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Under the Sea [open ineedthecrforkaldur log]

Characters: Kaldur and YOU, yes, YOU!
Content: For no real reason Kaldur decides to spend another evening watching The Little Mermaid. Come join him/mock him/etc.
Time: Evening
Warnings: None?
Note: Writing in third person, but this can be action tags if you want. Also, multiple threads. Feel free to make-up which part of the movie your character comes in on.

Ven had reminded him of it, but honestly Kaldur would probably have picked up the movie and watched it sooner rather than later anyway. He did not say it, but the movie reminded him of home in a number of ways. It took place under the oceans, sure, but it was also one of the first movies he had seen with Robin and Wally as friends. They had done it to him mainly as a joke, but he had secretly enjoyed the songs and the animation was nice too. Sure, it was completely inaccurate to his own culture, but he could relate to Ariel's desire to see the surface world and her longing to be with someone who understood her.

He had won the movie several months back, but he had watched it several times since then, especially once Artemis and Wally had disappeared and he had needed a reminder of his friends. Talking to Ven had brought that back up, but also his dealings with the Shade had left him more than a little bit down. This was a chance to unwind and relax after all of that.

So after procuring a snack (chips and dip), Kaldur sat down with The Little Mermaid, not knowing if anyone was going to join him or not.
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Having decided to look for Kaldur to thank him for helping with her shadow, and maybe just talk a bit, Namine checked his room first. She was a little surprised to find him watching a movie--he'd said he liked books--but from the artwork she realized it was the one he'd won and offered to watch with everyone. She remembered thinking the girl looked a lot like the Ariel she knew from Sora's memories.

"Would you mind if I joined you?" she asked, just as the girl-who-looked-like-Ariel began to sing about wanting to live on land.
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Namine returned Kaldur's smile as she moved to sit by him. Though she hadn't seen a movie before, she knew what they were from Sora's memories. This looked like one of the kind made by using a lot of drawings, which fascinated her. How could you make drawings seem to move?

"I haven't," she answered. "It'd be nice to just watch for a while. Though, I did want to say thanks. For when you helped me with the shadow."
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I will take advantage of that offer~

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Namine's smile faded slightly at the mention of Riku--he'd been hurt, and she was worried about him--but it was still there as she nodded to acknowledge what Kaldur had said. Not knowing what else to say, she turned her attention back to the movie.

She found herself focusing on it intently, saving up her questions to ask once it was over because she didn't want to miss anything. The first thing she found herself saying as the ending credits began rolling was, "Is that how it happens? You just look at someone and know you love them?"

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Saria's ears perked as she passed by, hearing music in the next room. She approached slowly, peeking into the door to see the titlescreen of the movie. Recognition flickered in her eyes; Kaldur had been talking about that before, and she vaguely remembered him talking about how movies worked. Quietly she slipped inside, hoping Kaldur wouldn't mind as she crept over and sat by his side, watching.
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Saria looked up at Kaldur as he offered the bag. While she had been on the Satellite for several weeks now there were still a lot of things she'd yet to try, and potato chips was one of them. She smiled as she reached out to take one.

"Thank you."

She slowly took a bite of the chip in her fingers. It was...good. But mostly her mind was on the movie. She hugged her knees up to her chest and watched, fascinated by the serene waters of the opening sequence.]
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Sora had been heading down the halls looking for more clues to his spectre (which still seemed to be running about, just out of reach) when he was actually stopped by the sound of music. More specifically, the sound of a familiar song. He stopped in front on Kaldur's room, with the door slightly open.

Sora ventured inside a little to investigate...indeed, the movie Kaldur was watching had Ariel and Sebastian, and they were singing 'Under the Sea.' Sora smiled.

"Hey! You're watching Ariel's movie!"
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Sora could definitely understand that homesick feeling...he'd been feeling it on and off for awhile. "Oh yeah, you were from an ocean world, right?" Or at least one where there was both a great ocean and lots of land.

"Sure!" Sora stepped inside, sitting down on the couch next to Kaldur. He was really curious now to see how this movie differed from what actually happened. "And you don't have to rewind if you don't wanna. I just want to see how accurate the story is in this movie." He grabbed up a handful of chips when offered.
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"Yeah, I guess Atlantica had some land, too...I just never got to see much of it," Sora replied. Having a (temporary) dolphin tail and all meant they were confined to the oceans. He did remember Kaldur saying he could use some kinds of magic. "So...did you have to use magic to have a merperson form on your world, too?"

He had met Ariel, which was kind of exciting now with her movie here. "I will!" Sora said with a nod. He didn't see the beginning, so he couldn't say anything on that front, but at least the rest he could look at.

They got to the part where King Triton destroyed Ariel's grotto, and Sora frowned. He did remember how all this went down. "Yeah, that's pretty accurate to what happened..."

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Still with incredibly little idea of what a 'movie' was, Ven hadn't been intended to break into Kaldur's room, invited or not, but wandering lost through the halls had eventually lead him down that way. And he couldn't help but hearing music that sounded... well, kind of like something he knew, in a way, though he didn't know why at all. Maybe it reminded him of one of the worlds he'd been on, but he knew he hadn't heard any songs on any of them that had that many female voices layered on top of each other or that seemed to be singing so fast that he missed half the words (wasn't the point of singing that people were supposed to understand you?). And when the entire lot of singers suddenly gasped at once, leading to a deep male voice shouting something that might've been a name, Ven couldn't help but stick his head in.

"What's that?"
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Yes he could. Ven and Roxas would always have different expressions, though that would involve getting to know one of them well enough to tell what expression is likely to be on their face. Ven glanced down at the box, then shrugged and came through the door completely. Looking around for a second, Ven sat down on an empty spot on the floor, cross-legged and with his elbows on his knees.

"Sure, why not? I've never seen one before." Eraqus didn't let him get out a lot. "Is it any good?"
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"Sentimental? Why's it sentimental for you?" Still, Ven quieted down as the story continued. The seagull was... exceptionally silly, but good-natured, and somehow reminded him of Jaq. He began to smile as the similarities became slightly more apparent, both of them a little out of their minds but still obviously very good friends with the girls.

"This kind of reminds me of home a little."
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Well, she didn't hear anything until...well, the hurricane. Then, she thought someone was in trouble - mainly due to the fact it was all in English and she didn't, at first, realize it was that movie. So, when she runs into Kaldur's room, its in serious determination to save the day...

...which automatically melts into a verbal squeal when she sees what's actually happening.

"Oooooh!! This movie!"
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While being trapped on a strange satellite with no means of escape for the immediate future definitely sucked, at least there were plenty of interesting people and things on board to help keep Wilykit's mind off of her predicament and its possible repercussions. After Kaldur and Namine had shown her around, Wilykit had taken to doing some further poking around on her own (though she had put off visiting the theatre deck for the time being, lest she somehow bring about another high-pitched emotional breakdown from that one unicorn).

Speaking of Kaldur, it sounded like something was going on in his room. Wilykit peeked through the door to find Kaldur and a few others gathered around a monitor and watching some kind of colorful, animated video about... singing mermaids?

"What's going on?" she asked, making her presence known. It was rude to simply lurk in doorways, after all.
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Maybe it was the Satellite's influence, determined to hinder anyone's attempt at enjoying a genuinely good movie. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either one worked.

Well, it wasn't like Wilykit had anything important to do at the moment (aside from, you know, getting back home, but hey, she was a kitten. Being easily distracted was to be expected). She smiled cheerfully and walked inside to join the fun. "Sure, thanks!"

The movie was already a song or two into the plot by that point, but Wilykit figured she could still catch up with what was going on without too much trouble.