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Characters: Harvey and whoever
Content: Mirror Finevoice amuses himself
Location: Laboratory
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: Imminent animal cruelty?

It's no secret that Harvey hates this place. He hates bein' underground, constantly surrounded by a bunch of snot-nosed brats. And frankly, he's beginning to think that the experiment itself is a waste of time.

Luckily, that experiment was never his main interest down here in the first place. Harvey knocks back another shot and fires one of the new guns, his aim still quite steady despite the bottle at his side bein' half-empty. There's a burst of blue plasma and the smell of burnt hair, and across the room a slightly singed black rabbit bolts beneath a table with a shriek. Harvey chuckles and sets that gun aside, readying another of the experimental weapons. Say what you will about Nelson, but those weapons he comes up with are pretty damn great. And now someone's even left him a new target in his room - how thoughtful.
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That ear scratch was definitely welcome. It'd been awhile since she'd gotten one, and after that fight, it was nice to have a little comfort.

At the question, she walked back over to the box and nudged it up, where Frank was still waiting inside. She grabbed him up in her mouth before he could scurry away again, and brought him over to Liz and Aqua to show them. Aside from frightened out of its wits, the rabbit at least didn't look much worse for the wear.
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Liz frowned sympathetically at the quivering rabbit, and offered her hands to take him from Amaterasu. His fur was a little singed, but otherwise he looked fine. She cuddled Frank close to her chest, petting his fur gently, then gave Ammy another scratch behind the ears.

"Do you think you can sniff out the others who aren't affected by this? I think it's time we got a plan together."
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Aqua wasn't really certain that there'd be any way to tell who was and wasn't affected by scent alone. But then again, she certainly wasn't Amaterasu, and she supposed that if anyone would be able to tell it would probably be her.

"I agree," she offered, with a nod. "The sooner we can be out of here, the better."
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Ammy looked a little bit may be possible, but she didn't want to trust her sense of smell alone in trying to figure out who was and wasn't evil. For the most part, everyone smelled the same as always...and that in turn made some of this even more awful. However, she was determined to help any way she could.

For starters, she did want to make sure she could hide away (or even release) some of the other animals trapped here.