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Characters: Namine and Riku
Content: Artistic expression. ...Or actually Paintchat with real paper.
Location: Usually their rooms.
Time of Day: Day or night, actually. Varies.
Warnings: Mostly Riku's complete lack of artistic skill and variable degrees of cuteness.

Riku rolled over, one eye just wide enough to look at the unset alarm clock. “11:57 A.M.” He laid there until the number changed before stretching, looking over his chest to the door. Riku blinked and rolled to a sitting position. There was no reply from Namine yet. “That’s odd.” He scratched his ribs and went to get a set of clean clothes. It was strange, coming back and finding things didn’t quite fit the same anymore. While nothing looked or felt terrible, a few things obviously were a bit tighter across the shoulders now. It meant he had to find which things fit best before heading out.

As he went to go get something to eat, he found himself wondering if he should check on Namine, since there’d been no reply. For now, he simply got a sandwich and some milk, and because there’d been no response, he ate his first meal of the day somewhere else other than his room for once. He went to go see what Chibi had made bloom.

When he returned, he found both the replies and some relief. Riku snatched them up and went straight to his desk.

Again, it was late when he got the pictures done, and found himself going to bed early after delivering them. For the picture Riku had intentionally picked some blue recycled paper to try to make it look like blueprints, and the image was on two sheets of paper taped together. In the upper left corner of the whole thing he wrote, “Plan A:” and across the pages were 13 figures. The first figure was a sinister-looking old man with a heart next to him. An arrow from that heart went to each of the other figures. One figure was Xemnas, and another Xehanort’s Heartless. Xigbar and Saix were also there. Then there were a multitude of members with their hoods up. And then, finally, there was Sora as the 13th. Riku had drawn a big X over Sora. At the bottom of the picture, Riku wrote, “Yes, everyone from our worlds.”

The second picture received no reply via drawing, since the previous one had taken so long. It did receive a post-it. “Yes.”
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Again, Namine had to make herself wait until the next morning to work on her response to him. So for the second day in a row, their positions were reversed and she brought her breakfast back to her room to eat Today it was Cheerios with bananas in it. She'd discovered she liked that, and cereal was easy to eat while she looked at the picture.

It was interesting how the tone of these conversations had changed since he'd arrived back. Before they'd discuss what was happening on the satellite, or anything at all. Now they seemed solely focused on what had happened while Riku (and Sora as well, in away) had been home. So much had happened in what was really a short amount of time, and if Riku's pictures were any indication the adventures might not be over yet.

It made her a little sad, to think she hadn't been able to go along. Oh, she hadn't been on their first adventure together, but ever since...Well, that thought was best left for later.

The connection between the old man and the others was interesting. If it meant what she thought, then it explained at least one thing, On a pieced of white paper she drew a picture of the old man and Isa connected by a plus sign, then an equals sign, and then Saix.

Then she found a slightly larger piece of gray paper that was dotted with various other colors--not enough to make seeing a picture difficult, be enough to give it a speckled effect. On that, she drew various scenes from what she'd learned through seeing scraps of Sora and Riku's memories, and Riku's pictures. Off to the side, she drew herself looking on, small and more than a little worried.

It was mid-afternoon by the time she was done, and she delivered the pictures as soon as she finished them.
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The shift in picture delivery schedule took a little getting used to, but Namine was beginning to enjoy drawing her responses in the morning. It was something to look forward to when she woke up. Of course, it meant she got down to the Theatrical Deck later, but that wasn't always a bad thing. She was more likely to see Zidane, Amaterasu, or Chibi there at that time of day.

Her smile at finding the pictures faded when she realized her guess about Isa had been correct. While she'd suspected, when she considered what it meant for Isa...she would have rather that not be the case. In response, she drew a picture that showed all the people who had left and come back, each with thought balloons showing them talking to people on the satellite. The only exceptions were Phineas and Kairi. It seemed that more people remembered than didn't.

The smile returned when she saw the other picture. It was just like Sora to throw a party to celebrate the exam being over--at least that's what she thought it must be. When she noticed the funny glasses he was wearing, she laughed. No wonder everyone looked amused or, in Riku's case, confused. Studying the other half of the picture made her smile turn a little more wistful, almost sad. It was kind of him to want to reassure her, but sometimes she did wish she were strong enough to really help.

Her reply to this included a word bubble as well. Instead of once scene, though, in included several small scenes of what she knew had happened. The speaker was again Riku, but this time his audience wasn't just her, but everyone from their world.

She wondered if he wanted to let the others know about this.
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*hugs for life* Aye, aye, captain! Preparations for drama will commence in 5..4..3..2..

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It really was a change for the better. Namine wasn't exactly a morning person, but she did tend to be up before Riku, and it was nice to start the day by drawing quietly in her room. It gave her some alone time before interacting with others throughout the day, and her responses weren't that much later than they had been. There was just enough of a difference to allow Riku time to start his day.

Nobody knew better than Namine that memories could be tricky. Sometimes links in the chain were damaged, or so tangled together than the result was merely vague recollection or a sense of deja vu. So she wasn't surprised to get confirmation that not all the people who had left and returned shared the same experience. That said, Xion was unique...Namine's response to that picture was a series of small pictures on one page. In each picture, a short-haired Riku was speaking to Xion and had a thought bubble over his head. The one difference was that as the pictures progressed, the image of a long-haired Riku speaking to her on the satellite became more and more clear. Maybe he was remembering more as time went on?

For her response to the other picture, she drew a line to divide the sheet of paper in two. In the right half, she drew a picture modeled on Riku's everyone was still speaking, but this time Isa and Lea were included in the group, and looked upset. The others formed a circle around them, and seemed to be trying to encourage or comfort them. In the other half, she drew a black and white sketch of Saix, with a black heart shape over where his physical heart could be. Around that she drew a circle with an arrow pointing to the empty upper corner. There, in color, she drew a grown up Lea and Isa (you could tell it was Isa because of the green eyes) standing over the prone, and very defeated-looking, form of the original Xehanort. Lea was grinning and attempting to high-five Isa, who appeared to be having none of it, but a closer look showed he was smiling.

She put down her crayon and sighed, stretching her aching hand as she thought. If they know now, maybe they can fight it in the future. Maybe not enough to prevent the worst from happening, but enough to recover from it later.

Better to know and face the pain.

So she'd told DiZ, and so she'd tell anyone else.
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Sure. WIll set up a log for this week's pic exchange within the next day or so. Life. @_@

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Truth be told, lately Namine was enjoying not having to walk around as much while things were quiet in the morning. There was whoever had started messing with their rooms (which indicated they were being followed, since nobody had caught the sneak yet), and over the last few days she seemed to be hearing a voice even when there was nobody there. No words, just a voice, but it was unsettling.

She should probably ask Riku about it. Instead of a real response to his first drawing, which really could be said to conclude that conversation, she drew a picture of herself walking down the hall. A word bubble extended "offscreen," but it didn't contain words, just squiggles.

The answer to the second picture was a little more detailed. Half the page showed a yellow-eyed Sora fighting Riku. On the other half, using the same technique she'd used on her earlier picture of Saix, she showed the real Sora fighting Xehanort in his heart, with the help of Ven, Roxas, and Xion. After looking at it for a moment, she taped another page to it, so she could draw herself looking both afraid and hopeful, and add the lines to indicate the rest of the image was a thought bubble connected to her.