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Fire with Fire

Characters: Riku, Xion, and any onlookers on that level
Content: Xion and Riku spar for the first time in ages for either of them with their weapons of choice!
Location: Rec Deck
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: Onlookers should stay far back. This is live steel, err, key, afterall. (Onlookers may not be replied to.)

Riku stood atop the shorter diving board, waiting for Xion to come in. He could watch for her easily from there, and to be honest, he felt outright empowered. There was a thrill to having his Keyblade back and the distinct comfort of feeling he could take on whatever threatened the satellite this week. ...Well, aside form bad movies. However, if this week super-villains appeared or old nemeses, he had the power to fight for everyone's safety.

It felt good.

But even then he hoped he hadn't grown rusty. That was the best part about this. He enjoyed sparring, but making sure his skills were sharp was important. Way to the Dawn was a reassuring weight in his hand. He couldn't wait to feel the rush of a contest of skill.

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