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Internet went out last night!

Fear is a powerful motivator for anyone, though each person responds differently to it. He once told his best friend they couldn't let fear stop them. But he brought that up without any mention of fear beforehand. It was Riku who was afraid. And later he feared for Kairi, and he feared Sora had replaced him. He'd worked past the fear, but not to a good set of decisions.

Riku would be fine in evaluating her makeup, just so long as he didn't end up wearing it himself. Chances are, he'd probably like to see her in makeup, though he found her face pretty as it was. In regards to how things might have been different, the past was unfortunate, but it was what it was. The repercussions of his actions had been dealt with, and he had both been forgiven and forgiven himself. When all was said and done, there was no one on the side of the Light that regretted ever meeting Roxas or Namine.

After all, Namine sure made Riku light up nowadays. "Maybe..". He started thinking about the art supplies Namine used before looking down at her. "Hey, you know what would look good? Watercolor and maybe a thicker paint? You could use watercolor because it's kind of see-through, and a thick black paint for all the darkness out there. And then if you hold up the painting to a light it'll glow just like this would."

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