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(Riku will have to be approached, he won't actively engage Vani)

Riku walked into the Rec Deck that morning(ish) wearing some better-fit pants and a tank; it was his usual workout attire. Since his time mirrored he'd taken a lot more comfort in his daily exercise, usually pushing himself a little harder and enjoying the strength he lacked. He looked around considering what he felt like doing first.

And guess who was in the Jacuzzi?

He sighed a little and shrugged. Fact was Vanitas was out of the way and possibly oblivious to what was around him. Nothing changed.

Riku made his way over to the punching bag in the corner, picking up a get of fingerless punching gloves and removing his shoes. He set up a couple thin mats around it to soften the hard floor. While he typically didn't throw punches, greatly preferring a blade, he'd been known in the past to supplement his fighting repertoire with kicks.

He gave the punching bag a hard push and waited for it to come swinging back. It hit him hard enough to simulate a light bow, and let his body move with the impact. Riku landed on his back, instantly rolling onto his shoulders and curling his body. With a single deft motion he sprang forward, feet first, and slammed his heels into the punching bag while he landed on his feet. That move always took Sora by surprise back at home before they'd left, and it often did nowadays.

That wasn't bad, but he could do better. And he might as well work on his punches too.

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