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Characters: Minako and OPEN
Content: Minako is frustrated and accidentally leaves something out in the open. Hilarity Surprise ensues - and perhaps some color.
Location: The cafeteria deck.
Time of Day: Late night.
Warnings: Possible angst.

She couldn't do it.

Every time she tried, her hand would suddenly jerk. When she tried to erase, her work would smudge. Every time.

Another attempted picture of her friends back home ruined. And every time she looked up at the clock...aah, it felt maddening. Things that took forever for her to do suddenly took forever. Like in Pluto's time stop. Everything was stopped.

Why was this affecting her so much? She wanted to fight. She wanted to continue fighting, to stop the Mads. It shouldn't have been so hard. She'd been doing it for over a year. And then, suddenly, when things became black and white, it got...harder. She began to feel like giving up. She'd never see her friends again, so what was the point? No. No, she would. She'd remember their faces. She'd fight for the chance for everyone to see their loved ones--

--and yet simple stick drawings of her friends in her diary turned to crud. Even simply writing, she had no control. Five pages of "Everything is swell!" "Everything is shiny!" "I have never been happier!" No matter how hard she tried.

Finally, she'd had it. In frustration and anger, she swatted her diary and her drink away, causing both to fly off her table. The drink shattered; the diary fell on the floor, half open, with bits and pieces of paper falling out of them underneath.

Like a kid with a temper tantrum. A powerless kid. Not like the leader she was supposed to be. The person who saved her friends and loved ones, who was a soldier of love.

Minako stood up, her face in her hands. She needed to stop. She needed some air. She needed to breathe and relax. Take a walk. And when she came back, the diary would go back to her room with her and the glass would be cleaned up as if she were never there. She'd be back to her chipper self in the morning and no one would suspect a thing.

And so she left, certain no one else was up at such a late hour.

The diary - her secret diary, a thing she kept hidden even from Cambot - remained.
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90s Kid was just heading toward the cafeteria now, in fact, hoping that maybe he could convince the food synthesizer to give him some poptarts for a change. He came down the other hallway just as Minako had already passed, but he paused and backtracked slightly, looking her way, watching her back with furrowed brows. Was she usually up this late?

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The concept of a regular sleep schedule was as foreign to him as Rob Liefeld leaving the comic book industry.

"I couldn't sleep. This whole blast to the past gives me the willies, y'know?"

90s Kid looked her up and down. He'd lost his shades in this black and white weirdness, so his eyes were in plain sight, the concern in his face clear.

"Are you okay?"
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90s Kids brows furrowed, taking a few quick strides to stand next to her. He almost wanted to reach out to her, but he hesitated. She'd probably cut his hand off.

"Well...if you need someone to talk too, I know..."
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He makes a slight, subtle retreat as Minako moves away from him, scanning her cautiously.

"Well...I'm here. And I'm--" he almost said 'I'm your husband,' but he stopped himself. Maybe he could be taught after all.

"I'm worried about you."
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don't worry Mina, he'll be back to his old stupid self sooner or later <3

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To be honest he wasn't even sure himself why he was acting this way. Maybe the things everybody was saying were finally starting to sink in. But whatever the reason, he drew back again at her interjection, looking baffled, maybe even a little hurt himself.

"How can you say that?"
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90s Kid just blinked again, letting a small smile try to come onto his face.

"Well chya. You're way out of my league, I know that!"

He risked a step closer, still trying to read her.

"But don't you go saying you're not worth it. You're the most amazing chick I've ever met! The things I've seen you do, the sketches you come up with...gosh, I don't know how you do it!"
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The smile he was attempting fell at that. How can she say that about herself? What what did she mean bad record? Didn't every beautiful chick have someone in the past?

"What are you talking about, dudette?"
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90s Kid was quiet for a while, looking away.

"But...I've already died," he tried to force another smile, "And here I am."

He let himself get bold again, stepping forward and reaching out slowly to take her hand.

"And anyway, what could be more important than love?"
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90s Kid's eyes went a little wide, looking straight at Minako. What could she want to tell him? Him of all people?

"I-I promise."
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90s Kid's face fell.

"But....that's not fair. Why would they do that? I-I mean...they do that in comic books all the time! And look at Linkara and Liz!

It''s just not fair. Minako, why didn't you tell me this sooner?"
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90s Kid just fell silent, letting his eyes fall to the floor for a moment, biting his lip.
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A long silence followed, 90s Kid seeming like he wasn't going to say anything. He didn't even notice her bow changing color.


