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Probably going to be co-posting for them, just to keep things moving. ^^;;;

Namine wasn't really scared of water, even in the amount there was in the pool. Mostly because so far, she had no real negative associations with it. She lacked Kairi's familiarity with it, though, so she thought it best to be cautious. Not that the reassurance from both Riku and Sora wasn't appreciated. "Thank you. I'll be in in a minute."

After setting down her towel on one of the chairs, she went to the stairs that formed the entrance to the shallow end. Having seen Xion gasp in surprise at how cold the water was when she'd slipped in from the side, getting used to it little by little seemed like a good idea. The only drawback was the time it would take. Xion was already mostly used to the water, trying to follow Sora's example and float.

Eventually she made it to where everyone was. Fortunately, the water wasn't so deep as to be a problem.

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