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Visual aids. That was the cue. From backstage (or rather, behind their crude set) came a dramatic strum from a guitar before Riku emerged. ...A less-than-thrilled looking Riku. He was slouched over, nearly dragging his guitar on the ground, and it was easy to see why.

Riku's hair had been slicked not with grease like the rest of the week, but with mud, making almost a mohawk, but intended to look like a feathered crest. Tree sap had been applied to his face to use as an adhesive for flower petals which extended into his hair, giving the attempted illusion of feathers and scales. Twigs had been tied to his fingers and shoes, including a big sharp stick applied to each shoe to imitate a sickle claw. His white shirt and light-colored pants was patterned with mud stripes, and the sleeves carefully shredded and tied to look like long wing feathers. A knotted sheet stuck out of the back of his pants and dragged on the floor as a tail.

He sighed, putting his guitar down and assuming a more saurian posture. VelociRiku leaned over, pulling his arms to the sides and stood on his toes. He had one more thing to do, still, and he didn't really want to. This whole thing was frustrating. ...And his face itched, and he couldn't scratch. The sheet down the back of his pants wasn't comfortable either.

Annoyed, the Riku-Raptor looked over at Sora, appeared briefly thoughtful, took a few steps over to him, and took a deep breath.


That was MUCH more satisfying than roaring at the audience. Riku returned to his side of the stage for his next cue.

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