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It was only natural that Riku would be used to this kind of speed. If surfing back home didn't do it, then riding a speeder chasing after a giant mechanized dragon Nobody being piloted by Xemnas and later rushing to the ground avoiding flying skyscrapers, did.

"Not really. I was hoping for something that smelled good when cut or had really intricate leaves, but then I found these. ...I think the thinner stuff is rosemary. It's been a long time since my mom told me about spices. But it's being grown on the little patch that's being farmed with some other plants that smell nice." Regardless, he had been looking for plants, and pawed through a good chunk of the deck to find what he did.

The light on Namine's face began to change in hue, and Riku looked out to the sun as it began to ignite the atmosphere in brilliant oranges. It would be brief, but that's what made it special. Riku smiled. It really was beautiful. Both the sunset and how the glow shone on her skin. He put an arm around her, but something quickly came to mind. "Hey. ...Would you like to listen to some music while you watch?"

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