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Lynx said there are cameras outside

It made Riku feel small too, but he was okay with that. Like this he didn't feel trapped, and it showed him there was so much more than the narrow, superficial scope of all he'd known growing up. It never answered the question of purpose, but it let him know there were endless possibilities for him out there, just waiting to be found. Even more so, with him in it, it showed him he was a part of something monumental. He wasn't some big fish flopping in a puddle. He was a tiny fish that was a part of a massive ocean. Back home they called it the World. Here they knew it as the more general term, "the universe." It was a great and mighty place full of violence, wonder, beauty and change. There was the mysteriousness of ancient things and the thrill of something new. There were things to be discovered. There was the potential to grow stronger.

And he wasn't alone in this, either. Namine was also a part of something much bigger. What was better than sharing the World with someone who meant the World to you?

"...I don't know. I've never seen anything quite like it. I'm sure if it was bad we've gotten a transmission by now." Not that they could do much from up here. "So maybe it's normal in this world." He found himself a little jealous they didn't see something like this at home, but he also knew that to most people, he lived in paradise. The grass is always greener, he thought as he watched it. It seemed to move slowly, just like clouds.

Slowly he shifted in his seat, removing his arm from around her and switching hands so he could still hold hers. "I think there are cameras on this thing. Maybe someone will know what it is or what's causing it." He looked to the control panel and started messing with a few things. He watched something on the screen, and a few times the sound effect of a shutter click went off. "There. We can ask when we get back."

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