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Thar She Blows - [Closed]

Characters: Crow and 90s Kid for now; maybe more later
Content: One robot and one dumb kid go out space whale-watching...what could possibly go wrong?
Location: Starting at the Launch Deck, going outside
Time of day: Near evening
Warnings: None so far, but considering the pods' passengers, things will undoubtedly go wrong...

It wasn't that often that Crow (or Tom for that matter) bothered to go outside the Satellite. Mostly because, when you got down to it, space was kinda boring. But it definitely wasn't boring when there were space whales flying about! He knew Mike would never be up for something like this, as his own ventures in space had not ended well, but at least he was able to drag along that noisy 90s Kid!

The launch deck was now prepped for a subpod to head out. Crow sat in the driver's seat of the subpod, because at least he knew how to drive it. Not very well mind you, but at least it wasn't like Tom's driving. He bounced a bit with anticipation...his plan was to take pictures and make millions selling them to National Geographic, and maybe also pretend to be Space Captain Ahab for awhile.

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