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Experiment #33 - Eye of Argon - Chapters 4 and 5

The Eye of Argon - Chapters 4 and 5
By Jim Theis

MakubeX: *wanders in, already looks like he’s got a headache*
90s Kid: *already in the front with popcorn* DUUUUUUDE what took you so long, man? The show’s gonna start any minute!
MakubeX: *just groans*
Isa: I don’t suppose we can play hooky this time?
MakubeX: I wish.
90s Kid: What’re you guys talking about? This is gonna be the best one EVER! Liz told me all about it, man, it’s got like...big muscled guys with SWORDS!
MakubeX: She did, huh? *...he looks like he’s on the brink of despair now, making a mental note to “thank” Liz later*
Isa: *Rests his chin in his hand* Let’s just... get this over with, then. The sooner we finish, the sooner we can leave

All knowledge of measuring time had escaped Grignr. When a person is deprived of the sun, moon, and stars, he looses all conception of time as he had previously understood it.

Makubex: He really should tighten it back up, then.

It seemed as if years had passed if time were being measured by terms of misery and mental anguish, yet he estimated that his stay had only been a few days in length.

90s Kid: That is so deep, man.
Isa: If you can estimate how many days it’s been, then you haven’t lost all concept of time.
MakubeX: So, by Grignr’s logic of time, I wonder how many years will pass reading this...

He has slept three times and had been fed five times since his awakening in the crypt. However, when the actions of the body are restricted its needs are also affected. The need for nourishmnet and slumber are directly proportional to the functions the body has performed, meaning that when free and active Grignr may become hungry every six hours and witness the desire for sleep every fifteen hours, whereas in his present condition he may encounter the need for food every ten hours, and the want for rest every twenty hours.

90s Kid: That’s pretty hardcore man, I get hungry just sitting around thinking!
MakubeX: There’s a word problem in there somewhere. Ah, well. At least he isn’t talking about certain other needs.
90s Kid: You mean like video games?
MakubeX:, but we’ll go with that.
Isa: *lineface, just....lineface*

All methods he had before depended upon were extinct in the dismal pit.

90s Kid: He totally buried them in a million layers of dirt.

Hence, he may have been imprisoned for ten minutes or ten years, he did not know, resulting in a disheartened emotion deep within his being.

MakubeX: *waving a hand about* Oh, for goodness’ sake, if he can figure out the whole thing with the hours and the needs and whatnot, one would think he would have some idea! And which specific emotion he was feeling!
90s Kid: You just don’t get it, man. He’s totally beyond emotions and stuff. That’s why he’s so totally hardcore!
Isa: Hard...core. *Yeah, 90s Kid, Isa’s not too impressed with that assesment*
MakubeX: *just... sits back in his seat and seethes silently*
90s Kid: *omnom popcorn*

The food, if you can honor the moldering lumps of fetid mush

90s Kid: Pea soup?
MakubeX: Natto?
Isa: Guacamole dip?

to that extent, was born to him by two guards

90s Kid: ...wait, how do you give birth to food? That can’t be healthy, man.
Isa: ...*Opens his mouth to say something, but shuts it.*
MakubeX: do know where eggs come from, don’t you?
Isa: Or any animal product, for that matter?
90s Kid: Well chya, but that’s not like, people and stuff.
Isa: ...
MakubeX: ...*sigh*

who opened a portal at the top of his enclosure and shoved it to him in wooden bowls, retrieving the food and water bowels

90s Kid: Ew...
MakubeX: *facepalm*

from his previous meal at the same time, after which they threw back the bolts on the iron latch and returned to their other duties. Since deprived of all other means of nourishment, Grignr was impelled to eat the tainted slop in order to ward off the paings of starvation,

90s Kid: *as Grignr* Can I at LEAST have some of that sour powder stuff?

though as he stuffed it into his mouth with his filthy fingers and struggled to force it down his throat, he imagined it was that which had been spurned by the hounds stationed at various segments of the palace.

MakubeX: Who knew hounds were such fussy eaters?

