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Having been always used to staying in her own little corner, Namine had always felt as if she was observer. Not that she'd been unhappy (as much as a Nobody unaware of their developing heart could be unhappy). It had been limiting, but allowed for some feeling of security within that. She'd known her purpose, or at least the promise she had to fulfill, and as someone destined to fade back into her other, thinking of possibilities had seemed almost futile. Not that she hadn't wanted to reach out and actually she'd done her best to be content with doing what she could in her own way.

So while she'd always known in an abstract sense that she was just a little fish in large ocean (to borrow Riku's analogy), seeing evidence of that...Well. She didn't know if the feeling was fear or excitement. She suspected it was a mixture of both. What she did know was that it made her want to stay close to someone. If that someone were Riku, so much the better.

She nodded in response to his reassurance. "They're lucky, to be able to see this every day. I wonder what it looks like from the ground. Maybe one of the others will know--aren't some of them from a different Earth?"

They would definitely have to ask when they got back. Letting him take the photos in peace, she studied the movement of the lights. Trying to recreate them in a drawing from memory might be difficult, but the pictures would help, too.

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