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Mission 20

Characters: Xion and MakubeX
Content: Discussion of abilities that have returned
Location: Weapons deck, not long after her Cambot appearance
Time of Day: Late morning/early afternoon.
Warnings: None~

Xion waited as patiently as she could for MakubeX to arrive. Which was not very patiently, considering how happy she was to have her Keyblade back (even for just a week) and show it to him. She was also eager to see what abilities he had this week. He'd said it was something similar to an ability he'd had in his home.

It wouldn't take him long to get from his room to the weapons, but waiting was still making her restless. She took a few more practice swings, trying to make herself remember what using her Keyblade was like.
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MakubeX made his way quickly to the weapons deck, also eager to show off what he could do. It was something he had wanted to show Xion for some time, but was unable to due to the lacking technology aboard the satellite.

Plus, he was curious about her weapon. He'd heard a fair amount about keyblades during his time in space.

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MakubeX thought for a moment, then nodded.

"I think that would work for the best," he said, taking a few steps back. He closed his eyes and lowered his head. Moments later, the room flickered and changed. The two were now standing in a desert atop a canyon.
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"Do you like it?" he asked with a smile. "I can take us nearly anywhere."

He wasn't going to give out the secret just yet.
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Actually, that's exactly it. XD

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MakubeX stepped forward, heading for the edge of the canyon.

"It's all an illusion. We're still aboard the satellite. But the illusion is so real that if you walked off of that cliff... Well, it wouldn't end well."

He looked up at the "sky" at her question. "If I had a good enough description, I probably could conjure anyplace."

((OOC: I'd find a clip, but they're all spoiler-y. Darn turncoats...))
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"I'd love to see it. I'm sure I could get close, at the very least." This new way of making these environments was much simpler and quicker than back home, where he'd had to program everything in.
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"All right. But first, it's your turn." He waved a hand and dismissed the illusion, which faded back into the deck.
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"That's amazing," he said, stepping forward to get a closer look. It looked as though it would have been a difficult weapon to wield, with its unusual shape. But, then again, he'd seen some pretty unusual weapons back where he came from as well.

"Does it have any special properties?"
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"I'm glad I finally got to see it." He was curious about that first comment, but he could tell that she didn't want to talk about it. He was sure he could find out morein other ways.

"At least you got something back, right?"
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"That would be a useful thing to have here," he agreed. "It's amazing how many people get hurt up here."
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"Even so..." MakubeX chuckled.

"Anyway, may I have a demonstration?"
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MakubeX watched, quite impressed. He applauded when she finished.

"May I try something?"
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"Target practice," he replied simply. He closed his eyes, trying to envision an ideal training ground.
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Thanks! ^^

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MakubeX waved a hand and the room changed to a dojo. The paper doors were open, revealing a lovely garden. Inside, various targets were set up. Some logs stood on the ground, smaller ones hung from the rafters with rope, and two or three straw dummies stood among them.

"Will this do?"
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MakubeX smiled back and nodded in reply and stood back to watch. He appreciated the previous demonstration, but things always were a bit different when actual targets were involved. He would have loved to have created a sparring partner for her, but he wasn't sure if he could go that far.
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"Of course."

He blushed faintly and closed his eyes, altering the environment just a bit. The softened the light a bit to make it more relaxing and added some ambient noise outside: some birds, crickets, running water...
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Even though he knew she wore something underneath, it still had felt a bit like peeping.

He opened his eyes when she spoke and shrugged.

"That's up to you, really. If you want to look around a little here, we can try Twilight Town afterwards."
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MakubeX nodded. He rubbed his hands together, trying to decide the best course of action.

"Give me a rough description to start with. Once I get that made, we can refine it from there."
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As she described each item, it slowly faded in to view as he shaped it in his mind. Some would require a bit of fine tuning, but it was looking close.
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He followed and glanced over.

"It's beautiful!"
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MakubeX went over to join her.

"I can see why. It is a very nice view." He chuckled.
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MakubeX did the same, kicking his legs gently.

"...did you want to bring him here?"
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"Sounds like fun. Just let me know."

He looked back out over the town and smiled. "It's kind of like where I liked to go back home."
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"A rooftop," he replied. "I'd go u to think."
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"I could see beyond the Fortress up there. It was nice..."
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"I'd like that."

If he were able to exist on the satellite, perhaps there was a way for him to visit her world as well.