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Where's the Mountain Dew?!

Characters: Tom Servo and anyone and everyone who volunteered to learn DnD!
Content: Characters roleplaying...other characters.
Location: Tom's room on deck 2
Time of day: Thursday evening
Warnings: Tom is the DM...

Tom Servo was beyond excited as Thursday finally rolled around. At last, he had people he could play Dungeons and Dragons with! Crow and Mike never seemed to want to after he attempted his first session with them. This time, with such a big party, things were bound to go better!

Tom had actually managed to clean up his room a little bit for the occasion...or at the very least, to hide his underwear collection. Tom had the manuals open already, and he was dressed in his purple wizard robe and hat. A whole bunch of snacks and drinks were ready in the mini-fridge. Now all he needed was the players!

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[Terra chooses a Dragonborn with a Fighter class, the weapon is a Great Sword.]

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[Iron Liz decides on the Elf Ranger.]

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[After a good deal of deliberation, Aqua chooses an Eladrin with the class being Wizard. Weapon of choice is Dagger, just in case.

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[Sora pretty quickly chooses a Half-Elf in the Fighter class, and his weapon is a Longsword.]
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Re: Choose your characters!

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[Isa will be playing a Half-Elf, with the Fighter class. Weapon of choice is a Heavy Mace]

Re: Choose your characters!

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[Falco's going with a Dwarf Fighter with a Great Axe because axes are badass.]

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[Minako chooses a Eladrin Paladin!]

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[Linkara goes for the Half-Elf Rogue.]

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[Riku finally decides on an Elven Duskblade (combination fighter/spellcaster). Perhaps ironically, he chooses a Claymore Sword.]

Re: Choose your characters!

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[Pinkie wants to be a Human! And a Wizard! She's never ever been either of those things before! She was totally a dwarf warlord once though.]

Re: Choose your characters!

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[Namine decides to be a Human Cleric. Not very exciting, but it's best to start small, right?]

Re: Choose your characters!

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[Harry chooses Human with a Barbarian class and a giant war axe he wields with thick sinewy arms]

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[Wally chooses a Human Fighter, weapon of choice being the Rapier.]

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Terra looked up from his character sheet. He got the gist of the game, sort of, but was hoping it'd make more sense once they actually got started with everything. Terra had always been pretty fast at picking up the rules of board games back home. "I have," Terra spoke up, feeling pretty pleased with his Dragonborn character. He'd always had a fascination with dragons and knights and the why not have a character like that.

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While Aqua had to admit she wasn't entirely certain of how the game worked yet, she was going to assume that she'd start picking things up as the game went along. It had worked the first few times they'd played Command Board, after all, so she didn't see why the same wouldn't hold true here.

"Right," she answered with a nod. She might have taken her time coming to a decision, but now that she had, she was perfectly content with her character sheet.

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"Me too! I'm ready!" Sora piped up. Even after doing so many adventures himself, it didn't mean he didn't enjoy still playing out adventures. They were fun, and plus, at least in a game you didn't have to worry so much about whether or not you'd actually get hurt.

He was also a little fuzzy on the looked like there was quite a bit of math involved, which had never been Sora's strongest subject. But as long as they got to the adventure part, Sora was certain that he could deal with a little math.

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Liz had been there all evening teaching the new kids how to play and setting them up with characters. Given the current selection of classes she probably should have balanced out with a healer, but she just couldn't resist the ranger. As much as she loved her swords, the bow was never a bad choice either.

As long as she'd been working on this though, she was far from tired yet. Fourth edition or no, this was totally her element and she was going to have a good time. Hopefully, given the DM.
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"Yeah," Isa replied, not looking up from his character sheet.

As far as he could tell, the game wasn't all that different than the various video games he would often play, except for the fact that it... wasn't a video game. But it was similar enough that he could at least get a grasp on it.

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"I...think I am?"

This was like an RPG, only...on paper. With lots of numbers. Oh dear god Minako hoped she didn't muck it up. At least she was dressed up (

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Pinkie wasn't entirely clear on all the rules herself. There seemed to be a lot of numbers and stuff, which she wasn't really used to having in games. But she was sure that once they started playing, she'd figure it out! After all, it was just a game, and she was totally good at playing games!

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"Yes," Namine said as she studied her character sheet. So many things to remember! Maybe too complicated for someone who hadn't ever played even a board game. Still, Liz had said she would help. Thinking about the math involved, Namine suddenly felt glad for all the times Vexen had insisted that she "learn something, instead of being a perpetual nitwit."

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