He leaned forward slightly to ensure that they made eye contact.

"I dunno what's gonna happen after we all go home. Of course we'll all have to get out of here, I mean, chya! But even if I never see you again...I'd rather that then never knowing you. I'll take my chances; I've already died twice, remember? I've never felt this way about anyone before. Not even Catwoman! I don't care what happens. Even if you don't like me...I'm glad that I've had the chance to meet you, to kinda even know you."

His voice got slightly lower as the slightest hue of blue returned to his own eyes.

"I love you."
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90s Kid's brows furrowed as she cried, feeling like he'd been punched in the gut. He never wanted to hurt her. The guilt was written all over his face.

He hesitantly stepped forward, resting a hand slowly on her shoulder, his other hand brushing a tear away from her cheek.

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Sora had wandered down to the cafeteria deck for a least the Satellite was giving them okay food. It was a nice perk after everything else that was going wrong. On his way there, however, he spotted what looked like a notebook on the floor. Picking it up, he discovered that it had Minako's writing inside. It looks like a diary!

It wasn't real nice to read anyone's personal diary, and Sora knew that, but...well, he couldn't help being a little curious. He mostly wanted to know what she'd said about Roxas and Ven, back when she'd suggested tub date.

However, the page he turned to wasn't much related to that at all. After just a moment of scanning, his eyebrows furrowed in disbelief.

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Sora couldn't help but read on: all this stuff concerned him and his friends from home. He knew he had rarely talked about Xehanort over the network, mostly because there was never a need for it...and he definitely couldn't remember ever mentioning the connection he had with Xion. And then he remembered how Riku, Roxas, and many of the others had found someone rifling through their belongings awhile back after they'd returned to the Satellite...

"But...why would Minako spy? on us?" Sora mumbled aloud. Didn't she trust them well enough?

He guessed not, with, the mentions of fighting some kind of enemy on her home world. It seemed she'd been a lot more involved with fighting back home, so why wouldn't she ever bring that up here on the Satellite?
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Sora was so engrossed in what he was looking over that he didn’t even realize Minako had entered until she spoke his name. When she did, he jumped a little.

At first, Sora felt a little bit embarrassed...he knew that he shouldn’t be looking over someone else’s private writing. But at the same time, he couldn’t help thinking more about the fact that Minako had kept all of this from them, including her going through their stuff.

He closed the diary. “Minako...what is all this?”
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Unfortunately, Sora assumed that some of the anger was directed at him. He could understand that, but there was still a lot of other things he couldn’t understand. He placed the diary back on the table.

“I know, but...why didn’t you tell us any of this stuff? And why were you going through our stuff?
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Sora had never seen that kind of seriousness from Minako before...or if he had, she'd hidden it so well that he just never noticed it. But now, he definitely did notice how she pointedly wasn't looking at him.

"Yeah, but...if you wanted to know more, why didn't you just ask?" Sora said, spreading his arms. True, some things didn't really need to be said (like his relationship to Xion), but if it was about warning Minako of the dangers of Xehanort, that seemed something they could have discussed with her. "You didn't have to go sneaking around about that."
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"Well...yes," Sora said, looking more and more hurt. Why did she think that they wouldn't pay her any mind just because she acted silly? Didn't Donald and Goofy know what was going on in their struggles with Xehanort, when they always put on their silly faces, too? "Just because you don't act serious doesn't mean you don't deserve to be taken seriously."

That last bit made him wonder a lot, though. "Things like what?"
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Sora still wasn’t understanding her intentions at all. You generally only hid the fact that you were obtaining information from an enemy.

He shook his head. "I still don’t understand it. You don’t think we’d want to try and find a way to get out of here, too? We’re not going to be helping each other if we don’t even tell each other stuff like this."
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“Just because they’re not the usual sort of bad guys doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work together to beat them! Or at least plan on how to.” And this wasn’t even about the Mads so much as it was her worrying about larger forces affecting her world.

“Then how about you come colean with what you usually do on your world and why you didn’t want to tell us?” Sora definitely didn’t want them to part now knowing there were important things about Minako that he wasn’t aware of.
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He was, but then he just became confused when she suddenly turned away from him and changed the subject. Was she trying to avoid his question then? What was up with this?

He barely knew anything about this world anyway, considering he hadn't gotten to spend that much time on it. ""