There was little in the baren vault that could occupy his body or mind. He had paced out the length and width of the enclosure time and time again and tested every granite slab which consisted the walls of the prison in hopes of finding a hidden passage to freedom, all of which was to no avail other than to keep him busy and distract his mind from wandering to thoughts of what he believed was his future.

MakubeX: Wouldn’t do much good, anyway. He’d need to have someone in there to hold the loose slab while he went through the door. Until someone finds the dungeon key, that is, and hope no one alerts the purple tentacle.
90s Kid: Man, I never liked Myst anyway. Too many boring puzzles, man.
Makubex: ...don’t be a tuna head.
90s Kid: No no, man, *points to his cap* This is a WHEATIES cap!

He had memorized the number of strides from one end to the other of the cell, and knew the exact number of slabs which made up the bleak dungeon. Numorous schemes were introduced and alternately discarded in turn as they succored to unravel to him no means of escape which stood the slightest chance of sucess.

Anguish continued to mount

MakubeX: Indeed.

as his means of occupation were rapidly exhausted. Suddenly without no tive, he wasrouted

MakubeX: Translation, please?
90s Kid: *found a dictionary under his seat and flips through it* ...not in here, man.

from his contemplations as he detected a faint scratching sound at the end of the crypt opposite him. The sound seemed to be caused by something trying to scrape away at the grantite blocks the floor of the enclosure consisted of,

90s Kid: It’s princess Cassima! Hurry up or she’ll leave you in the maze, man!

the sandy scratching of something like an animal's claws.

MakubeX: *sings* Kidnap the Sandy Claws...

Grignr gradually groped his way to the other end of the vault carefully feeling his way along with his hands ahead of him. When a few inches from the wall, a loud, penetrating squeal, and the scampering of small padded feet reverberated from the walls of the roughly hewn chamber.

MakubeX: *buries his face in his hands* Oh, here it goes again.

Grignr threw his hands up to shield his face, and flung himself backwards upon his buttocks. A fuzzy form bounded to his hairy chest, burying its talons in his flesh while gnashing toward his throat with its grinding white teeth;its sour, fetid breath scortching the sqirming barbarians dilating nostrils. Grignr grappled with the lashing flexor muscles of the repugnant body of a garganuan brownhided rat, striving to hold its razor teeth from his juicy jugular, as its beady grey organs of sight glazed into the flaring emeralds of its prey.

90s Kid: Woooah, so Rodents Of Unusual Size really DO exist!
MakubeX: Eyes. Is it so hard to say “eyes”?
90s Kid: Dude. Dude. What part of “deep” are you not getting, dude?
MakubeX: *90’s Kid just gets a Look*
90s Kid: *he gets that a lot*
Isa: It’s not deep, it’s pretentious...
MakubeX: Deeply pretentious, maybe.

Taking hold of the rodent around its lean, growling stomach with both hands Grignr pried it from his crimson rent breast, removing small patches of flayed flesh from his chest in the motion between the squalid black claws of the starving beast. Holding the rodent at arms length, he cupped his righthand over its frothing face, contrcting his fingers into a vice-like fist over the quivering head.

90s Kid: He’s never gonna hear the end of this from PETA, man...

Retaining his grips on the rat, grignr flexed his outstretched arms while slowly twisting his right hand clockwise and his left hand counter clockwise motion. The rodent let out a tortured squall,

Isa: *snickers* I’m not sure that’s the word you should be using there.

drawing scarlet

90s Kid: I don’t think she’d let a rat draw her, dude.

as it violently dug its foam flecked fangs into the barbarians sweating palm, causing his face to contort to an ugly grimace as he cursed beneath his braeth.

MakubeX: *as Gringr, under his “braeth”* Oh, fiddlesticks!

With a loud crack the rodents head parted from its squirming torso, sending out a sprinking shower of crimson gore, and trailing a slimy string of disjointed vertebrae, snapped trachea, esophagus, and jugular, disjointed hyoid bone, morose purpled stretched hide, and blood seared muscles.

MakubeX: Oh, of course everything in this paragraph is spelled correctly.
90s Kid: *popcorn.gif* I TOLD you this was gonna be awesome!!!
MakubeX: Oh, it’s something, all right.

