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The sunset had died away finally, leaving them in the privacy of darkness, but her eyes still shone with curiosity. The cockpit was dim, lit with the glowing instrument panel and with only the starscape outside with the city-dusted planet below. They could always turn a light on, but the darkness made this feel warmer.

Deep in his chest he could feel his heart swelling with emotion. He felt like his heart would burst if he didn't act now. Unlike the last time Riku felt like his heart would explode, this was a very different sensation, and a wonderful thrill. The smile on his face was wide and his eyes were peacefully half-closed in contentment. His hand slid back from her chin back to her cheek and he used his fingers to brush away any extra strands of her golden hair from her face. His other hand strayed from between her shoulder blades to move to the outside of her further arm.

Slowly Riku leaned in, pausing so close Namine would be able to feel his breath on her lips. His own lips brushed hers slightly, testing for a second to see if she'd pull away. Unable to resist waiting any longer, Riku pressed his lips to hers. He took his time, gladly and fully committing to a first kiss.

He sighed as he did so.

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