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Mirrored Memory (PG-13 / Slightly backdated to beginning of week)

Characters: Riku, Namine, and later Xion
Content: Namine tries to figure out what's going on with Riku.
Location: Hallway likely leading to Library
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: Mild language. Also threats, violence and creeper.

Riku flipped his hair as he walked down the hall to the library. It wouldn't be long before Sora was yelling at him to do something, so if he could get a jump start on the day, he figured the yelling would be kept to a minimum.

Still, there was one thing on his mind. Many of the people here on Deep 13 were acting strangely. The question, however, was why? Strange things DID happen from time to time, but this was disconcerting. Riku wouldn't put it past Sora to experiment on the others (Riku had inadvertently once been a test subject himself) but the selection seemed odd. And if Sora was choosing test subjects, why not subject him? Not that Riku minded not being chosen, but it did seem logically odd. Whatever it was, it probably wasn't airborne or else both he and Sora would have been infected.

There had to be a pattern, but the question was where?
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...I swear I wrote this out and was sure I posted it yesterday. D: Sorry!

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One thing this Riku had yet to find out, apparently, was that though Xion was little, she was fierce. She'd also spent her share of time being loomed at disconcertingly by various Heartless and other members of the Organization. If he was hoping for her to even flinch, she'd have to disappoint him there.

His confusion about who she was gave her pause for a moment, before she decided she could use that to her advantage. Besides, he was using words Axel had said she shouldn't bother learning from him, and Xigbar had said nice little poppets shouldn't use. Not that she hadn't been able to help picking them up with the others using them. She just didn't really use them.

This looked like it might be a time to test them out. The real Riku would probably be very disappointed, but, well, his mirrored self had started it. "I think you're the one who needs to be put in your place, treating people like that. Knock it off or I'll knock your punk ass down."

She hoped she was using the expression right.
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If there was one thing to be said for most of the Organization members, it was that they'd rarely laughed at Xion. Any mocking and derision (of which there had been plenty, though she hadn't always recognized it as such) had taken other forms. The real Riku, too, had never laughed at her. If this false Riku had been looking for a reaction that would set her off-balance, he couldn't have found a better one.

For a moment, she let her guard down. Confusion and maybe a little hurt replaced the anger in her expression, and her scowl softened to a confused frown. Just as quickly as the moment had come, though, it was over, and her glare was back in force, if not stronger than before.

This isn't Riku.

No matter the similarities in appearance, whoever she was dealing with here wasn't her friend. It was just someone who looked like him (like he used to) and used his name. So of course he'd act differently.

Was this how he felt around me at first?

No time for thinking about that now, though. Her momentary lapse had allowed him to get hold of her, and while Namine seemed to have picked herself up, she looked pale and stricken.

At least Xion had Riku's attention focused on her for the moment. She needed to keep things that way so Namine could run. Well, Riku had asked question, hadn't he? She should answer it. "I'm someone who's helping a friend."

With that, she stepped in towards him...to better use her free arm to deliver what would be a strong blow to his midsection if it connected.
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Me, too. Sadness! D:

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As soon as Xion's arm was released, she stepped back away from him, trying to get out of arm's reach. Hopefully, he'd take that punch as a warning and back off. Out of the corner of her idea she saw Namine melting away into the shadows again--hopefully she wouldn't go too far and risk running into someone even less pleasant than the mirrored Riku. This was one instance where fleeing wouldn't always lead to safety.

Riku's question left Xion confused for a moment. Then she remembered his ability to "smell" others. Apparently that hadn't faded even here. How to answer, though...Did this Riku just not remember her, or had he never met her. Whichever the case, a small, petty part of her refused to explain herself to him, and that was speaking the loudest at the moment. So she settled for just looking warily back at him, still in a stance from which she could easily defend or attack if she needed to again.
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Planning shenanigans? I have teh busies this weekend and won't be able to be on much, if at all. :/

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In Xion's case appearances were deceiving. She was stronger than she looked. That strength wasn't meant to hurt other people, though, and she wouldn't hit him again unless he attacked her or someone she cared about. It was starting to dawn on her, though, that she couldn't trust him to know that. Far from the confidence he'd shown earlier, now he was on the defensive, and scared.

Now was her chance to drive him off, possibly for good. If, at some point in her future, she could convince Roxas that she was so far gone he had to kill or be killed, she could probably do this.

That didn't mean she had to like it.

Slowly she shifted stances so she could walk, taking the moment to try to mentally prepare for what she had to do. Then, letting all the anger (this had to be anger) that she was feeling (at him, at this whole messed up situation) show on her face, she began to stalk towards him. "If you don't know then I'm not telling you. Back off now and I may not tell Sora what you were doing."

Having seen the way the mirrored Sora treated this Riku, she knew it was kind of a low blow of a threat, but if it worked, then it might be worth it. She just hoped the real Riku would forgive her.

[OOC: Roger that, and she will not pursue if/when he does.]
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Well, Xion had managed to turn the tables on Riku and get the upper hand. The problem was, the upper hand wasn't something she was used to having. More often than not, she'd been the one left guessing while others planned circles around her. So she was at something of a loss as to how to proceed, but she couldn't let that show. Time to think quickly, though she didn't have much to go on...

It doesn't matter what cards you're dealt, just how you play them.

Okay, so what did she know? First, Riku obviously could tell her connection to Sora--not this Sora here, but a Sora, and that was enough. Second, even then he still didn't fully recognize her--an advantage she might need. Third, while she wasn't used to having the upper hand, she did have experience not only dealing with people who did, but imitating them as well, thanks to the occasional contest among best friends.

She could do something with that.

Slowly, she let her expression shift from anger to her best impression of one of Xigbar's "I know something you don't" smirks. "Wouldn't you like to know."

Really, if she were back on the clock tower with her friends, it would have won her the extra ice cream that day.
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Even mirrored, Xion probably wouldn't be anyone's flunky. More like a partner in crime with the mirrored Sora. This Xion was about as far from mirrored as could be, and was definitely not going to play the part of the puppet anymore.

This Riku probably wouldn't be any happier knowing the answers he was looking for. Once it was clear he was going to run, Xion halted her advance, and when he was gone, she let her facade fade, slumping into a more relaxed stance while leaning against the wall.

Namine faded into view a little further down the hall, still looking a little shaky and wary as she approached. Xion offered what she hoped was a reassuring smile. "It's me. You okay?"

That got a nod, but Namine still seemed hesitant. Sighing, Xion moved away from the wall and, when the other girl didn't back away, gave her an awkward hug. It seemed like the right thing to do. After a brief moment, Namine relaxed slightly and, though she didn't hug bag, leaned on Xion until she stopped shaking.