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Someone really wishes this was all a dream...

Who: Roxas and anyone who encounters him
What: He needs to figure out who's evil and who's not. He's wandering around while he works out how best to figure this out.
Where: Anywhere, though starting by the vending machines
When: Noonish
Warnings: Depends on who tags him, so, possibly violence and/or language

This was a fine mess they were all in. Shunted into a mirror universe with some people taking on their mirrored personalities and some not, it was difficult to tell who could be trusted and who couldn't. Roxas knew for sure that Pinkie Pie hadn't been mirrored... mostly because she wasn't bothering to pretend and had gone and pretty much broadcast it over the Cambot network. Vanitas and Selphie hadn't been either, but they'd arrived after the jump and were stuck up on the satellite with the mirrored Mads where they really couldn't help. He suspected it was possible that Minako hadn't been mirrored, but it was hard to say. Other than that, he knew for sure that Sora, Riku and Ven had been mirrored from observing their interactions with Vanitas and Sora's recent message over Cambot bitching about all the talking and how it had better be picking out an experiment. After that, he was clueless, though he could think of a few people he hoped weren't mirrored. He'd told Vanitas flat out that it could be problematic if Aqua had been mirrored. He didn't even want to consider Xion or Namine mirrored...

'This couldn't suck any worse,' he thought as he poked about the vending machines. He'd been looking around to see if his mirror self kept a journal of any kind, but so far had turned up squat. After a while, he'd given up. He didn't keep one himself (time in the Organization didn't count) and it had only really been wishful thinking to hope that his mirror self did. It would have been helpful, but there wasn't one so he was going to have to wing it. Sighing, he got a bag of pretzels and a soda out of the machine and headed off to look for someplace to hang out that was hopefully out of the way. He was pretty sure an encounter with Sora right now would blow his cover, assuming no one suspected already that he was behaving strangely.

Maybe the library would be worth poking around it, since this place seemed to actually have some good literature on hand. Not to mention he already knew someone else's diary might be stashed there and a little research might be needed to get that person's help with getting out of this universe.

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Sometimes it did seem like the satellite had a mind of its own and was laughing at their problems. Odd to think, but true nonetheless.

Between the two of them and the suspicions they'd raised, it was probably a miracle Riku hadn't told Sora something that had Sora out to hurt them more than usual. Well, more than usual for this Sora.

Sleeping in a closet definitely wasn't any fun, nor any good for healing. There were a few overstuffed, too-squishy-to-really-be-comfortable couches in the library. Maybe they could all hide in those. Though that really was a thought for later.

"Oh, you know what I mean." Xion rolled her eyes, but smiled all the same. It was actually kind of a relief that Roxas was feeling enough like himself to make comments like that. Her smile soon gave way to her brow furrowing in concentrations as she set the wrist, splinting it and then wrapping it in bandages. Hopefully that would do the trick.

It was too bad there weren't really any painkillers in the lab. Muttering something about people who really needed to take a walk barefoot down a lego-covered hallway, she went to check his ribs.
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Not all the events were bad, even if they took some getting used to.

Considering that they probably couldn't act exactly like their mirrored counterparts, they were going to raise some suspicions anyway. Trying to get help from someone who was mirrored hadn't occurred to Namine, It wasn't necessarily a bad idea, but potentially a risky one. It would help if they could find a way to learn more about this universe and why everyone here seemed so different from their usual selves.

She'd help him think of something once they were done here.

Wincing in sympathy at his reaction to getting his wrist set, she paused in cleaning up his scrapes to put a hand on his shoulder. Once he'd settled and Xion was checking to see what they should do about the ribs, she started patching up the last few little cuts. Noticing his raised eyebrow, she offered an explanation. "We heard about these little building blocks called Legos. They're really small and have sharp edges, so if you step on it really hurts. Especially if you don't have shoes on."

There, all done. Now to see what Xion said about how to treat the injuries to his ribs.
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They hadn't been bad at all, until Pearl had sent the cages. Or Discord or the Missing No. showed up. New forms took some getting used to, but they'd been fun after that.

