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Town meeting!

Characters: Iron Liz and everybody who hasn't been affected by the mirror universe.
Content: Liz calls a meeting to figure out what to do about this universe.
Location: The lab with all the animal cages
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: None thus far

It was tricky, and a bit risky, but Ammy, Liz and Aqua managed to sniff out who was still themselves in this universe, and sent a simple message to each of them personally; "Important meeting in the lab tonight. Liz will swing for Chinese."

Liz had spent the time before then sorting through the experimental weapons, testing them on a safe target and figuring out which ones could be used if they need to. Now as it was almost time for people to show up, she started setting up a circle for everyone, still in sight of the cage they threw Harvey in, but hopefully far enough away that they can keep him from hearing all their plans. This was already a tricky operation, hopefully it wouldn't be too much like herding cats in this group.
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Just because something was difficult didn't mean they couldn't try. Namine didn't want anyone else to get hurt, and there had to be a way out of here. Even if there weren't very many of them, they could think of something. The question was how long before they did. The mirrored versions were catching on that some of them were acting "strangely," and it was only a matter of time before they acted on that.

"Me too, though there's more of us than I thought."

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Of course it didn't. It merely meant that it would take a little bit more work, and no small amount of preparation in the meantime. But that was something that would be more than worth it, if it meant returning to a universe that wasn't full of evil versions of their friends.

"It seems that way, yes."
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This meeting was at least a start on that work and preparation. Xion didn't know what ideas the others had, but she was willing to hear them and try to make a plan that would work.

"Roxas isn't feeling well, so he might not be here."
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"So that's one more than we have here," Aqua answered with a nod. Hopefully too many others weren't feeling similarly uninclined to show up, but that was a problem that could be dealt with later. Besides, even if she's curious about why Roxas can't come, she's not about to ask. It's none of her business, really.

"Do we know if anyone else can't come?"
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Namine nodded. She couldn't speak for Roxas, but it seemed to be less of an "uninclined to show up" and more of an "unable due to injury." Considering who had caused the injury, though, Aqua probably didn't want to hear the story. If asked, though, she'd explain.

"I don't, but maybe some of the others do?" Unfortunately, Namine's information was limited due to trying to lay low and avoid mirrored people.
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Aqua had no real intent to ask for further details. If they said Roxas wasn't able to come, that was enough for her. It wasn't like things weren't difficult enough already, given the temperaments that had been coming out of the mirrored people. She didn't need to add her doubts to the mess.

"I'll see what I can find out."
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Thank goodness for that. Aqua was saving herself even more uncomfortableness. The offer of help in finding out any other potential allies was much appreciated. Xion had her hands a little full making sure Roxas and Namine were safe.

"Thanks. I think most everyone's here, but you never know."
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It was the least she could offer. After all, the more people they had keeping track of who was still unaffected, the easier it would be to keep things running more or less on course. Especially given that she was pretty sure there were some people who probably didn't want to return to the universe they'd come from.

"Right. And it's better to be sure abut these things."
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In this case, the more of them working together, the easier it would be to get things done. While Namine couldn't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to go back, it made sense that they'd run into people who might try to stop them. They'd definitely have to watch out for anyone this universe had affected.

"It is. Some people might be hiding because they don't want to run into the others."
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"I can't say I'd blame them."

It was bad enough with just what was all over the network. Actually having to deal with in person? No, she wouldn't expect everyone to be ready and willing to stand up to that sort of thing. Especially when anyone's friends could be affected, and who knew what could come of that.
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Having had to deal with a friend who was mirrored, and the event having left a bad taste in her mouth, Xion would readily understand a desire to keep interactions to a minimum. This place had a way of bringing out negative aspects of the personalities of everyone, even those who hadn't been mirrored.

"Me, neither."