Flinging the broken body to the floor, Grignr shook his blood streaked hands and wiped them against his thigh until dry, then wiped the blood that had showered his face and from his eyes. Again sitting himself upon the jagged floor, he prepared to once more revamp his glum meditations. He told himself that as long as he still breathed the gust of life through his lungs, hope was not lost;

MakubeX: That rat is probably quite nutritious.
90s Kid: Better than pea soup. Also wait...I didn’t think rats were worth all THAT much XP...

he told himself this, but found it hard to comprehend in his gloomy surroundings. Yet he was still alive, his bulging sinews at their peak of marvel, his struggling mind floating in a miral of impressed excellence of thought. Plot after plot sifted through his mind in energetic contemplations.

MakubeX: If he ever got out of there, be was gonna write a bestseller.
90s Kid: 50 Shades of Grey?
MakubeX: More like “Ten Times Five Gradients of Pale Black”.
90s Kid: Oh...I don’t think I’ve heard of that one.
MakubeX: ...I miss Liz.

Then it hit him.

MakubeX: *as Gringr* Ow.

Minutes may have passed in silent thought or days, he could not tell, but he stumbled at last upon a plan that he considered as holding a slight margin of plausibility.

He might die in the attempt, but he knew he would not submit without a final bloody struggle.

90s Kid: That’s it Grignr, fight the power!

It was not a foolproof plan, yet it built up a store of renewed vortexed energy in his overwroughtsoul, though he might perish in the execution of the escape, he would still be escaping the life of infinite torture in store forhim. Either way he would still cheat the gloating prince of the succored revenge his sadistic mind craved so dearly.

MakubeX: Unless, of course, the prince was ever planning on actual execution. Then Gringr’s just saving him some time and planning. Quite nice of him, really.

The guards would soon come to bear him off to the prince's buried mines of dread, giving him the sought after opportunity to execute his newly formulated plan. Groping his way along the rough floor Grignr finally found his tool in a pool of congealed gore; the carcass of the decapitated rodent; the tool that the very filth he had been sentenced too, spawned. When the time came for action he would have to be prepared, so he set himself to rending the sticky hulk in grim silence, searching by the touch of his fingertips for the lever to freedom.

MakubeX: What does he intend to do? Shake the headless rat in their faces and hope they run off screaming?
90s Kid: Maybe if he finds a stick he can make a rat-flail with it!


"Up to the altar and be done with it wench;" ordered a fidgeting shaman as he gave the female a grim stare accompanied by the wrinkling of his lips to a mirthful grin of delight.

The girl burst into a slow steady whimper, stooping shakily to her knees and cringing woefully from the priest with both arms wound snake-like around the bulging jade jade shin rising before her scantily attired figure. Her face was redly inflamed from the salty flow of tears spouting from her glassy dilated eyeballs.

90s Kid: ...I’m uncomfortable.
MakubeX: This isn’t “awesome” enough for you?
90s Kid: There’s nothing awesome about a chick crying, man.

With short, heavy footfals the priest approached the female, his piercing stare never wavering from her quivering young countenance. Halting before the terrified girl he projected his arm outward and motioned her to arise with an upward movement of his hand. the girl's whimpering increased slightly and she sunk closer to the floor rather than arising. The flickering torches outlined her trim build with a weird ornate glow as it cast a ghostly shadow dancing in horrid waves of splendor over smoothly worn whiteness of the marble hewn altar.

The shaman's lips curled back farther, exposing a set of blackened, decaying molars

90s Kid: Don’t they have toothbrushes in this time, man?

which transformed his slovenly grin into a wide greasy arc of sadistic mirth and alternately interposed into the female a strong sensation of stomach curdling nausea.

MakubeX: Join the club, random girl.

"Have it as you will female;"

MakubeX: Oi, no means no, male.

gloated the enhanced priest as he bent over at the waist, projecting his ape-like arms forward, and clasped the female's slender arms with his hairy round fists. With an inward surge of of his biceps he harshly jerked the trembling girl to her feet and smothered her salty wet cheeks with the moldy touch of his decrepid, dull red lips.

