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Riku paused when he felt her hand overtop his, glancing down at it before glancing back up at her. There was a soft smile on his face as he flipped his hand palm-up under hers and gave it a little squeeze before removing it so he could steer the craft.

It was the first time Riku had taken the subpod for much more than testing the limits of their confinement, and as such the first time he'd used it to relax. As they left the SoL, the simple force of acceleration pushed them into their seats slightly, but the craft was slow. The real thrill came when they left the confines of the ship to be blanketed by the delicately detailed eternal night of space and the ornate design of the world they'd orbited for so long now. There gravity lessened notably, and Riku found himself sitting lightly in his seat. There was the faintest sensation of dizziness and butterflies in his stomach as much of the weight was lifted from him. It would take a minute or two to get used to it, but it was thrilling nonetheless. They weren't weightless, though by comparison he felt like it for a few seconds.

At a distance of about 400 feet away, Riku slowed the tiny ship. He plugged in a few numbers, and the thrusters locked orbital speed and direction with the SoL as they all swept over the surface of the Earth. The sun shone brightly as it was making its way to the horizon, already bringing light to the atmosphere there by creating a blue haze along the curve of the Earth. It was certainly a nice view.

And suddenly Riku's eyes widened and he looked around, appearing as though he'd forgotten something. He stopped suddenly and smiled to himself, unbuckling his seatbelt and getting up with a grace only low-gravity could provide. As such he made his way to a cabinet with ease and opened it. The smell of spice entered the area as Riku closed the cabinet, moving back to his seat, but not empty-handed.

"I almost forgot where I put it." Riku offered Namine a fragrant bouquet wrapped in blue tissue, but there wasn't a single flower in it. Most of it was carefully-rolled paper that he had made, stained a variety of colors. To one edge, however, were bright leaves from a coleus plant and some rosemary, the latter the source of the sharp fragrance.

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