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We rise at dawn [active/closed]

Characters: Squall and Selphie
Content: Squall gets woken up by a visitor bright and early
Location: Squall's room
Time of Day: Morning, backdated to before the html effect
Warnings: None

By all accounts, Squall wasn't really the kind of person who tended to sleep in. There had never been time in the Garden, and he'd carried the habit of rising early into the war between Chaos and Cosmos - which hadn't actually helped, save in making it so that he was capable of falling asleep just about anywhere.

Still, he had to admit that it was nice to be back on the Satellite, even if only because it meant not having to deal with the strangeness of that universe. (He'd forgotten, a little, that it meant he'd be in closeish proximity with Selphie, but well... that problem was soon to solve itself).
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Everyone being back? That was a great thing, as far as Selphie was concerned. Being what felt like the only person here stunk really bad. She got pretty lonely, in fact. And worse? She'd gotten bored. It gave her far too much time to plan and plot fun things, which meant getting into trouble things, but there were certainly plans on her horizon. Things she entirely intended to get Squall to help with, like it or not.

So right at the crack of dawn, she bounced out of bed, chirruping and singing, and skipped right on along over to Squall's room. Hrm. He was still asleep. Well. Only one way to fix that.

She jumped up onto the bed and started bouncing up and down. "Wakeupwakeupwakeup~ It's morning~!!"
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"Rise and shine!"

Selphie broke out into a burst of giggles then plopped down on the bed unceremoniously. "It's morning and we've got a whole day ahead to catch up now that you're back!" Even while sitting cross-legged, she was still a bundle of wiggles. "We absoposolutely have to start with something fun!"

Not that seeing Squall groggy and grumpy in the morning wasn't fun in its own fashion, but while they'd been running around saving the world, she'd already seen enough of that. Still, even masked in sunshine and cheer, she genuinely was grateful to have a familiar face around again. Being separated from all her friends blew in a big way.
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She was all too used to Squall's lack of cheer in the morning, but it wasn't going to stop her from at least trying to spread a little. "A tour." Yep, that would be the most fun right out the chute. "This place is huge! Bigger than the Gardens, any of 'em." Selphie ought to know after spending her whole time on the satellite trying to figure out where the heck she was going and more or less being utterly lost.

"After that, I think we should organize a welcome back party for everyone." Which meant she'd already volunteered him to help her with that. A soft snicker broke out and the spunky one pointed to Squall's head, "But maybe you better take care of the bedhead first."
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"You bet! A big one! It'll give everyone a chance to get to know each other." Especially herself. Selphie never could stand the idea of being around people she didn't know. Which gave her the perfect excuse to socialize. "Besides, it's exciting to have more people around!"

For a split second, a pensive look flashed across her face, which she immediately forced away with a bright and cheery smile. Her first weeks here were lonely, not that Selphie would ever willingly own up to that. Nor the fact that for the first time in her life, she wasn't surrounded by people and it spooked her.

"Bet you're glad to be back too, huh?"
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"Yes!" Selphie let out a whoop at getting that concession out of him and promptly bounced off the bed. "Well, c'mon! Let's go! Oh and I wanna meet all your friends." She paused, leaning over to peer hard at Squall. "You have been making friends, haven't you?"

She had to check. It'd be just like him to be all broodypants loner without someone to kick him into action.
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No, not what she meant at all. "That's not making friends, Squall." One last stern peer at him and then she cracks her knuckles. "Guess I've got my work cut out for me then."
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Except in Selphie's world, that's exactly how making friends worked. She sort of railroaded her way into everything and swept everyone along for the ride. But this is looking like a way more serious situation than she realized at first, so she flopped back onto the bed, criss-crossing her legs.

"You have more friends than you realize, Squall. Loooooots of people look up to you, and we all really like you bunches. You just gotta learn to trust us the way we trust you."

She reached out and poked at his forehead with one finger while scrunching her nose up. "Besides. We saved the world. We have totally earned the right to fun."
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"No you don't." Leave it to Selphie to be utterly blunt in calling Squall out. "We trust you. And not just to smack things with your gunblade. We trust you with what's going on with us. We can tell you stuff."

Well, most of them would tell him things. Selphie was probably the worst out of the whole crew about redirecting attention when something was bothering her and forcing on the sunshine and cheer. Most things she'd share with any of her friends, including Squall. But the negative stuff? Not as much.

"But you don't share. Kinda stingy like that, you know. If you trusted us, you'd talk to us more."
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Talk maybe wasn't totally the word she wanted in this discussion. It was more about sharing. That's really the crux of the issue is that it's always up in the air how much he trusts them because he never shares what's going on, almost ever. Unless he was losing his temper, which was a super scary thing. But even then...

"You're pretty stingy. We never know what's going on in your noggin. Because you never share with us."

Selphie wrinkled her nose then pulled her knees up to her chin. "You know, you can do that sometimes."