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Namine ([personal profile] colorbymemory) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp 2013-04-03 05:24 pm (UTC)

Namine was sure it would. They could tell others about it when they got back, though that might mean getting told they were only dreaming.

Depending on the reasons for sending the lanterns floating, the comparison might be more apt than some would thing. Significant enough emotional attachment, and it was like a portion of the sender's heart went into lighting it, so it would shine in the night sky along with the the light from other worlds.

Sometime she'd mention the idea, and they'd have to make sure to go. Right now, though, she had to try to reassure Riku that everything was okay...somehow.

Because apparently somehow she'd made him think he'd done something wrong. Really, she wasn't embarrassed, just a little unsure of what to do next, but it wasn't as if that was his fault. As his smile faded, her expression turned apologetic and a little sheepish. "I'm sorry...I don't really know what to do next."

If she were a normal girl, maybe she would.

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