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Sorry, fell asleep at my computer last night!

Riku had never been content with just accepting fate. Riku liked control. While he wanted to know why he was on the Islands in the first place, it was still different. If Riku could get Namine back from Kairi, it meant she was more than the purpose she'd resigned herself to. It meant she could choose what she wanted to be and live the life she could only dream of. She deserved that, Riku felt. She could be free as a bird.

Not that Riku minded her wanting to be close in the slightest. Perhaps, when all was said and done, and if everything worked out, she could try stretching her wings with him there to catch her. Metaphorically or physically, if a world called for it.

"Does this happen every day? Man, if that's true that'd be amazing." Riku leaned his head back casually against the headrest. "...Some of the others might know, you're right. Maybe they can even tell us what it looks like from the ground." His smile changed a little, looking dreamy as he held her close and watched the lights. "What do you think it'd look like from there, Namine?"

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