thirteenth_brat: (What the hell?)
Roxas ([personal profile] thirteenth_brat) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp 2013-01-28 01:39 am (UTC)

All things considered, this was... probably going to be every bit as messed up as Roxas was expecting. At least Roxas hadn't ended up as a dinosaur. That didn't look to be a particularly comfortable costume at all. And 'costume' was a term being used very, very loosely. He did have to give credit where it was do, though, given what they had to work with.

He wasn't sure he liked playing a scientist (or something resembling one) either, but it seemed like the lesser of two evils. So he sucked it up and tried his best to play along, "We even have some visual aids for you!"

It had only just started and he already knew that having to act like an idiot grated on his nerves big time. The best he could do was tell himself there was a very good reason they were doing this and even if it was aggravating, it would (hopefully) be worth it.

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