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Broadining Your Horizons

Characters: Vanitas and YOU
Content: After laying low for awhile, Vanitas explores the sattelite.
Location: All around the satellite
Time of Day: Afternoon.
Warnings: Vanitas, mild language.

Vanitas's first stop on his "tour" of the satellite is the cafeteria. He hadn't been eating much and was getting hungry. His lunch was simple: a sandwitch with a glass of orange juice.

After eating lunch, Vanitas decided to try out the rec room. If one enters the room they may find Vanitas sound asleep in the Jacuzzi. Awake him at your own risk.

"Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap." Vanitas muttered to himself as he looked through book after book. He had come to the media deck for some well earned peace and quiet. He normally wouldn't be reading a book, but in a place like this it would have to do. Unfortunately, there wasn't a good book anywhere in this place.

When he couldn't find the peace and quiet he wanted in the media deck, he decided to go to the nature deck and relax. Unfortunately, he had to deal with the animals there. One being a panda that won't stop following him.

After perusing the media deck, Vanitas finds himself on the weapons deck, looking at the various gadgets located here. Someone better make sure he doesn't hurt himself... or anyone else for that matter.

{OOC: Pick a scenario and thread it out.]
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Riku narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean from Ventus and Aqua?"

"I know you're bad news."
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"And you were here before, like we said, though you don't remember your time here." Riku crossed his arms. "You haven't this time."
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"And give you ideas? No thanks."
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"I think you do what you want when you feel like it." What, was he trying to gain his trust?
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"Which means you could cause trouble at any time. So whether you'd've done something already doesn't matter, does it?" Way to support your case.
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"Great. Still not giving you ideas."
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Riku slowly goes back to focusing on the punching bag, but angles himself so he can keep Vanitas in his periphery.