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Town meeting!

Characters: Iron Liz and everybody who hasn't been affected by the mirror universe.
Content: Liz calls a meeting to figure out what to do about this universe.
Location: The lab with all the animal cages
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: None thus far

It was tricky, and a bit risky, but Ammy, Liz and Aqua managed to sniff out who was still themselves in this universe, and sent a simple message to each of them personally; "Important meeting in the lab tonight. Liz will swing for Chinese."

Liz had spent the time before then sorting through the experimental weapons, testing them on a safe target and figuring out which ones could be used if they need to. Now as it was almost time for people to show up, she started setting up a circle for everyone, still in sight of the cage they threw Harvey in, but hopefully far enough away that they can keep him from hearing all their plans. This was already a tricky operation, hopefully it wouldn't be too much like herding cats in this group.
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Harvey cringed as Amaterasu leapt on top of the cage, watching her with wide, wary eyes. He didn't look away from the wolf as he spoke.

"I'd say you made it my business when you all came runnin' down here to jump me. Lettin' her loose, though..." He gave a short laugh, with absolutely no humor in it. "Wouldn'tve thought you had it in ya, Liz." He'd always thought she was too weak to really do anything ambitious like that. Then again, he thought that about most people.
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This was going to kind of blow her cover...if Harvey thought that she was dangerous, he'd be less likely to try something against them, even caged. But on the other hand, she didn't think she could really keep up the pretense of being a vicious killer...at all, now that she thought about it. Trying to kill defenseless mortals just seemed beyond her! She shuddered thinking that maybe there was a version of her in this universe that would do that.

She kept staring down at Harvey, hoping maybe she could send at least a little intimidation his way.
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"Pets?" He actually seemed genuinely baffled by that claim, though he quickly moved on to scorn. "Do I really seem like the kinda guy to keep a pet? Sure, it mighta been one of Riku's little strays, but he shouldn'tve let it come bother me." Harvey shrugged as well as he could; even if he hadn't gotten his hands on it, Sora or someone probably would in a week or two. Pets didn't exactly have a long shelf life, with the kind of folks that lived down here.

Actually, Amaterasu tended to eat most of the animals that made their way near her, or just rip them up sometimes. He was kinda surprised at the implication the thing was still alive, though he didn't dare take his eyes off her to look around for it. There wasn't much he could do from this position to defend himself, but he at least wouldn't be snuck up on.
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At least the intimidation seemed to be working a bit, although it was a bit unnerving having Harvey keep staring back at her. She really wanted the old Harvey back now. Eventually, she just pulled away and turned around in a circle on top of the cage before settling down. If Harvey ever got suspicious about the fact that she wasn’t attacking him, she could always send a warning bark his way.

How awful that animals around here were treated so badly! She’d have to see later if she could help out some of the others in the lab zoo before they found a way to escape this dimension.
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Harvey narrowed his eyes to glare at Ammy as she lay down on top of the cage, something he probably wouldn't have dared if she could see him. It was weird winning a staring contest with her; most people wouldn't even approach her cage.

"What, had your fill? Hope you got 90s Kid, that little shit's been even worse since Nelson got to him." Great. Now he was talkin' to the wolf. Taunting it, even. His nerves were gettin' to him, this was pathetic. "Look, if you're gonna kill me, just get the hell down here and do it."
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Although Harvey couldn’t see it, Ammy made a face at the idea of eating 90s Kid. How awful! It had been bad enough for Pinkie and all of his other friends when that dinosaur had gotten him a few months ago. She didn’t even want to think about that happening again, and worst of all, because of her.

Harvey was really pressing his luck if he did think she was going to hurt him. She didn’t really want her bluff to get called, but there may be no getting around it. She gave Harvey a sharp bark as if to say “quiet down!”
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"Geez, I'm sorry! Am I botherin' you?"

Harvey finally looked away from Amaterasu, directing his glare at Liz instead. Stupid broad, tyin' him up, threatenin' him with that thing, and then whinin' about it. "Tell ya what, how about you just go - "

Whatever he'd been about to say was lost as he nearly jumped out of his skin at Ammy's bark. He tried ineffectually to push himself away from her a little, watching her again. Not that he was scared. Of course not. He was just bein' cautious - getting eaten was a hell of a way to die.

Though honestly, the way she was actin' now, she didn't even seem like she was interested in tearin' his throat out...
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Hopefully Harvey would buy that she would work with someone. Maybe he would chalk it up to some kind of science thing that she couldn't understand, but that humans seemed to use often.

She added onto Liz's threats with another bark of her own. That first one seemed to scare him enough, maybe another would make him keep quiet for good.
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Harvey turned to watch Liz as she approached, his lip curled in impotent rage. His eyes darted quickly to Amaterasu as she barked, only to return to the woman standing by the bars. Setting his jaw, he glared up at her defiantly, resembling nothing more than a wounded, cornered animal.

"Fine. Fine." The corners of his mouth twisted into a small, mirthless smile. He wasn't afraid of her. He was still in control of this situation. He'd get outta this. "I'll keep quiet while you broads have your little tea party. And who knows - maybe I'll get ta watch your little pet turn on ya." God knows he could do with a show, and if he had to die? He wanted to see her go first.