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Where's the Mountain Dew?!

Characters: Tom Servo and anyone and everyone who volunteered to learn DnD!
Content: Characters roleplaying...other characters.
Location: Tom's room on deck 2
Time of day: Thursday evening
Warnings: Tom is the DM...

Tom Servo was beyond excited as Thursday finally rolled around. At last, he had people he could play Dungeons and Dragons with! Crow and Mike never seemed to want to after he attempted his first session with them. This time, with such a big party, things were bound to go better!

Tom had actually managed to clean up his room a little bit for the occasion...or at the very least, to hide his underwear collection. Tom had the manuals open already, and he was dressed in his purple wizard robe and hat. A whole bunch of snacks and drinks were ready in the mini-fridge. Now all he needed was the players!

[This thread will be split into THREE DIFFERENT SUBTHREADS. Check below for what you can do in each!]

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