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Worth a thousand words - [OPEN]

Characters: Amaterasu and Jane Shepard for now; more can join in...just ask!
Content: Another board game? Yes! It's Ammy's specialty, Pictionary!
Location: Theatrical Deck
Time of day: Evening
Warnings: None thusfar

Amaterasu had never seen so many blankets and pillows just laying about. At times, it was like trying to cross mountains made out of feathers and fluff, which somehow served as both fun and frustrating. Mostly, it just made her want to sprawl out on a pile of pillows and take a nap. If there was just a good stream of sunlight in here, it would be perfect.

But for now, Ammy was taking some more time to explore the ship. There was really no end to the unusual things and people around here, and she wanted to see as much of it as possible. When solving a mystery, you needed all the info you could find. And at the moment, she found herself on the Theatrical Deck.

She dug her way through another pile of pillows, only to stumble across a large pile of boxes, all decorated with colorful labels and words. Unfortunately, she couldn't read most of the words here, so she didn't know what was in which box. She stopped to sniff at a long black box, labeled 'Pictionary.'

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