90s Kid: *squirms*
MakubeX: *whistles, starts examining his fingernails*

The vile stench of the Shaman's hot fetid breath over came the nauseated female with a deep soul searing sickness, causing her to wrench her head backwards and regurgitate a slimy, orangewhite stream of swelling gore over the richly woven purple robe of the enthused acolyte.

The priest's lips trembled with a malicious rage as he removed his callous paws from the girl's arms and replaced them with tightly around her undulating neck, shaking her violently to and fro.

MakubeX: *hmm, his fingernails are quite interesting...* Let me know when this bit’s over.
90s Kid: Does that mean I have to keep reading? *half-watching through his hands*
MakubeX: Mmhm.

The girl gasped a tortured groan from her clamped lungs, her sea blue eyes bulging forth from damp sockets. Cocking her right foot backwards, she leashed it desperately outwards with the strength of a demon possessed, lodging her sandled foot squarely between the shaman's testicles.

90s Kid: YEAH!
MakubeX: *looks back up at that* TRIAL OF THE DRAGONNNN!

The startled priest released his crushing grip, crimping his body over at the waist overlooking his recessed belly; wide open in a deep chasim.

MakubeX: Did I miss something or did she just gut him?
90s Kid: Maybe she had a knife in her sandal!
MakubeX: That wasn’t a groin attack, it was a Mortal Kombat Fatality.
90s Kid: Awesome!

His face flushed to a rose red shade of crimson, eyelids fluttering wide with eyeballs protruding blindly outwards from their sockets to their outmost perimeters, while his lips quivered wildly about allowing an agonized wallow to gust forth as his breath billowed from burning lungs. His hands reached out clutching his urinary gland as his knees wobbled rapidly about for a few seconds then buckled, causing the ruptured shaman

90s Kid: Wait, he exploded ‘cause she kicked him in the nads, man? *crosses legs*
MakubeX: Ooo. Critical hit to the... Hn, never mind.

to collapse in an egg huddled mass to the granite pavement, rolling helplessly about in his agony.

MakubeX: And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put the shaman together again.

The pathetic screeches of the shaman groveling in dejected misery upon the hand hewn granite laid pavement, worn smooth by countless hours of arduous sweat and toil, a welter of ichor oozing through his clenched hands, attracted the purturbed attention of his comrades from their foetid ulations. The actions of this this rebellious wench bespoke the creedence of an unheard of sacrilige.

90s Kid: Wait, wait slow down! *flipping through dictionary*
MakubeX: Basically, there’s a bad moon on the rise.
90s Kid: ...I thought that song was tellin’ ya where the bathroom was.
MakubeX: *sighs... again*

Never before in a lost maze of untold eons

MakubeX: No, no, no. Time is more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff.

had a chosen one dared to demonstrate such blasphemy in the face of the cult's idolic diety.

The girl cowered in unreasoning terror,

MakubeX: Actually, I think her terror is quite reasonable in this situation.

helpless in the face of the emblazoned acolytes' rage; her orchid tusseled face smothered betwixt her bulging bosom as she shut her curled lashed tightly hoping to open them and find herself awakening from a morbid nightmare.

90s Kid: *sings* Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmaaaaaare?
MakubeX: *sings* Will I lose my dignity... *stops* Oh, wait... Silly me, implying there’s any to begin with.

yet the hand of destiny decreed her no such mercy,

MakubeX: *as... the hand of destiny* Nyah-nyah-nya-nya-nyaaaah~!

the antagonized pack of leering shaman converging tensely upon her prostrate form were entangled all too lividly in the grim web of reality.

Shuddering from the clamy touch of the shaman as they grappled with her supple form, hands wrenching at her slender arms and legs in all directions, her bare body being molested in the midst of a labyrnth of orange smudges, purpled satin, and mangled skulls, shadowed in an eerie crimson glow; her confused head reeled then clouded in a mist of enshrouding ebony as she lapsed beneath the protective sheet of unconsiousness to a land peach and resign.

90s Kid: Dude, are we watchin’ Manos the Hands of Fate now or somethin’?
MakubeX: *...tired* Anything has to be better than this.

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