttered one dry word, “Why?”

Harvey: Why do you betray me? Everybody betray me!

Roran explained while Eragon absently picked at his food.

Rarity: Little did his family know that Eragon was on the verge of developing a debilitating, dramatic, and horribly unspecific eating disorder that only the devoted love of his dragon friend could prevent!
Xion: I thought they already had a subplot like that going?
Rarity: And since when has that stopped a writer from reusing a subplot?
Xion: True.
Harvey: Yeah yeah yeah, cut it out with the spoilers.

“I see,” was Garrow’s only comment. He fell silent and stared at the ceiling. No one moved as they awaited his response.

Rarity: Freeze frame! *cue the music*

“Well, when do you leave?”

“What?” asked Roran.

Garrow leaned forward with a twinkle in his eye.

Rarity: Now if he gives a twist of his head, the audience knows we have nothing to dread. The characters aren’t so lucky.

“Did you think I would stop you? I’d hoped you would marry soon. It will be good to see this family growing again. Katrina will be lucky to have you.”

Xion: He’s not lucky to have her?
Harvey: didn’t see the one about her secret double life, huh?
Xion:...I really do miss all the important episodes, don’t I?
Harvey: I bet you could rent the box set?
Rarity: Oh, you just know there’ll be some horrible kidnapping where Katrina is taken by the evil ruler of the land and Roran gets a ragtag band of warriors together to rescue her. Shows like this love that sort of story.

Astonishment raced over Roran’s face,

Harvey: OH, but it’s neck-to-neck with nausea! This is gonna be a close one, folks!
Xion: Here comes embarrassment right behind them!
Rarity: With utter confusion bringing up the rear!

then he settled into a relieved grin. “So when do you leave?” Garrow asked.

Rarity: *as Garrow* I’m so happy for you! Now get out.
Harvey: *as Garrow* Don’t let the door hit you on your way.

Roran regained his voice. “When Dempton returns to get the sockets for the mill.”

Garrow nodded. “And that will be in . . . ?”

Harvey: *sings* One day more...
Rarity: Another day, another destiny!
Xion: One day to a new beginning!

“Two weeks.”

Xion: Two, two, two weeks in one.

“Good. That will give us time to prepare. It’ll be different to have the house to ourselves.

Rarity: *as Garrow* I think I’ll turn your room into an office.

But if nothing goes amiss, it shouldn’t be for too long.” He looked over the table and asked, “Eragon, did you know of this? ”

He shrugged ruefully. “Not until today. . . . It’s madness.”

Rarity: Madness?! THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAA!
Xion: I thought it was normal.
Harvey: This marriage is not the product of a sane mind!

Garrow ran a hand over his face. “It’s life’s natural course.”

Harvey: You see, when we die, we become the grass. And the antelope eat the grass.
Xion: So we’re all connected in the great circle of life?

He pushed himself up from the chair. “All will be fine; time will settle everything. For now, though, let’s clean the dishes.” Eragon and Roran helped him in silence.

Rarity: Now this is a riveting plot point.

The next few days were trying.

Rarity: Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed.
Xion: But they got a gold star for effort.

Eragon’s temper was frayed. Except for curtly answering direct questions, he spoke with no one.

Harvey: And they were all very grateful.

There were small reminders everywhere that Roran was leaving: Garrow making him a pack, things missing from the walls, and a strange emptiness that filled the house.

Rarity: An emptiness that filled the house...?
Harvey: It came from the space between spaces...

It was almost a week before he realized that distance had grown between Roran and him. When they spoke, the words did not come easily and their conversations were uncomfortable.

Rarity: Well, yes, that is what happens when you resent a friend for making the right decision.
Xion: And have to sit in uncomfortable chairs while talking.
Rarity: About uncomfortable subjects.

Saphira was a balm for Eragon’s frustration.

Xion: Like the balm in Gilead?

He could talk freely with her; his emotions were completely open to her mind, and she understood him better than anyone else.

