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Under the Sea [open ineedthecrforkaldur log]

Characters: Kaldur and YOU, yes, YOU!
Content: For no real reason Kaldur decides to spend another evening watching The Little Mermaid. Come join him/mock him/etc.
Time: Evening
Warnings: None?
Note: Writing in third person, but this can be action tags if you want. Also, multiple threads. Feel free to make-up which part of the movie your character comes in on.

Ven had reminded him of it, but honestly Kaldur would probably have picked up the movie and watched it sooner rather than later anyway. He did not say it, but the movie reminded him of home in a number of ways. It took place under the oceans, sure, but it was also one of the first movies he had seen with Robin and Wally as friends. They had done it to him mainly as a joke, but he had secretly enjoyed the songs and the animation was nice too. Sure, it was completely inaccurate to his own culture, but he could relate to Ariel's desire to see the surface world and her longing to be with someone who understood her.

He had won the movie several months back, but he had watched it several times since then, especially once Artemis and Wally had disappeared and he had needed a reminder of his friends. Talking to Ven had brought that back up, but also his dealings with the Shade had left him more than a little bit down. This was a chance to unwind and relax after all of that.

So after procuring a snack (chips and dip), Kaldur sat down with The Little Mermaid, not knowing if anyone was going to join him or not.

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