Getting information was the tricky part. Asking questions would lead to more suspicions, which could lead to worse trouble if the mirrored folks found out the truth of what was going on.

Xion would leave couch improvement to the others; it wasn't really her thing. Right now she was a little more concerned with patching up Roxas. Most of what she knew she'd learned from talking with Hughes and MakubeX, or reading the few informative books on the media deck. It wasn't always detailed information, but usually enough that she could avoid doing more harm than good when she tried to help her friends.

On second thought, they might not want to bandage the ribs. Fortunately, there were supplies to make an ice pack in the lab. Wrapping one in a towel she handed it to Roxas. "Here. Let's try this for now. If it gets really bad, we can try some bandages, but I don't want to do something that might mess with your breathing..."
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The circumstances surrounding the changes hadn't been good, no. It was too bad, especially since the unpleasant part usually started just as soon as they were getting used to the new forms.

Namine herself was going to avoid this Riku, for various reasons. If Roxas could convince him to help, though, that could be useful. If nothing else, they could at least get some more information about this place.

Finding out what made the couches squishy could probably happen soon. It looked like they were finished patching Roxas up if both he and Xion were okay with just using the ice pack on his ribs. He still needed to rest, though, and that might be the most likely place.

"Okay. Do you want to sleep? I don't think staying where someone could find us easily is a good idea..."
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No, no it wasn't. They'd just have to keep making the best of things.

Xion wasn't going to avoid Riku, but she might have made him want to avoid her. That having been the goal, so much the better. Really, considering her mood at the moment, none of the mirrored people would want to cross her path.

She'd save any scowling for them, though. Now she was mostly concerned about her friends and getting Roxas to a safe place to get some rest. Injuries tended to, that was what he needed the most right now.

A short stay in the library was all that was required to become acquainted with the uncomfortably squishy couches. Unfortunately, those looked like their best bet. Xion was not agreeing to the closet, so it was probably a good thing Roxas suggested the library himself. "That might be best. Do you need us to help?"
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Even if they didn't actively remember anything, the links in their chains of memory would still be there, waiting to be reconnected. Maybe they'd eventually remember some of their time here.

Desperate times often called for desperate measures, and sometimes made people realize unpleasant truths about themselves. Namine had certainly had to face up to some of that in Castle Oblivion, and, to a lesser extent, with putting Roxas in the digital Twilight Town. If he waned to talk about it later, she'd be willing to listen.

Rest was the best thing when you were hurt or not feeling well. It also required something better than a table or a floor, yes. Even if the couches weren't very comfortable, they were better than what was offered in the closet. Fewer people tended to go there, too, and the fewer people who know Roxas was hurt, the better.

Along with Xion, she helped Roxas down off the table and out of the lab. Hopefully their luck would hold again and they wouldn't run into anyone on the way to the library.
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They'd have to see what happened. Despite some of the bad things that had happened, Xion couldn't say she wanted to forget.

Xion would offer a listening ear if he wanted, too. She'd had to do her own share of manipulating, after a fashion, to get the Riku here to back off. It was strange, using something from what had been a game in such a bad way. While she'd been happy at the time that she'd achieved her goal, really the whole experience was leaving her with a bad feeling now.

If Roxas was thinking silly things like that, he really did to rest. Fortunately, that was soon to happen, since they made it to the library without any trouble. Glad for that, she helped Roxas sit down on one of the couches.
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There were many things Namine would want to remember. It was true, though, that one couldn't always control which links in their chain of memories remained the strongest and brightest.

Whenever he was ready, she would listen. That's what friends did, right? Not wanting to talk about it right away was understandable, though.

Seeing him test the couch cushions, she held back a sigh. After all that, he still wanted to try to fix the couches for sleeping? They could do that after he'd rested. It was a good thing she and Xion were there. "Why don't you get some rest now? We can be quiet so we don't bother you."