Rarity: So they’re the Borg, then.
Xion: Then that makes resistance futile. But I thought this was a drama, not Star Trek.
Rarity: We may have just switched genres.
Harvey: I dunno, I don’t think the writers can pull it off.

During the weeks before Roran’s departure, she went through another growth spurt. She gained twelve inches at the shoulder, which was now higher than Eragon’s. He found that the small hollow where her neck joined her shoulders was a perfect place to sit.

Rarity: She flies, breathes fire, and has a built-in seat!
Harvey: But no cupholders.
Xion: But what if wants to stop by Starbucks while flying?

He often rested there in the evenings and scratched her neck while he explained the meanings of different words. Soon she understood everything he said and frequently commented on it.

Rarity: Unbeknownst to Saphira, Eragon himself didn’t understand half the words he’d been teaching her and gave her the wrong definitions. Peace talks would later break down into a confused, tragic mess.
Xion: Just when they’d been going so well, too.

For Eragon, this part of his life was delightful. Saphira was as real and complex as any person. Her personality was eclectic and at times completely alien, yet they understood each other on a profound level.

Rarity: The Vulcan Mind-Meld will do that to you.
Xion:...Isn’t something alien because you can’t understand it?
Harvey: Nah, aliens always speak English. And look like guys with funny ears on.

Her actions and thoughts constantly revealed new aspects of her character.

Rarity: As well as the laziness of the writers. This is a boring montage.
Xion: *points to the ceiling. Eye of the Tiger starts playing* Does this help?
Rarity: Not...quite.

Once she caught an eagle and, instead of eating it, released it, saying, No hunter of the sky should end his days as prey. Better to die on the wing than pinned to the ground.

Harvey: ‘Course, it ended up dyin’ from the claw wounds the next day...
Xion: Poor eagle.

Eragon’s plan to let his family see Saphira was dispelled by Roran’s announcement and Saphira’s own cautionary words. She was reluctant to be seen, and he, partly out of selfishness, agreed. The moment her existence was divulged, he knew that shouts, accusations, and fear would be directed at him . . . so he procrastinated. He told himself to wait for a sign that it was the right time.

Harvey: The death of Lemarque?
Xion: Or maybe Javert’s suicide? That’s a big moment.
Rarity: I thought for certain he was waiting for the planets to align.

The night before Roran was to leave, Eragon went to talk with him. He stalked down the hallway to Roran’s open door. An oil lamp rested on a nightstand, painting the walls with warm flickering light. The bedposts cast elongated shadows on empty shelves that rose to the ceiling. Roran-his eyes shaded and the back of his neck tense-was rolling blankets around his clothes and belongings. He paused, then picked up something from the pillow and bounced it in his hand. It was a polished rock Eragon had given him years ago.

Harvey: Ohhh, I remember when that happened. Eragon always forgets birthdays.
Rarity: Ooh, yes, that did take some time to resolve well, didn’t it?
Xion: Yeah, it took at least two weeks, didn’t it?

Roran started to tuck it into the bundle, then stopped and set it on a shelf. A hard lump formed in Eragon’s throat, and he left.

Rarity: Can you really blame him for not wanting to carry a rock around? Although if it were a diamond...
Harvey: ...he would’ve hocked it by now to feed his habit.
Rarity: Point. I do wonder what will happen next episode.
Xion: I need to catch up.
Rarity: We should have a slumber party! We can watch all the episodes and stay up late and talk about clothes and boys!
Xion: That sounds like fun...though I’ve never been to a slumb--talking about boys? *blushes*
Rarity: Well of course! That’s half the fun. Ooh! And we can do makeovers!
Harvey: *snerk* Right, you kids have fun. Don’t do anythin’ I wouldn’t do.
Xion: Makeovers....
Rarity: Don’t you worry - I have just the thing for you. You’re going to look absolutely stunning when we’re done!
Xion: O-okay. *smiles a little*
Pinkie: *drops from ceiling* DID SOMEONE SAY PARTY?????

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